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									                                       The Episcopal

  Vol. 69, No. 9                         Encouraging the Family of God in the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia                                                     September/October 2004

Stewardship: Give Generously or Die a Horrible Death
                By Dr. A.L. Addington
      Diocesan Minister for Ministry Development
   Fall is in the air. We can begin to sleep with windows                        It is very easy to take the fall stewardship effort as an interruption
open. Thoughts of football abound. Leaves are begin-                               in the 'regular' programming. But, in truth, the
ning to change. Yet lurking beneath all of those signs of                                                     programming.
autumn, we know something is coming soon to a church
near you: STEWARDSHIP.
   If you ever want to see the church at prayer, with           the rich young ruler. Clearly the "research team" had             I think most of us who have done fundraising could
every head bowed and every eye closed, announce that            done its work. The potential client was rich. He was a         have really helped Jesus here.
you are looking for a stewardship chair. There are the          good citizen and had followed the commandments. Let’s             If you don’t think you are good at making a push for
regular responses: "I am not good at fund raising," "I just     assume he also tithed. (Prior giving to the cause is very      funding, you may have that limitation in common with
hate asking people for money," "I don’t like to talk about      positive.)                                                     Jesus.
religion and money."                                               Now he asked how he could be more involved in Jesus’           As I travel around the diocese I often listen to Na-
   A couple of years ago my rector, the Rev. Sam Buice          work. He wanted to be a member of the kingdom. Any             tional Public Radio and, more likely than not, they are in
(St. Peter's, Skidaway Island, Savannah), told the Sun-         fundraiser would be thrilled with this client. Excellent       the midst of some major fund-raising effort. They al-
day morning congregation that he planned to give the            background work! He had the potential to be a major            ways say, "As soon as we reach our goal in terms of
stewardship sermon. The Gospel for that morning was             contributor.                                                   pledging, we will get back to the regular programming."
the Parable of the Wicked Tenants (Matthew 21:33-41).              Then Jesus made the request for the contribution and           It is very easy to take the fall stewardship effort as an
   He began by saying, "I have been approached by two           asked for everything. I tell you that this was over the top    interruption in the "regular" programming. But, in truth,
groups concerning this talk. One group has said that they       as a request! It was not even reasonable.                      stewardship is not an interruption in the programming.
do not like to hear money talked about from the pulpit.            Assuming he was already giving 10 percent, it might         Stewardship is the programming.
The other group has told me that if I must talk about           not have been bad to start out with a 30 percent request          Our generous Father has given us everything we have.
money, please keep it short. I hope I can satisfy both          and then have a 20 percent figure as a backup.                 Stewardship is about what we do with what God has
groups with what I have to say: Those who do not give              When the rich young ruler started to walk away, Jesus       given to us. What we do with what God has given us is
and give generously will die a horrible death."                 could have given a lower percentage and held the client        how we spend our lives. Our lives then, simply stated,
   With that he went back to the chair where he nor-            in a longer dialogue. However, he did not negotiate - all      are all about stewardship.
mally sits after a sermon. A few seconds later he re-           or nothing.                                                       The focus of Jesus’ interaction with the rich young
turned to the pulpit and said, "Perhaps there are some of          Any fundraiser would tell you Jesus did not use good        ruler was not on the young man’s need to sell all that he
you who would like to hear a slightly longer version of         strategy. And Jesus didn’t even make a good case pro-          had and give the money to the poor. The focus was the
the stewardship sermon."                                        posal. Give everything to the poor and you will be a king-     invitation that Jesus offered: "Come with me, and I will
   We all did.                                                  dom member.                                                    show you how to spend your life."
