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									                                                               July 2006

Mission Statement:” Bringing Business and the Community Together”…..
      To provide a networking opportunity for all businesses

      To promote open communication and support to all business and community leaders

      To be a resource for information generated from County, City and State levels that have
       a direct Impact on our Business Community

President’s Message:           Summer started with lots of noise here in                            and Hat’s off to
The Allied Community Services for their fantastic Fireworks Event held at Fullerton Field. It’s a family tradition as
folks crowd our streets, backyards and business corridor to get the best seats for our annual fireworks. This event is
very costly and I encourage all business and community members to send donations to Allied Community Services
at 7110 Willowdale Avenue Baltimore, MD 21206. Let them know how much you enjoyed the show and how much
we want it back next year!
        Our 2nd Annual $1 Movie Day & Mini Business Fair is set for Wednesday, August 2nd from 9:15 am- 12
noon. Everyone is welcome and free school supplies will be given to the children. A children’s movie and a PG-13
movie will be shown and we encourage day care centers, grandparents, etc. to join us for a day of “cool fun” Door
prizes will be drawn for both adults and children. Our new 2006-2007 OFBBA Business Guide and Community
Directory will also be available. Movies will be posted on our website the Friday prior to event. All businesses are
invited to set up a table. Cost is $10 for members and $15 for non-members.

         A “Let’s Beautify Overlea –Fullerton” Gathering and Auction will be September 30th at Giuseppe’s Café.
We need folks to help plan and run this event. If interested please join us at Giuseppe’s Café on Wednesday, July
12th at 5:30 PM.

       A Multi-Vendor Bingo is set for Friday, October 20th at Great Occasions (The Overlea Event Center) from
7:00- 10:00 PM. Door open at 6:00 PM. Cost is $10 in advance. Thanks to members Dimi Malisovas and Patrick
Leonard for working with us for this event. Details will be posted in the next newsletter and on the website.

        The Kick-off Meeting of the Streetscape and Commercial Revitalization Subcommittee of the
Overlea/Fullerton Community Plan was well attended and thanks to Laurie Hay (Baltimore Co. Office of Planning);
Chris McCollum (Baltimore Co. Office of Economic Development) and Carroll Pupa (chair) for their efforts and
input. I have maps showing the proposed changes if anyone is interested. The SHA meeting notes from the walking
tour are available online and some great ideas on how to improve traffic conditions, walkability, add/improve ADA
issues and general well needed maintenance issues were all documented. Both the SHA and O-F Community
Planning will not met during the summer; however sub-committees will meet as needed.
Donna Bethke, President
 Wednesday - July 19, 2006 7:30- 9:00 AM St. Michael the Archangel School Corinna Sibiski       410-668-
8797 (p) 10 Willow Avenue (21206) csibiski@smoverlea.org Parish Meeting Room #2. Enter through the Parish
Office doors at 10 Willow Avenue.

                                Wednesday - August 16, 2006 7:30- 9:00 AM
Kwik Kopy Business Center Charles Robinson                    410-663-4500 (p) 7914 Belair Road (21236)
       June Minutes: Meeting was held at Franklin Square Hospital on June 14, 2006 beginning at 4:30 PM.
       Introductions went around the room.
        President’s Report – I attended the Overlea Fullerton Commercial Revitalization sub-committee with Laurie Hay on 6/12
                o I have maps of the area and proposed changes if anyone wants to see them
            Treasurer’s Report- Darlene on vacation-: Balance Forwarded from 5/11/06 $1,595.32. Total expenses were $2033.00.
            Total income $5665.00 (reimbursement of grant money). Ending balance as of 6/14/06 is $5,227.32.
            Motion to accept Kim Durham, 2nd Jim McCray Approved.
        Membership is currently at 78 * Minutes from May meeting approved.
        Correspondence Folder circulated.
        Directory –final pages submitted to FATA on 6/9
        Member Speaker- Baltimore County Deputy State’s Attorney, Steve Bailey. Topic”: Identity Theft.
                o Great presentations on what thieves look for and how easily we give it to them unknowingly. This website lets you Opt
                     out on receiving all those credit card and insurance offers ( Steve says that’s its okay to give your complete information
                     on this site: www.optoutprescreen.com. These “trashed” offers are just one of the ways thieves get you FYI!
        Old Business
                o IRS- still waiting
                o Events –
                           August 2nd $1 Movie Day and Mini Business Fair;- at beltway Movie 6
                           December 3rd Community Tree Lighting with OCA and LIA
                           September 30th- Giuseppe’s Café- “name still in progress”- Overlea Gathering w/ Auction-
                           October 20th- Multi Vendor Bingo- Great Occassions-6:00- 10:00 PM
                o ReDiscover Banners- I was told that we could not install them at all by BGE, SHA and Baltimore County Traffic &
                     Engineering. However, I am told by the Office Economic Development that the County Executive wants them up and
                     part of our grant funding was approved for this project. So it’s back in the hands of the OED to figure it out.
                     We will move forward with fundraising events, because it seems we will get them in the near future.
        New Business
                o Jeffersonian- the “Jeff” is the business paper for our area. We’ve been asked to write a column from the OFBPA once
                     a month. Every Tuesday 3-4 business associations will be featured.
                o Fireworks- donation to Allied Community Services for $300 – 1st Kim 2nd Darlene Approved.
        Members Shared: Sons of Italy (Roy Joyner) still seeking vendors for Italian Festival in September; Senator Klausmeier’s
            reception is on June 22. Contact Renee Smith at 410-256-2042. Sharon Anderson is having a Home Interior Open House/Sale
            on June 16, 17, 23 and 24th.
        Meeting adjourned 6:20 pm

