Free Tax Help! by spectacular


									                                                            Free tax preparation is

    Free Tax Help!                                    offered to older taxpayers,
                                                      those with low to moderate in-
                                                      come, and persons with lim-
                                                      ited English proficiency.

Chanhassen                  Chaska                          Tax Counselors also assist
Chanhassen Library          Community Center          taxpayers in claiming special
                                                      credits and Property or Rent
Wilder Room                 Rainbow Room              Credit Refunds (CPR).
7711 Kerber Blvd.           1661 Park Ridge Drive
Tuesdays, 9:30am –1pm       Mondays, 9:30-12:30pm           CCL Volunteer Tax Coun-
Feb. 16-April 13            Feb. 22-April 12          selors are trained by the IRS,
                                                      MN Department of Revenue
                                                      and AARP Foundation and must
Norwood Young America       Watertown                 be certified by the IRS to coun-
The Harbor                  1)Trinity Church          sel. Taxpayers with unusual or
300 North Faxon Road        513 Madison Street SE     complex tax questions should
Wednesdays, 1-3:00pm        Saturdays, 9am—2pm        seek help from the IRS or a
Feb. 17- April 14           Feb. 27, March 27,        paid preparer.
                            April 10                        E-Filing at all locations

Trinity Church and School                 SPONSORED BY
601 2nd Street East             CARVER COUNTY LIBRARY
Wednesdays, 9–11:30am         BRING: Copy of 2008 tax return, all tax forms
Feb. 24-April 14               received in mail, W-2 forms, 1099’s, CPR or
                                   Property Tax Statement, SSA, etc.!!
What should I bring with me?

Every site is a little different but the list below tells you the most commonly
required documents. Some of these items may not apply to you in which case you
can disregard them.

   •   Social security numbers for you, your spouse, and all your dependents
   •   Last year's tax returns
   •   W-2s for yourself and your spouse
   •   Any 1099s you or your spouse received
   •   Alimony received
   •   Unemployment compensation statements
   •   Social security income statements
   •   Any other statements showing income
   •   IRA contributions
   •   Tuition payments and Student loan interest payments
   •   Any itemized expenses you may wish to deduct, such as:
           o Out-of-pocket medical expenses
           o Non-cash donations
           o Cash donations
           o Vehicle license tabs
           o Property taxes paid
           o Job-related moving expenses
           o Mortgage interest paid
           o Tax preparation fees
           o Uniform costs
   •   Daycare expenses - you will need to provide the name, address, amount
       paid, and social security number or EIN for each provider you paid.
   •   Minnesota Education credit:
           o Educational software
           o Private school tuition or tutoring
           o Academic books/materials
           o Music lessons and music equipment rental
           o Tuition for academic summer camp
           o Instructor fees for drivers education
           o School supplies (must have itemized receipt)
           o Property Tax Refund documents
           o CRPs - Certificate of Rent Paid
           o Property tax statements
   •   If you wish to use the direct deposit/direct debit option, please bring your
       checkbook with you to verify your bank account and routing information.

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