   Sometimes I think we see stewardship as just an-                Jesus should have dwelled on some images of the poor.          That invitation is still the stewardship message for this
other fund-raising moment in our lives and want to get it       He should have stressed their needs in more detail.            new century.
over as soon as possible. What about Jesus as a                    Any fundraiser knows you don’t just say, "Give your
fundraiser?                                                     money to the poor" and stop. What about laying out in
   Based on some fund-raising principles, quite frankly, I      more detail the benefits of membership in the kingdom?
have concerns about his approach. Look at the story of          You can’t assume the client is fully aware of all the perks.          183rd Diocesan Convention
                                                                                                                                               Feb. 3-5
Storms Stories: Many Prepare, Not Much Occurs                                                                                          Good Shepherd, Augusta
   Churches throughout the Diocese of Georgia offered           Some parishioners at St. John's, Bainbridge, reported
shelter to evacuees in the recent hurricanes, but none          power outages from 12 hours to three days. Although
                                                                they did not have their water supply interrupted, those in
reported anyone accepting the offer, while some had                                                                                          Canon John Peterson
extra visitors at Sunday services who were there be-            rural areas without electricity had no power to pump water
cause of the storms (related stories page 6-7).                 from wells, thus went without running water for three                         Secretary General
   For a church to be a registered disaster shelter, par-       days.                                                                    of the Anglican Communion
ishes should contact the local Red Cross office. Ac-               Episcopalians throughout the diocese are asked to con-
cording to the Rev. Joe Clift (rector, St. John & St. Mark's,   tinue to give generously to aid victims in the United States                Theme: Family Matters
Albany), a church must have approval for a shelter.             and in the Caribbean. Contributions may be made through
   "My wife reminds me that if a church opens a shelter, or the diocesan office (611 E. Bay St.,                  Elective Offices to be filled
it has to be approved by the Red Cross and the local            Savannah, GA 31401-1296), according to an announce-                   Clergy and laity in good standing in the Epis-
health department, if not it is illegal and should not be       ment from the Diocesan House in Savannah.                          copal Diocese of Georgia are invited to nomi-
open," he said.                                                    Thanks to the generosity of many, at presstime the              nate qualified persons for the offices listed on
   Although the diocese was largely spared damage,              Diocese of Georgia had sent $18,610 to hurricane relief            the nominating forms inserted in this issue (see
many Episcopalians had family elsewhere adversely af-           efforts in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, the             also page 5).
fected and, in some cases, extremely harmed, by the             Cayman Islands, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Florida, Ala-                   Elections are to take place Feb. 4, 2005, at
storms. Various parishioners had some property dam-             bama, Tennessee and North Carolina, according to an                convention in Augusta. Forms are to be returned
age in many locations, lost work time, intensive prepara-       announcement from Jacqui Belcher (diocesan commu-                  to the Rev. Louis G. Scales Jr., 4227 Columbia
tions, and in some cases several days of inconvenience.         nications officer).                                                Rd., Martinez, GA 30907 by Nov. 30.
The Episcopal Church in Georgia, #9 September/October 2004 - Page 2

    All Saints' Celebrates the Body of Christ, the People of God
    By Bishop Henry Louttit                                      ing on page 19. It makes no claim to be definitive, only       and are important to us. We know that God and his
       My favorite feast,                                        that these are some of the folk who made the Gospel live       love is concerned always for each of us and it makes
    All Saints', is the feast                                    in their lives and touched others, who have shared the         sense that in his presence his people continue to care
    of the body of Christ,                                       Gospel even to our time with you and me.                       for those with whom they have been connected in
    the people of God, the                                          The Roman Catholic Church’s understanding of Saints         life.
    feast of all the baptized                                    was shaped by a culture of patronage. In many societies            Some Episcopalians talk to and pray to Saints.
    - that’s the feast of you                                    it would never occur to anyone that they could speak to        Generally speaking, Episcopalians believe they have
    and me. St. Paul calls                                       the king. (Note: for “his protection” you are not liable to    access to speak directly to the God who created us
    all Christians saints.                                       be able to walk up and speak to the president of the           all and loves us all.
