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July 30_ 2008 - San Diego Computer Society


									San Diego Computer Society

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Board of Directors, July 30, 2008, at San Diego County
Office of Education.

The meeting was called to order by President Dave Tooley at 7:11 p.m.

Roll call was taken; the following were present: President Dave Tooley, Vice president Lance
Dohe, Secretary Jeff Ball, Treasurer Stan Follis, Directors-at-large Dick Hiatt, Carl Lowenstein,
Chris Grau and Jim Sack.

Absentees: Past president Lan Barnes, Directors-at-large Joshua Penix and Steven Gauna.

Dick Hiatt moved, seconded by Lance Dohe, to waive reading of the minutes of the previous
meeting. The motion carried.

Lance Dohe moved, seconded by Dick Hiatt, to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.
The motion carried.


Treasurer's Report by Stanley Follis:
Current balance $15,177, $2,153 of which is in a checking acccount, and $13,022 in a Vanguard
account. Net increase over the previous twelve months was $539. Dick Hiatt moved
(seconded by Jeff Ball) to accept the treasurer's report, subject to audit. The motion carried.

Secretary's Report by Jeff Ball:
1. Obtained state government forms verifying that the Society is "in good standing" as a
California corporation, and that Dave Tooley has provided updated contact and officer data to
Secretary of State office.

2. Still waiting for IRS letter re-verifying 501-c-3 status. Stan Follis stated that he has a
"Response by Organization" IRS form from February, 2007.

3. Lan Barnes has resigned from the Board, and returned a credit card, which had been cut into

4. Gave KPLUG bank statements, which had been sent to Society's address, to Carl Lowenstein.

Lance Dohe moved (seconded by Stanley Follis) to accept Lan Barnes' resignation. (See
Exhibit 1.) The motion carried.


Audit Committee (pending)
It was suggested by the President and agreed to without dissent that the entire board will
constitute the audit committee. It will conduct an audit for the 2007 year at the next meeting,
and an audit for the 2008 year at the January 2009 meeting. If no meeting is held in January, the
audit will take place at the first meeting in 2009.

2. Budget Committee (pending)
Lance Dohe moved (seconded by Jeff Ball) that the President appoint a budget committee as
required by the Society's bylaws (See Exhibit 2). The motion failed. Treasurer Stan Follis
volunteered to provide to the board an itemized report of expenditures by category.

Internet/Webmaster Committee:
Jim Sack reiterated his standing offer to assist Joshua Penix; they have not yet discussed any
details. Chris Grau stated that the web site would be implementing a new "content
management" program, to simplify access to certain areas. Secretary Jeff Ball stated that he still
had not received the access information that Joshua said at the first board meeting on May 16th
that he would send.

Membership Committee (by Chairman Jeff Ball):

1. Possible new SIG – Spoke by phone with Peter Wilson, president of the San Diego VMware
User Group. Invited Peter to attend a board meeting, and will follow up with details of
insurance coverage and charitable organization status.

2. Motion by Lance Dohe (seconded by Jeff Ball) to pre-authorize membership recruitment
expense of up to $25 per month (See Exhibit 3). The motion carried.

Nominating Committee (pending)
Discussion led to the conclusion that the matter be deferred indefinitely.

Policy and Procedures Committee (by Lance Dohe):

1. Introduction of proposed Standing Rules (Exhibit 4)

Jeff Ball moved (seconded by Dick Hiatt) that, since the proposed rules had been distributed to
board members via e-mail, reading be waived. The motion carried.

Chris Grau suggested that the prior notification period described in this rule be changed from 7
days to 14 days. Dick Hiatt moved (seconded by Jeff Ball) to adopt Rule 1 as modified. The
motion carried.

Jim Sack suggested that "Board members" be changed to "Society members". Jeff Ball moved
(seconded by Stanley Follis) that Rule 2 be adopted as modified. The motion carried.

Dick Hiatt moved (seconded by Jeff Ball) that Rule 3 be adopted. The motion carried. Jim
Sack volunteered to be the Archivist for the current term.
Chris Grau proposed that Rule 4 be modified to require that at least half of the board members
vote on any issue propsed under this rule. Dick Hiatt moved (seconded by Jeff Ball) that Rule 4
be adopted as modified. The motion carried.

Lance Dohe moved (seconded by Chris Grau) that Rule 5 be adopted as proposed. The motion

Stanley Follis moved (seconded by Jeff Ball) that Rule 6 be amended to change "$24.99" to
"$25.00". The motion carried. Lance Dohe moved (seconded by Stanley Follis) that Rule 6
be adopted as amended. The motion carried.

2. A draft of proposed new SIG Guidelines will be distributed to the board via e-mail, for
discussion and adoption at the next meeting.


Written Acceptance of Office:
President and Treasurer submitted their written acceptances, as required by the bylaws.

Two agenda items (preferred method of communication among members and appointment of a
parliamentarian) were deferred without discussion.

Appoint APCUG Representative:
President appointed Lance Dohe to this position.

Modification of SIG dues - deferred

Some members have expressed concern about potential personal liability and
Officer-and-Director insurance coverage; President Tooley downloaded a questionnaire form
from our insurance company, and completed most of the form. He will complete the balance of
the form, and follow up on this issue. The secretary will get names of SIG officers and send to
the president.

Stanley Follis moved (seconded by Jeff Ball) that Lance Dohe be reimbursed for expenses of
reactivating the Society's phone and getting extra mail keys. The motion carried

Stanley Follis reminded people to fill out vouchers for reimbursement of out-of-pocket

Next meeting: Jeff Ball moved (seconded by Lance Dohe) that the next meeting be held on
August 27, 2008. The motion carried.

Dick Hiatt moved (seconded by Lance Dohe) to adjourn. The motion carried, and the meeting
adjourned at 9:09 p.m.
Secretary:                                             President:

_____________________                                  _____________________

Jeff Ball                                              Dave Tooley

Attached/included exhibits:

Exhibit 1 - Motion to accept Lan Barnes' resignation

Exhibit 2 - Motion to create Budget Committee

Exhibit 3 - Motion to pre-authorize recruiting expense

Exhibit 4 - Standing Rules

** Transcription of minutes completed on August 19, 2008 **

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