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Describing the content of this document.

Scope and Purpose
Describing the design, components and expected outcome of the training program.

Laboratory Basics
Describing basic laboratory protocols to include administrative functions, supervisory requirements and employee responsibilities.

Safety Precautions
Describing in detail the safety protocols to be followed during all laboratory procedures and examinations.

Evidence Handling Requirements
Defining and describing the laboratory practice for the proper handling, protection and testing of evidentiary items.

Identification Procedures
Describing the examination methods utilized for the analysis of evidentiary items.

Quality Assurance
Defining the process utilized to insure the competency of analytical personnel to include documentation of all training and records of initial and continued competency.



Results Interpretation and Results Reporting
Describing the methods for results interpretation and reporting to include accuracy, confirmation and proper format for reports.

Court Testimony
Describing the essential components for the presentation of professional, unbiased courtroom evidentiary testimony.

Mock Cases and Mock Trial
Defining the type, amount and structure of mock case analysis and testimony presentation required to demonstrate competency.


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