       In the Episcopal                                          United States; so if you want to influence him you have            I hope each of our congregations has a festive
    Church we call the he-                                       to get someone in his inner circle to carry your informa-      Eucharist and supper on All Saints' Day. I hope you
    roes among the saints                                        tion or idea to him.) In a patronage system the best pa-       tell each other some of the stories of the great Saints.
    “capital letter Saints.”                                     tron gets for you what you need.                               I hope you recognize the saints within your own church
    Some, such as St.                                               The Roman Catholic Church has seen the Saints as            family, those who have died and those who are alive.
    Francis and, in our own                                      those who can get God’s attention and power. Most Prot-            One of our congregations gives each person a saint
    time, Mother Teresa of                                       estants think that Jesus is not limited by time or language    button to wear at the service. Some are great heroes
    Calcutta, were recog-                                        or by the number of people speaking to him and is him-         like Peter or Mary Magdalene and others are great
                                      Bishop Henry Louttit
    nized as such during                          - File Photo   self available for each of us to speak directly to regard-     saints of the parish whom we knew or who are now
    their lives. Certainly all                                   ing our needs.                                                 with God, but in a new life, but who were influential in
                                                                    Of course, the Saints and we saints all live intercon-      our time. The children are prepared to seek out a
    capital letter Saints who have left us any reflection of
                                                                 nected in the Body of Christ. They and Jesus care about        certain Saint’s button and then they tell the person
    their lives were well aware that they were far from
                                                                 us and we give thanks and praise joining them every time       wearing that button the story about that Saint.
    perfect. They knew that they, too, were sinners.
                                                                 we celebrate the Eucharist, singing their great song “Holy,        There should be special food, special decorations
       But, on the other hand, their lives showed forth the
                                                                 Holy, Holy …” - with the saints living here and all those      and special music on that night. Use your imagina-
    love of God in a way that other people saw it and
                                                                 living before the Lord’s throne!                               tions. Some could feature some of the Saints in their
    were changed and empowered by them.
                                                                    The Episcopal Church does not forbid speaking to or         stained glass windows. Others could put up pictures
       People who died for their faith in Jesus, people who
                                                                 praying in the sense of talking to those heroes of the         or stories about those Saints in the stained glass win-
    bring lots of other people to recognize the salvation
                                                                 past. You might see the second prayer on page 504 in           dows or in pictures around the church to point to as a
    Jesus has worked for them, people who cause other
                                                                 The Book of Common Prayer. It says, and I believe this         reminder.
    people to follow Jesus, who work to befriend and pro-
                                                                 would be the position of Anglicans, that we are “encour-           The meal needs to be what all recognize as a treat
    tect those crippled by disease or hate are examples
                                                                 aged by their examples, aided by their prayers and             or a feast. Imagination is called for depending on your
    and embodiments of Jesus in their own time and place
                                                                 strengthened by their fellowship.”                             congregation and your age groups. The Eucharist is a
    and culture.
                                                                    We know they are in God’s presence, and we know             festival (party) meal with God and with our brothers
       The Episcopal Church has a calendar of such he-
                                                                 our love is concerned about the people that have died          and sisters in Christ both living and dead.
    roes of the family. It’s found in the Prayer Book start-

Bishop Louttit's Schedule
    H.C. = Honey Creek, B.H. = Bishop's House
OCTOBER                          21        ST. THOMAS’
                                                                                                                       On Religion and Politics
4-23   SABBATICAL                                                   By Bishop Harry W. Shipps, 8th Bishop of Georgia            assail. Now some Roman Catholic bishops are threat-
                                                  THOMASVILLE      Reprinted from the Newsletter of St. Paul's, Savannah
24     ST. PATRICK’S             23        PRIESTS’ DAY #4                                                                      ening to deny Holy Communion to RC politicians who
                                                                    Religion and politics have become quite intertwined
                   ALBANY                                B.H.                                                                   do not conform to RC teachings in their public stances.
28     PRIESTS’ DAY #1                                           of late, and election year only intensifies the discussions.
