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Please use this handbook for everything you need to know about your role
within the University.

Your role
  • To assist with events such as Open Events/Visit Days as run by the
      Communications and Development department
  • To assist with departmental events such as International Induction/
      Induction week/Graduation
  • To lead campus tours for potential students and visitors
  • To welcome and direct potential students and visitors around campus
  • To carry out space utilisation surveys around campus
  • To discuss and share experiences of your own time at university with
      potential students both accurately and positively
  • To attend training sessions associated with the post

Benefits to you
Working as a Student Ambassador is great work experience; it will enhance
your CV and help you to develop a range of transferable skills. The work
involved is well paid, part-time and you can choose when you work! Working
as a SA is flexible around your studies. You will have the chance to meet lots
of new people, as well as attending team building events and social activities.

Importance of the role
As a Student Ambassador, you are the face of the University of Worcester.
The impression you give of the University within your role will be the
impression that people take away with them. Therefore you are influential in
decisions that have a big impact on the University, such as a student’s
decision to study with us.

It is important when speaking to prospective students and leading campus
tours that you portray a positive image of University of Worcester. Prospective
students will expect an accurate account of your experiences as a student at
Worcester. However, you must recognise as a Student Ambassador you are
employed by the University and therefore you must promote it in a positive

General characteristics of Student Ambassadors
  • Helpful
  • Enthusiastic
  • Adaptable
   •   Friendly
   •   Approachable
   •   Team player
   •   Reliable
   •   Self-confident
   •   Excellent communicator
   •   Flexible

Work allocation
Work is allocated to Student Ambassadors via email. There are a variety of
different working opportunities available to you. We will assess your skill set
against the jobs we have available to ensure that you are well suited to the
work we ask you to do. Therefore you will only receive an email notifying you
of work if your skill set matches the job.

Probationary period and two strike rule
When you first sign up as a Student Ambassador, you will be given a
probationary period of two events and subject to your performance, you will
then be fully accepted onto the scheme. This is also applicable to Student
Ambassadors who have previously been accepted onto the scheme.

When working at events you should always be on time. If you confirm that you
can work at an event you are committing yourself to work. If you cannot turn
up at the specified time, ring the Communications and Development
department on 01905 857515 and notify us in advance. If you find yourself
unable to work for any reason, it is imperative that you give 48 hours notice
for your absence. If you give any less than 48 hours notice for your absence
(unless for valid reasons), a warning will be issued. We operate a ‘two-strike’
rule, therefore, if you accumulate anymore than two warnings, you will be
removed from the scheme altogether.

You will be provided with a t-shirt to wear at events such as Open Days and
Evenings, please ensure that at these events you come dressed in
comfortable trousers and shoes, as you will be on your feet for most of the
day. For corporate events, you will be expected to wear business attire. You
will be notified if this is expected.

Each Student Ambassador will be adequately trained before taking up the
role. This is important to ensure each prospective student gets a true and
honest account of the University of Worcester. Therefore you must attend the
training sessions which we organise throughout the academic year, for these
you will be paid. If you do not attend mandatory sessions then we will remove
you from the scheme.

Additionally, we will organise a six-monthly training and/or catch up meeting to
address any other questions, queries or concerns you may have, or to impart
new information to you. All Student Ambassadors will be regularly updated
with knowledge and information about new developments taking place at the

Campus tour handy hints
We have two types of campus tours, one which focuses on the
accommodation and the other tour is a generic tour of the University.

Please familiarise yourself with the campus tour guide(s). Please do your best
to cover all of the points on the guide, especially the highlighted points, as
well as adding your own knowledge and experience to deliver an enthusiastic
and informative campus tour.

It is imperative that you introduce yourself at the beginning of the tour by
saying your name, your year and the course you are studying. Please ensure
you encourage visitors to ask any questions along the way about what course
they are interested in, how much something is, what you like most about the
University, etc. If you are leading a large group, make sure you project your
voice so that everyone can hear.

The most important aspect of leading a tour is that you remain positive and
show the University in its best light. It may seem obvious but you should avoid
saying anything that might be perceived as being negative. In the past we
have received feedback from colleagues that this does occur.

What prospective students will expect from you
Remember that you may be the only University of Worcester student
prospective students meet on their visit to UW. They will have opportunities to
find out general information about the University in central talks, and find out
about their course from tutors at the subject fair. What they will want to know
from you is what life at the University is like: the social scene, the general
learning experience, what the halls are like, etc.

As a student at the University of Worcester you will have a good knowledge of
the campus, and we provide all student ambassadors with relevant training.
However we do not expect you to be able to answer every single question that
you are asked. It is, however, very important that if you are not able to answer
a question, you refer the visitor to someone who can. If you are not sure who
the relevant contact is, please refer the visitor back to the student
ambassador supervisor on the day or one of the event organisers who will be
able to help.

Frequently Asked Questions
You may find this list of questions that visitors tend to ask on a campus tour
useful to familiarise yourself with.

