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					                          Reflections and training ideas                      about his ministry and people’s responses to
                            to use on your own or when                        him?
                         children’s leaders get together.
                                                                                  Spot the links between the web information
                                                                              you have looked at and the first three soils. How
               Sow and grow                                                   might the parable fit our ministry with children?

This activity looks at some aspects of the world in                                The amazing crop came when the good
which children are growing up and the parable of                              seed fell in the good soil. What are the parable’s
the sower. It is suitable for use in a leaders’                               challenges for us if we are going to be part of
meeting or for personal reflection.                                           seeing a ‘crop’ in children’s lives?

Children’s world
Take a quick look at the following three areas of
children’s experience. For each one we’ve
provided a web page to look at. If you have
difficulties accessing these, please contact David
Bell for print-outs of the relevant pages.

• Most children’s knowledge of Jesus
                               Pray
-stats.cfm (Section headed ‘God he was a dad                                  Pray for your children in response to what you
to Jesus wasn’t he?’)                                                         have read and discussed. You could
                                                                              spread out reminders of the four different places
• Children’s experiences of bullying                                          the seed landed, e.g. a boot, a rock, a spiky
                                plant, soil – and of the good seed itself. You
Anti-Bullying/BullyingEffects/                                                might also add the printed out web pages,
                                                                              names of children and leaders and an open
• Children and materialism                                                    Bible.
                                                                              Pray for those who share the good news of
For a leaders’ meeting you could ask different                                Jesus with children – including other children,
individuals to read out key facts from these pages                            parents and yourselves – to keep growing in your
and then chat about your reactions. What do they                              own response to God.
say about the possible experiences of the
children you work with as they grow up?

                                                                                   Contact details:
                                                                                   This mailing is available by email, simply
                                                                                   send us your details. If it is more
                                                                                   convenient to you, we can alternatively
                                                                                   send up to three copies to one contact
                                                                                   address for a parish. You are welcome to
Seed and soils                                                                     photocopy more. All clergy also receive
Read Luke 8:1-15. Introduce the setting for this                                   Children’s Voice in their mailing.
from verses 1–4: Jesus was travelling and
teaching about the kingdom of God, he had a
                                                                                   David Bell, Adviser for Ministry Among
group of close followers but was also surrounded
by large crowds. Jesus’ parable gives us an                                        Children,
insight into how he understood his own ministry                                    Sandra James, Administrator,
and people’s responses to him.                                           
                                                                                   Church House, Lower Lane, Aldford,
Look back at those verses. Chat or reflect:                                        Chester CH3 6HP Tel: 01244 681973
 Jesus was realistic about the situation in                                       (Exn 223)
which he was working. What did his parable say

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