                                 28        ST. MICHAEL’S                                                                           The evangelicals have their literal approach to the Bible
                      B.H.                       WAYNESBORO      Varying Christian moral values seem to clash, including
                                                                                                                                and the Roman Catholics have the teaching magisterium
29-30 STANDING COM. &            DECEMBER 2004                   those of the two men seeking the presidency in Novem-
                                                                                                                                of the Vatican. Episcopalians can be counted in both the
    COMMISSION ON MINISTRY       1         PRIESTS’ DAY #5       ber.
                                                                                                                                evangelical camp and the liberal camp, straining our do-
       TRINITY, STATESBORO                                B.H.      Persons characterized as the evangelical Christian
31     ST. THOMAS’               2         PRIESTS’ DAY #6                                                                      mestic life to the point of impaired communion and pos-
                                                                 "right" seem to have quite different positions on patriotic
                 SAVANNAH                                 B.H.                                                                  sibly even schism.
                                                                 issues than those of the so-called "mainline" liberal
NOVEMBER 2004                    4-5       DEACONS’ RETREAT                                                                        But while our position may be rather tenuous, this writer
                                                                 churches, especially concerning the proposed constitu-
2        PRIESTS’ DAY #2                                  H.C.                                                                  would rather be part of the less dogmatic and less self-
                                                                 tional amendment defining marriage, the stem cell re-
                       B.H.      5         ST. JOHN’S                                                                           assured ecclesial structure, unwieldy as it sometimes may
4        (PM) ST. FRANCIS’                                       search issue and abortion rights.
                                                     SAVANNAH                                                                   be. Certainly we should not tolerate our bishops refusing
                    CAMILLA      7         PRIESTS’ DAY #7          While the liberal media fails to make much note of it,
                                                                                                                                us the Sacrament if we did not conform to a particular
7        CHRIST CHURCH                                    B.H.   the Roman Catholic Church (RC) is committed to posi-
                                                                                                                                moral equation.
                   VALDOSTA      9         PRIESTS’ DAY #8       tions nearly identical to those of the evangelical Protes-
                                                                                                                                   Difficult and awkward, yes. But let us hang in there
10-11 GA CHRISTIAN                                        B.H.   tant "right."
          COUNCIL, ATLANTA                                                                                                      together with prayer and study. The Holy Spirit will sort
                                 10-11     HIV/AIDS                 However, evangelicals seem easier for the media to
12       PRIESTS’ DAY #3                        RETREAT, H.C.                                                                   it out. He (she) always has.
                       B.H.      12        ALL SAINT’S
14       GOOD SHEPHERD                            THOMASVILLE          Assisting Bishop Keyser's Calendar of Visitations and Meetings
                    AUGUSTA      14-17     PROVINCE IV                H.C. = Honey Creek        NOV. 7 ST. MARK’S               JAN. 8 SMALL CHURCH            15 (PM) ST. PAUL’S, JESUP
         (PM) AUGUSTA                                  BISHOPS      OCT. 10 ANNUNCIATION                         BRUNSWICK               VESTRY WORKSHOP       16 (PM) ST. ELIZABETH’S
  CONVOCATION COUNCIL MTG.       19        ST. LUKE’S                                VIDALIA      (PM) SOUTHEAST CONVOC.          ST. MARGARET’S, MOULTRIE                RICHMOND HILL
15       (PM) GOOD                               HAWKINSVILLE       (PM) ST. THOMAS AQUINAS                  COUNCIL MTG.       9 CHRIST THE KING              19 SMALL CHURCH VESTRY
      SHEPHERD DAY SCHOOL,       26        GOOD SHEPHERD                              BAXLEY    9 (PM) ATONEMENT, AUGUSTA                         VALDOSTA                     WORKSHOP
                    AUGUSTA                        BRUNSWICK        17 (PM) CURSILLO            10 (PM) TRINITY, HARLEM         16 CALVARY, AMERICUS              ANNUNCIATION, VIDALIA
18       CAMPUS MINISTRY         JANUARY 2005                                  CLOSING, H.C.    28 ST. MARY’S, AUGUSTA          18 (PM) HOLY SPIRIT, DAWSON    20 ALL SAINTS’
   TASK FORCE MTG., ATHENS       2         GOOD SHEPHERD            31 CHRIST CHURCH,           DEC. 5 ST. PETER’S              FEB. 13 HOLY TRINITY                        TYBEE ISLAND
19       DIOCESAN COUNCIL                        THOMASVILLE                      ST. MARY'S                      SAVANNAH                         BLAKELY
                                                                                                                              The Episcopal Church in Georgia, #9 September/October 2004 - Page 3

                                                                                      Clergy News
Fr. Renegar Retires to Work at UN                                        cese of Georgia to the Diocese of New York to ac-                                             Other Updates
                                                                         cept a call to St. Luke's, Eastchester, N.Y., according
   SAVANNAH - According to a notice from Bishop                                                                                                      • Bishop Henry Louttit is on sabbatical Oct. 4-23,
                                                                         to an announcement from the Diocesan House here.
