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Use Million Dollar Database to find: • Competitors: Search by keyword or SIC/NAICS code and geography to find similar businesses. • Target Market: Search by keyword of SIC/NAICS code and/or geography to find potential customers (business-tobusiness). • Sales Leads: Search by keyword or SIC/NAICS code and/or geography to find potential customers.

Searching Dun & Bradstreet's Million Dollar Database
Dun & Bradstreet's Million Dollar Database (Million Dollar) is a business database available at all libraries in the Chester County Library System (in-house use only). It is a database for researching an industry or company, finding contacts and locating businesses. Million Dollar includes records for 1,600,000 U.S. public and private businesses with sales greater than $1 million or 20 or more employees. Company information includes address, contact name(s), line of business, SIC codes, employee size, annual sales and type of ownership. Accessing Million Dollar from the Library's Web Site • Click on Databases (under the category Internet Links). • Click on Internet Services • Click on Dun & Bradstreet's Million Dollar Database. • Click on Domestic radio button and click on Click Here to Enter. Searching Million Dollar Use any combination of criteria to build the search. Click on the appropriate tab to enter other criteria. Criteria entered under one tab will be saved when another tab is selected. Look at My Criteria on the left-hand of the screen to see the variable selected. See below for information on each tab. Note: The Chester County Library System subscribes to the U.S. component of the database only. Criteria Company Use the Company tab to find companies by name, geography, employee size and/or sales. Industry Use the Industry tab to find companies by SIC and/or NAICS code. Executive Use the Executive tab to search by executive name, title and/or biography. Other Use the Other tab to search for companies by special criteria: public/private, location type, importer/exporter, subsidiary indicator, bank and/or accountant. Note: All criteria chosen will display on the left-hand of the screen under My Criteria. Search Examples Example 1: I'm looking for companies in Chester County that have 20-100 employees. Click on the Company tab. Choose Pennsylvania in the State box. Enter Chester in the County box. Scroll down to Employees Here. Enter 20 in the Greater than or Equal to box and enter 100 in the Less than or Equal to box. Click Submit. A Results page will display. Note: Employees Here refers to a particular location of a company; Employees Total refers to all employees hired by a company wherever it is located.

Example 2: I'm looking for pharmaceutical companies located within 20 miles of Exton. Click on the Company tab. Enter 19341 in the Zip Code box and enter 20 in the Miles Radius box. Click on the Industry tab. Under SIC Description keyword, type pharmaceutical. Click Browse. A box with related SIC numbers will appear. Click on an SIC code and then click the Add button. Continue as needed. Click OK and the SIC code box will close. Click Submit. A Results page will display. Search Results Search results are displayed 20 at a time. The results list gives the company name, SIC code, Location, Location Status, Sales and Total Employees. To view the Company Record, click on the name of the company in the search results list. The Company Record View gives the Search Result View plus address, phone number, line of business, secondary SIC codes, and executive names and short biographies (when included). Search results may be sorted by company name, state, primary SIC, sales, total employees and/or location status. To sort, choose the first parameter in the first box on the Sort by line. Choose either the up or down arrow adjacent to the box to specify the order of the sort. Choose another parameter from the second box (if necessary). Click Sort. Printing and Downloading from Million Dollar Once the search has been completed, it is time to select the results to be printed or downloaded to a disk. Million Dollar limits the number of records that can be printed and/or downloaded at a time to 300. Once that set of records has been downloaded, you can download the next 300 and so on. If you try to download 301 or more, you will get an error message. The data is downloaded to a Comma Delimited file format that may be viewed in a spreadsheet, such as Excel. Selecting records identifies the data to be printed or downloaded. There are two methods of selecting records in Million Dollar: tagging individual records or choosing a range of records. The easier method is to choose a range of records (see below for instructions). Printing (10¢/page) • Click the Output button at the top of the results page. • In the Output box that appears, choose one of the four Print options: • Contact Format: name/address/phone number/exec names/exec titles • Basic Format: Contact Format plus industry/metropolitan area/county • Company Format: Basic Format plus company size information • Full Report Format: All available information • By clicking Include My Criteria with format selection above, the top of the print results will include a summary of the search details. • Choose a range of records to be printed. • Click Begin Output. • A page will appear with the records reformatted for printing. Go to the File Menu and choose Print. A print dialog box will appear. Click OK. Records will be printed. Please Note: Printing the Full Report Format takes two pages of paper. If you wish to have records for 10 or more companies, the best course of action is to download the records to a disk. Downloading Records • Click the Output button at the top of the results page. • In the Output box that appears, choose one of the three Export options: • Name/Address with only CEO • Name/Address Data with all available Executives • Company Record: This option gives the most data and takes the longest to download • Choose a range of records to be downloaded. Million Dollar will automatically put the entire range of your search results in. It is impossible to download more than 300 records at a time, however, so the number of records must not exceed 300. • Click Begin Output. • A File Download box will open.

• Choose Save this File to Disk. Click OK. (Note: The first line of information in the File Download box will say, "You have chosen to download a file from this location." Be sure the line underneath it begins with _.csv. If it does not, please ask for help at the Reference Desk.) • A Save As box will open. Choose the drive containing your disk. • In the File Name box, give a name that reflects your search. This will come in handy when using the records later. If you are saving multiple batches, you will need to give a different name to each batch (adding a number to the end of the name works well). • Click Save. Records will be downloaded to your disk. If you wish to download more than 300 records, you will need to do them in batches. Change the range to reflect the next set of data to be downloaded. The first set was probably 1 to 300. Make the second set 301 to 600 and so on. See the brochure How to Use Data Downloaded from ReferenceUSA and Million Dollar Database for instructions on working with your results.

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