Schedule reporting for payroll 2009 2010 by acm31250


Teachers from Adult Education and Vocational Education sectors (hourly paid teacher) please see note below *                                               For administrative use only
           Actual Pay Period                               Weeks worked            Deadline            Deadline         Pay        PAY DATE                Payroll admin.                   Decentralize
            (Automatic Pays)                               Non standard           for process.       for process.     Period        Deposit                  Calculation                        pay
                                                            Time sheets          Decentralized       Timesheets          #                                      of pay

                                                                                                                                                       Please do not enter in the     Print your "Authorization
        From                    To                  From                  To                                                       Thursday:            pay system on this date       of payments made" on :

      1-Jul-09              11-Jul-09              1-Jul-09          11-Jul-09      1-Jul-09           1-Jul-09          1         9-Jul-09       *                        2-Jul-09                    6-Jul-09

     12-Jul-09             25-Jul-09              12-Jul-09          25-Jul-09     10-Jul-09           3-Jul-09          2         23-Jul-09      *                      13-Jul-09                    14-Jul-09

     26-Jul-09              8-Aug-09              26-Jul-09          8-Aug-09      14-Jul-09          10-Jul-09          3         6-Aug-09       *                      15-Jul-09                    16-Jul-09

     9-Aug-09              22-Aug-09                                               12-Aug-09          7-Aug-09           4        20-Aug-09                              14-Aug-09                    17-Aug-09

    23-Aug-09               5-Sep-09              9-Aug-09           22-Aug-09    26-Aug-09           21-Aug-09          5         3-Sep-09       **                     28-Aug-09                    31-Aug-09

     6-Sep-09              19-Sep-09              23-Aug-09          5-Sep-09      9-Sep-09           4-Sep-09           6        17-Sep-09                              11-Sep-09                    14-Sep-09

    20-Sep-09               3-Oct-09              6-Sep-09           19-Sep-09    23-Sep-09           18-Sep-09          7         1-Oct-09                              25-Sep-09                    28-Sep-09

     4-Oct-09              17-Oct-09              20-Sep-09          3-Oct-09      7-Oct-09           2-Oct-09           8        15-Oct-09                               9-Oct-09                    13-Oct-09

     18-Oct-09             31-Oct-09              4-Oct-09           17-Oct-09     21-Oct-09          16-Oct-09          9        29-Oct-09                              23-Oct-09                    26-Oct-09

     1-Nov-09              14-Nov-09              18-Oct-09          31-Oct-09     4-Nov-09           30-Oct-09          10       12-Nov-09                               6-Nov-09                     9-Nov-09

    15-Nov-09              28-Nov-09               1-Nov-09          14-Nov-09     18-Nov-09          13-Nov-09          11       26-Nov-09                              20-Nov-09                    23-Nov-09

    29-Nov-09              12-Dec-09              15-Nov-09          28-Nov-09     2-Dec-09           27-Nov-09          12       10-Dec-09                               4-Dec-09                     7-Dec-09

     13-Dec-09             26-Dec-09              29-Nov-09          12-Dec-09     11-Dec-09          9-Dec-09           13       23-Dec-09                              15-Dec-09                    16-Dec-09

    27-Dec-09               9-Jan-10              13-Dec-09          26-Dec-09     16-Dec-09          11-Dec-09          14        7-Jan-10                              17-Dec-09                    18-Dec-09

     10-Jan-10             23-Jan-10              27-Dec-09           9-Jan-10     13-Jan-10           8-Jan-10          15       21-Jan-10                              15-Jan-10                    18-Jan-10

     24-Jan-10              6-Feb-10              10-Jan-10          23-Jan-10     27-Jan-10          22-Jan-10          16        4-Feb-10                              29-Jan-10                     1-Feb-10

     7-Feb-10              20-Feb-10              24-Jan-10           6-Feb-10     10-Feb-10           5-Feb-10          17       18-Feb-10                              12-Feb-10                    15-Feb-10

     21-Feb-10              6-Mar-10               7-Feb-10          20-Feb-10     24-Feb-10          19-Feb-10          18        4-Mar-10                              26-Feb-10                     1-Mar-10

     7-Mar-10              20-Mar-10              21-Feb-10           6-Mar-10     10-Mar-10          5-Mar-10           19       18-Mar-10                              12-Mar-10                    15-Mar-10

     21-Mar-10              3-Apr-10               7-Mar-10          20-Mar-10     24-Mar-10          19-Mar-10         20         1-Apr-10                              26-Mar-10                    29-Mar-10

     4-Apr-10              17-Apr-10              21-Mar-10           3-Apr-10     7-Apr-10            2-Apr-10          21       15-Apr-10                                9-Apr-10                   12-Apr-10

     18-Apr-10              1-May-10               4-Apr-10          17-Apr-10     21-Apr-10          16-Apr-10         22        29-Apr-10                              23-Apr-10                    26-Apr-10

     2-May-10              15-May-10              18-Apr-10           1-May-10     5-May-10           30-Apr-10         23        13-May-10                                7-May-10                   10-May-10

     16-May-10             29-May-10               2-May-10          15-May-10     19-May-10          14-May-10         24        27-May-10                              21-May-10                    25-May-10

    30-May-10               12-Jun-10             16-May-10          29-May-10     2-Jun-10           28-May-10         25        10-Jun-10                                4-Jun-10                    7-Jun-10

     13-Jun-10             26-Jun-10              30-May-10          12-Jun-10     16-Jun-10          11-Jun-10         26        23-Jun-10                              18-Jun-10                    21-Jun-10
       Last regular pay for teachers:

     13-Jun-10             29-Jun-10              30-May-10          29-Jun-10     16-Jun-10          11-Jun-10         26        23-Jun-10       *                      18-Jun-10                    21-Jun-10
Last regular pay for non-teaching staff only (3 day payment):

     27-Jun-10             30-Jun-10              13-Jun-10          30-Jun-10     23-Jun-10          23-Jun-10         27        30-Jun-10                              25-Jun-10                    28-Jun-10
* Hourly paid teachers (Voc.Ed. & Ad.Ed.) weeks worked and paid does not apply. Schedule does not change. Always 2 weeks retention for payment after
week worked.
** First pay for Regular Teachers (paid in the Youth Sector pay calendar) for the new school year 2009-2010.
Monneyable sick banks will be paid on July 8th, 2010.

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