                                          2006-2007 Directory
        Special thanks to FATA who is producing our OFBPA Business Guide and Community Directory this year.
We are excited that 80 members will have free listings in this year’s directory. This is 27 more than last year. Special
thanks to Eagle Walk Apartments, White Springs Apartments, Taylor Park Apartments, and Parkview at Taylor and
Cardwell for putting them in their welcome packets. Our first distribution for the 2006-2007 directories will be at the
Beltway Plaza Movie on August 2nd. If interested in a copy contact. Donna at 410-665-6551, Patty at Slavie Federal
Savings Bank at 410-444-5555 or Darlene at Eastern Savings Bank at 410-661-4412.

                     The Southeast Networking Committee -August 1st at 1:00 PM at St. Clare’s Church.

       See Walking Tour Notes/Observations on our newly added Overlea Fullerton Community Plan page on our
website. Both groups will reconvene in September. Sub-committees will meet as needed.
                                               Board of Directors 2006:
President         Donna Bethke      (410) 665-6551 Vice President Pat Zimmerman (410) 444-5555
Treasurer         Darlene Conner    (410) 661-4412 Welcome Chair    Cathy Kratovil 443-520-7179
Directory Chair   Kimberly Durham (888) 887-9297 ex. 41224 Hospitality/Secretary-vacant
                                        PAID MEMBERS as of June 17, 2006
Business Name                                  Member                     Phone
. Tech Services, LLC                           Zach John                  410-254-2222
A-1 Bill & Earl’s Automotive, Inc.             Earl Sprecher, Jr.         410-668-4100
Academy Animal Hospital                        Fredrick Lewis             410-483-5162
ACE Web Hosting & Design                       Marty Schorr               410-374-9188
Adecco Employment Services                     Sharon Kozlowski           410-931-4009
All American Title                             Julie Marousek             410-258-8896
American Literary Press, Inc.                  Jim Fry                    410-882-7700
Amica Mutual Insurance Company                 Kim Durham                 1-888-887-9297 x41224
Amore Travel, Inc.                             Lois Munchel               410-882-6800
Anything Computers LLC.com                     Susan Stanley              410-344-9600
Avon Products, Inc.                            Donna Bethke               410-665-6551
Bayview Homecare, Inc.                         Dan McLaughlin             410-665-0107
Belair Road Lodge #2265, Order Sons of Italy   Roy Joyner                 410-529-5017
Bill Rohrbaugh's Charter Services, Inc.        Sheila Bode                410-882-7501
Brightview of White Marsh                      Nancy Tauschman            410-668-1588
Bromwell Properties, LLC                       Terry Havrilak             410-667-4972
Brooke McDonald & Associates, Inc.             Brian Brooke               443-588-0101
Buck Fowler’s Tavern                           John & Cathy DeAngelis     410-668-9857
Building Contractors of Maryland, Inc.         Leonard Koerner            410-661-7440
Cardinal Points Chiropractic                   Dr. Joesph Mufareh         410-248-1220
Casper G. Sippel, Inc.                         Bill. Doyle                410-668-3910
Councilman Joe Bartenfelder-6thDistrict        Bill Speigel               410-887-5223
Curves of Overlea Fullerton                    Stephanie/Eric Erhardt     410-661-6888
David S. Brown                                 Arthur Adler               410-363-3454
Discovery Toys                                 Jenn Dargis                410-747-8322
Eastern Savings Bank                           Darlene Connor             410-661-4412
Edward Jones Investments                       Steve Reed                 410-663-2715
Elmwood Elementary School                      Sharon Ward                410-887-5232
Equity One                                     Steve Jones                410-661-6913
Equity Realty, Inc.                            Scott Brucker              410-583-0200
FastSigns                                      Arlene Sullivan            410-663-5301
Franklin Square Hospital Center                Kristi Rasmussen           443-777-7454
Fullerton Federal Savings Association          Charles “Nick” Dontell     410-665-5200
Fullerton Mini Storage                         Victor Harari              410-665-8118
Great Occasions at The Overlea                 Dimi Malisovas             410-668-6060
GSF Mortgage Corporation                       Bob Marousek               410-262-5626
Guardian Home Improvement, Inc.                Tonney Crews               410-661-2648
Hilton Garden Inn-White Marsh                  Heather Lamont             410-427-0600
Home Interiors and Gifts                       Sharon Anderson            410-661-6782
Home Revival, Inc.                             Bruce Johnson              410-665-8148
It’s All About You, Too-Permanent Makeup       Sandi Derreth              410-252-2996
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center           Tom McLhinney              410-550-0289
Juice Plus +                                   Fran Thomas                410-325-6677