Henry Louttit at the Diocesan House here, the Rev.                                                                                                spending part of it in Spain.
Douglas Renegar (rector, Christ Church, Frederica, St.                     Bishop Appoints Savannah Dean                                             • The Rev. Richard Nelson, called as rector to St.
Simon's Island) has retired and joined the staff of the                     SAVANNAH - Bishop Henry Louttit appointed the                         Thomas', Savannah, celebrated his new ministry Oct. 1.
Anglican Communion Observer at the United Nations                        Rev. William Willoughby (rector, St. Paul the Apostle,                   His wife, Deacon Geri Nelson, is to be assigned as dea-
in New York.                                                             Savannah) dean of Savannah Convocation, according                        con.
   The parish honored him and his wife, Elizabeth, for                   to an announcement from the Diocesan House here.                            • The Rev. Jim Dorn has been assigned as interim
their many years at Christ Church. The Rev. Curtis                          That was after the bishop received a letter of res-                   vicar of Holy Angels', Pooler, upon resignation of the
Mears has been called as priest-in-charge at Christ                      ignation Sept. 27 from the Rev. Marc Robertson (rec-                     Rev. Chris Mason, who remains as headmaster of St.
Church.                                                                  tor, Christ Church, here) who had served as dean three                   Andrew's Upper School in Savannah.
   Father Renegar, who has been active with the Com-                     years.                                                                      • The Rev. Lee Bauer (assistant, Christ Church,
pass Rose Society of the Anglican Communion, was                            Father Robertson told The Church in Georgia that                      Valdosta) and Thomas Shafer married Aug. 27. She has
instrumental in bringing former Archbishop of Can-                       he resigned after much prayerful consideration, study                    changed her surname to Shafer.
terbury George Carey to the Fall Diocesan Clergy                         of the Bible and his calendar. Many obligations in his
                                                                                                                                                     • After the retirement of the Rev. Robert Reese, the
Conference this year (more next issue). A photo of                       active parish and with his family do not provide the
                                                                                                                                                  Rev. George Bowers began serving in October as in-
Father Renegar was on page 5 of the Easter 2004                          time he believes the responsibilities require for him to
                                                                                                                                                  terim priest at St. Andrew's, Darien, and St. Cyprian's,
issue of Anglican-Episcopal World magazine. That                         serve as he should.
was part of the two-page article about the opening of                       "When I took on the deanship, I didn't have two
                                                                                                                                                     • In addition to the Rev. Will Fisher, others ordained to
St. Andrew's House, London, home of the Anglican                         teenage boys," he said. He also noted the resignation
                                                                                                                                                  the priesthood in August were the Rev. Denise Ronn
Communion Office where the Common Room was                               was not a political statement.