Q. How many students are at the University of Worcester?
A. We currently have approx 8,000 students. We are one of the country’s
fastest growing university, with applications increasing by more than 100%
over the last 5 years.
Q. When will the City Campus be completed?
A. The first phase of the project was the student accommodation blocks,
which were opened in September 2009. The next phase is due to open in

Q. Can I park my car on campus?
A. We actively discourage any students living on the campus or within a one-
mile radius from driving their cars to or around the University. You will not
usually need a car as all amenities are within easy walking distance.
If you do choose to bring your car, you will need to buy a parking permit. The
current rates for 2009/2010 are:
If you live on campus or within one mile of campus – £200 per semester
If you live more than one mile from campus – £95 per annum
If you require a car for a placement – £50 per 6 month semester period
NB. A parking permit does not guarantee a parking space. Prices are also
subject to increase.

Q. How many hours should I expect to spend in Lectures/Seminars per week?
A. A full time student can expect to spend between 12 and 20 hours in
Lectures/seminars/practical’s per week (average is 16 hours per week).
Students are also expected to cover approximately the same amount of hours
in personal study.

Q. Where is the nearest Doctors Surgery?
A. There is a health nurse who runs clinics on campus and two doctors’
surgeries in the St Johns area who you can register with.

Q. Where is the nearest supermarket?
A. There are two supermarkets located within St Johns: a Co-op and a
Sainsburys. There is also a Somerfield and Iceland in town.

Q. Is there a bus stop near by?
A. There is a bus stop just outside the Malvern Gate entrance and the 31 bus
service now runs through The University campus and stops outside the
Student Union every 10/15 minutes.

Q. Can I get a part-time job?
A. There are plenty of opportunities to gain part-time employment either at the
University or in Worcester city. The Students’ Union employs over 100
students for bar/shop work, cleaning etc. You could apply to become a
student ambassador which allows you to fit work flexibly around your studies.
The university also has a ‘Job Pod’ which links you to local and national job
vacancies. Additionally the University has an extensive careers advisory
service for students to use at any point throughout their academic studies.

Q. I live within Worcestershire – am I eligible to apply for accommodation?
A. Yes – there are no geographical restrictions
Student Ambassador Duties
As well as Open Events you should expect to work at various other University
of Worcester events. These may include:

   •   Induction/Freshers’ Week
   •   Promotion of the Student Ambassador scheme – handing out flyers,
       talking to students about what it’s like to be a Student Ambassador.
   •   Graduate Opportunities Fair - set up, being the face of the University,
       meet and greet.
   •   Herefordshire and Worcestershire HE Convention - set up, general
       smooth running of the event.
   •   Corporate events such as Professorial Lectures and Conferences - set
       up, welcome desk, general running of the event.
   •   Space Utilisation Survey and Telephone Survey
   •   Data entry
   •   Work within the Communications and Development department - mail
       outs, general admin duties.
   •   Publications photo shoots - from time to time, you may be asked to
       pose for photo shoots for University publications such as for the

We are happy for you to put forward our names as referees for other part-time
work and future employment, however out of courtesy please let us know prior
to this.

For your information Beky’s contact details are:

Beky Williams
01905 857515
Communication and Development,
University of Worcester,
Henwick Grove,

Payment procedure
In order for payments to be made directly into your bank account the
University of Worcester will generate a staff pay number for you. You will
need to fill out a:

   •   New staff details form – this includes your personal details, emergency
       contact, bank details and National Insurance number
   •   P46 form – as students most of you will not be tax payers so you will
       need to fill out this form to advise the tax office of this
   •   Student Ambassador new starter form
All forms are available from the Communication and Development office
(EE 1012)

Whenever you work as a Student Ambassador you will need to fill out a time
sheet with the event that you have worked and the hours. Please remember
to sign the bottom. It is your responsibility to fill out time-sheets and you will
not receive payment until you have done so.

Pay day is 28th of each month (or the nearest working day before the 28th).
The cut-off for timesheets to be processed for payment the same month is the
15th of the month. Work after the 15th will be paid into your account the month
after. Pay slips are sent to the Communication and Development office by the
28th of each month. If you have worked please ensure that you come and pick
up your pay-slip – you will need to keep them for your tax records and we are
not able to destroy them, so please ensure that you collect them.

Please allow a month for your pay number to be generated and your first
payment to be made, although we will endeavour to do this as soon as

The rate of pay per hour for Student Ambassadors is currently £7.34 per
hour. As you work on a casual basis you will also accrue holiday pay which is
paid once a year based on a percentage of how many hours you have

Change of details
It is really important that you keep us informed of any change of details –
email/ address/ mobile – so that we can update our records and keep you up
to date with working opportunities and training.

Please let us know when you are no longer a student (you are officially no
longer a student once you have submitted all of your work for the academic
year) or if you wish to be removed from the Student Ambassador scheme.

Useful contact details

Phone numbers:
Communication and Development Office – 01905 855141
Annabel Kray - 01905 855141
Beky Williams – 01905 857515
University of Worcester Switch Board/ First Aid/ Security – 01905 855000


Facebook group:
University of Worcester Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassador Webpage:

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