Kent W. & Anne Neibaur                        Kent/Anne Neibaur               410-668-2452
Kwik Kopy Business Center                     Charles Robinson                410-663-4500
Law Office of Yollette Prendergast Atkinson   Yollette Atkinson               410-882-9295
Lehman Hardware, Inc.                         David Lilley                    410-483-5888
Less than a Fortune Antiquities               Barbara Fortune                 410-444-1840
Linover Improvement Association               Carl (Bud) Herb                 410-661-7274
Madison Square Federal Savings Bank           Barbara Nash                    410-488-4800
Making Choices for Independent Living         Ruth Ann Wynegar                410-444-1400
Mary Kay, Indp. Beauty Consultant             Robin Hollifield                410-882-6535
Mary Kay, Indp. Beauty Consultant             Maria Rosier                    410-661-3335
Maryland School for the Blind                 Elaine Sveen                    410-444-5000
Melvin's Tire & Auto Center                   Joe Melvin                      410-661-3933
Memory Treasures, Inc.                        Lynda Polutanovich              410-663-6726
Miller-Dippel Funeral Home                    John Evans                      410-426-7171
McCloskey Group, LLC                          Brian McCloskey                 410-661-4110
NextCar All Vehicle                           Dennis Boucher                  240-581-1346
Nikki’s Discount Liquors                      Bobby Shah                      410-663-1411
Obrecht-Riehl Properties ASA-Belair Fowler,   Robin DeMarco                   410-769-8300
Overlea Health & Rehabilitation Center        Sharon Evins/Janet Betz         410-426-1424
Perry Hall Copy/Print                         Jim /Gina Shacochis             410-256-7760
Premier Designs Jewelry                       Julia Bondar                    410-592-5221
Robert Karl Fritzsche AIA-Architect           Robert Fritzsche                410 576-9310
Schooners Restaurant                          Bill Gossman                    410-668-5053
Senator Kathy Klausmeier                      Eric Backes                     410-256-1353
Slavie Federal Savings Bank                   Patty Zimmermann                410-444-5555
St. Joseph School, Fullerton                  Kathy Primrose                  410-256-8026
St. Michael the Archangel School              Corinna Sibiski                 410-668-8797
St. Peter’s Lutheran Church                   Lou Tortorice                   410-665-7300
State Farm Insurance                          James McCray                    410-882-9433
Tastefully Simple                             Linda Stark                     410-284-6450
The Clip Joint                                Florence Wells                  410-665-7387
The Organic Bag                               Linette Parent                  410-298-1130
The Pampered Chef                             Patty Born                      410-866-4208
Towne Center Tax Service                      Donald Filar                    410-285-0546
VIP Bail Bonds                                Ronald /Lindsey Hall            410-665-3333
Visuals Graphic Design                        Cathy Kratovil                  443-520-7179
Your Personal Teacher Tutoring &
    Educational Services, Inc.                Janice Martin-Chambers          443-570-6039
       Welcome to all our new members and we looking forward to meeting you at upcoming events/meetings!
Please remember to forward any upcoming events so that we may PR them for you in our newsletter and website!
                                 80 Members           See website for complete information
             OFPBA Back-to-School $1 Movie Day & Mini Business Fair 2005
                    Wednesday, August 2nd            9:15 a.m. - 12:00 noon

Company Name: ______________________________Contact (s): ________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

Phone: _____________ Fax:_______________EMAIL:_______________________ (can attach business card)

* Set up will be at 9:00 am.      You must bring your own table (no larger than a card table) and chairs.
* The doors will open at 9:30 a.m. for our guests. -Movie will be offered from 10:0 a.m.
* Please feel free to offer any drawings at your own personal table.
 * We will post winners on a large easel at 11:30 a.m. and winners will be direct to your table.
 * No food or drink allowed
____ I have enclosed a check made out to OFBPA for ____ for ____ (#) of spaces. Cost: $10 for OFBPA members
                Bring with you day of event. Checks payable to OFBPA: Call to reserve spot!

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