                                                                                                                                                  (associate, Christ the King, Valdosta); the Rev. Will Carter
named for Fr. Renegar "in honour of his long ministry                       In addition to resigning as dean, he declined contin-
                                                                                                                                                  (rector, St. Philip's, Hinesville) and the Rev. Leslie Hiers
in Georgia," the article said.                                           ued requests of persons in the American Anglican
                                                                                                                                                  Chadwick (assistant, Christ Church, Alexandria, Va.)
   In a letter to Fr. Renegar, Bishop Louttit expressed,                 Council to serve as president of its Georgia chapter,
                                                                                                                                                  Deacon Mary-Katherine Blanchard was ordained a dea-
"deep appreciation for your many years of dedica-                        Fr. Robertson said.
                                                                                                                                                  con and assigned to St. Paul's, Augusta.
tion, not only to your parish but also to your diocese
and beyond. Your Christian compassion and zeal have
touched many lives and we are thankful for you. And
while we are saddened by your departure, the good                        Rites of the Church: Outward Visible Signs of Inward Spiritual Grace
news is that you leave for your successor a parish                                                  Baptisms                                                             Confirmations
bursting at the seams, with strong lay leadership and                         We receive you into the household of God.                                       Empower them for your service.
ripe for wonderful ministry...Thank you for all you                      Christ Church, Frederica, St. Simon's Island, 9/11: Frances Belle        Grace Church, Sandersville, with Bishop Henry Louttit officiating,
have given of yourselves in this part of the vineyard."                  Ewing.                                                                   8/29: Sandra D. Bowen, Clayton C. Sheppard, Hillary Sheppard,
                                                                                                                                                  Beth McDaniel.
            Priest Transfers to NY                                       St. Andrew's, Darien, 8/22: William Bradley Williams.
  SAVANNAH - The Rev. William A. Fisher, who
                                                                                                                                                          May light perpetual shine upon them.
was ordained Aug. 25, has transferred from the Dio-                      St. Cyprian's, Darien, 8/22: Garrett Warren Davis.
                                                                                                                                                  Christ Church, Augusta: Robert Neil Brown 8/28; William Garland
                                                                                                                                                  Harris Sr. 9/6; Mary Peacock Cartledge 9/23.

  No Need to Replace Standard for Marriage That God has Given to Us
   EDITOR'S NOTE: We                                                     realistic standard seems to imply that the old scriptural                   People get worked up about the wife submitting to
   had no responses to                                                   direction on marriage is unrealistic today. I was baffled                the husband, but in Ephesians the husband's charge is
   Question 2 (repeated in
   box below at right).                                                  that we would need to replace what God has given us in                   greater: that I am to love my wife as Christ loved the
   Therefore, we present                                                 Scripture with a "new realistic Christian standard."                     church and gave himself up for her. Christ gave the
   Question 3: With much                                                     In Genesis the Lord God said, It is not good for the                 ultimate sacrifice for me; it is a daunting challenge to
   talk about the decline of                                             man to be alone. I will make a suitable helper for                       sacrifice all of myself for my wife.
   the      institution     of
                                                                         him. Theirs was a covenant relationship, the type re-                       But what a reward as I try, creating an intimacy
   marriage, how can we
   address the apparent                                                  peated throughout the Bible in the same terms, even the                  and love as I have not known before. I've read that a
   decline of this ancient                                               same language.                                                           Christian marriage is a living laboratory, as we - bit by
   institution and set a new,                                                In Isaiah 54:5, it speaks of the relationship between                bit - replace natural loves with a sometimes taste of
   realistic       Christian                                             God and man, specifically the nation of Israel: For your                 the Agape love unto itself, undetermined by the object
   standard for marriage?
   Please recall that love and                                           Maker is your husband - the Lord Almighty is his                         of the love.
   companionship, which                                                  name - the Holy One of Israel is your redeemer; he is                       Work like this will create a safe, intimate environ-
   may seem the primary                                                  called the God of all the earth. In the New Testament                    ment in which children can enter, develop and grow.
   desired reasons for                                                   Christ is often called the bridegroom.                                      "Much talk" doesn't matter much, and gloomy sta-
                                          - Graphic By Ashton McRae
   marriage, were almost                        St. John's, Bainbridge
                                                                             The Bible begins with a covenant relationship and ends               tistics speak for large groups of people, not for indi-
   peripheral in the past and
   that the historical basis for marriage in Old Testament               in the Book of Revelation with the "wedding of the Lamb,"                viduals, or, in this case, pairs of Christians.
   and ancient societies included economic alliance or                   the marriage of Christ and Church.                                                                                    - Thom Williams
                                                                                                                                                                                    Church of the Annunciation
   consolidation, property transfer, inheritance, an approach
   to immortality through children, ownership of women and
   children, and support for the community.
                                                                          QUESTION: If your church is a foretaste of heaven, would you            names, parish affiliation and city. All copy subject to editing.
      I had to read the question twice, to make sure it                   want to spend eternity there? If not, what could be done to             Electronic responses preferred as body of email. Do NOT send
                                                                          make the foretaste experience clearer and more desirable                attachment. On SUBJECT line writer must indicate the question.
   was asking what it seemed to be asking. The ques-                      within your parish?                                                     Send to or send by U.S. Postal Service to 2210
   tion itself is a problem. We are the Body of Christ,                   Respond by 5 p.m. Oct. 25. Writer must include his/her first and last   Twin Lakes DR, Bainbridge, GA 39819.
   the New Testament Church. Asking for a new and
The Episcopal Church in Georgia, #9 September/October 2004 - Page 4

St. Paul's Parish Pays Tribute to Deacon's Servant Ministry
   By Deacon Jim Purks                                                                                                              This writer recalls Deacon Dudley's encouragement
   Albany Convocation
       Contributor                                                                                                               during the discernment process and throughout the long
    ALBANY - Years ago,                                                                                                          distance "run" leading to ordination. He recalls the ad-
the little girl watched in an-                                                                                                   vice of the spiritual director who said without hesitation:
guish as HIV/AIDS                                                                                                                Model your diaconate after the example of Deacon
erupted into full-blown                                                                                                          Dudley Lippitt.
AIDS and began to ravage                                                                                                            What a blessing it has been to work with Rainbow
the body and spirit of her                                                                                                       Rose 10 years in HIV/AIDS ministry, learning from her,
beloved mother. She no-                                                                                                          sharing with her, crying and laughing with her.
ticed another thing in those                                                                                                        St. Paul's paid formal tribute to Rainbow Rose at the
pain-filled days: Deacon                                                                                                         9:30 a.m. service and at a reception for her and hus-
Dudley Lippitt was always                                                                                                        band, Sam, later. Father Heydt read a letter from Bishop
there, being loving, support-                                                                                                    Henry Louttit, praising her for fulfilling her baptismal
ive, stepping forward to                                                                                                         covenant and ordination vows. "You have done all these
help the child's mother                                                                                                          things and you have served this bishop and his prede-
when others seemed to                                                                                                            cessor well," the bishop wrote.
shrink away and disappear.                                                                                                          Deacon Dudley plans to retire when St. Paul's se-
    Accompanied by her                                                                                                           lects a new rector and the search process ends. Antici-
grandparents, the child's                                                                                                        pating this, Bishop Louttit's letter said, "Your official as-
                                    Deacon Dudley Lippitt and Sam, her husband of 50 years, stand with family members at the     signment to St. Paul's will come to a close; however,
mother would go when she
                                    reception honoring her 15 years of service as a deacon.                                      your calling as a deacon will continue."
was strong enough to the                                                                           - Photo By Dwayne Summar
HIV/AIDS support group                                            St. Paul's, Albany, Vestry Member & Former Senior Warden          "When the time comes, St. Paul's will miss your ac-
at St. Paul's Episcopal                                                                                                          tive participation, as will this bishop. And when the time
Church here. There, others similarly afflicted and im- Christ, has been a trademark of "Rainbow Rose," "Dea-                     comes, we will send you forth with our love and prayers,
pacted would meet, talk in a safe place of confidentiality, con Dudley," or simply "Dudley."                                     looking forward to your continued presence among us.
without fear of judgment and condemnation. Her mother                 The Rev. Reed Heydt (interim rector, St. Paul's) quickly   But today, we celebrate you and your 15 years of dedi-
was embraced, accepted, loved and encouraged. Facili-              learned of her value to Christ, the parish, the diocese and   cated service to your bishop, parish and community," he
tating that group was the same slim woman with silver to him soon after his call following the retirement of the                 said.
hair and a smile that lit up every room she entered - Rev. Tom Downs. Father Heydt calls her "Saint Dudley."                        He encouraged Deacon Lippitt and her husband, who
Deacon Dudley Lippitt.                                                When the congregation of St. Paul's paid tribute to her    celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this year, to
    "Rainbow Rose," the girl began to call Deacon Lippitt.         Sept. 12, observing her 15th anniversary as vocational        enjoy retirement. Her husband, an avid and skilled golfer,
And the name stuck and endures. "Rainbow Rose" was deacon in the Diocese of Georgia and at St. Paul's, they                      retired after 43 years as a practicing attorney. The Lippitts
there when her mother died of AIDS at age 23, and she did so in love and appreciation for her presence - to the                  have three grown daughters and three grown sons. Two
was present on that bleak rainy day to deliver the eulogy glory of God - in so many ways in their lives and in the               of their children, David and Lucy, attended the tribute.
at her mom’s funeral.                                              lives of those they will never meet. They paid tribute to     Several members of other Episcopal churches attended
    Presence, in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus her presence:                                                             as well.
                                                                      - at table, where with a love and eloquence that draws        The Lippitts met on a blind date. Deacon Lippitt said
                                                                   no attention to herself but to the Holy Eucharist, as dea-    she could not have accomplished all the things for which
  Dcn. Dudley Lippitt:                                             con she prepares the table for priests or bishops;
                                                                      - over the years at the Shepherd’s Table at St. Paul’s,
                                                                                                                                 she was honored without the support of Sam, who al-
                                                                                                                                 ways has a ready smile and a twinkle in his eye. And
                                                                   where the area's hungry come for food and spiritual nour-     that twinkle showed when he told friends at the recep-
  Albany's Mother Teresa                                           ishment;                                                      tion, “I’m glad she did it.”
                     From Deacon Jim Purks                            - at Habitat for Humanity house building sites where          "I think people like the fact that Dudley takes real life
                Albany Convocation Contributor                     people in need of decent, affordable housing are at last      experiences and weaves it,” Sam said of something
   NOTE: The Rev. Tom Downs, who served 10 years as rector                                                                       Deacon Lippitt loves to do: deliver a sermon. “She’s al-
   at St. Paul’s, Albany, before retiring with his wife, Bernice,  given hope;
   to Florida, worked and served with Deacon Dudley Lippitt.          - at Albany Outreach Center and at nursing homes           ways managed to preach something kind of personal.”
   This is his first-person account of that blessing.              and hospitals;                                                   Deacon Lippitt was the first female to be ordained at
       "One day I had the privilege of listening to Mother            - at funerals and baptisms;                                St. Paul’s and the third female to be ordained in the Dio-
   Teresa of Calcutta address a large audience, telling               - with individuals and families in times of great need     cese of Georgia. She was the first openly to take up the
   about her ministry of helping the dying. A question             when this servant of Christ brings hope, comfort, joy and     cause of helping those infected and affected by HIV/
   came from the audience: ‘Sister, please tell us how             an enduring message of the Good News;                         AIDS. It didn’t discourage her that these children of
   we can help you in your ministry.’ She responded in                - and her presence for other clergy.                       God were among the most marginalized and ignored –
   her usual simple and forthright manner: ‘That is easy;                                                                        and feared – people in society.
   just love your next-door neighbor.’                                                                                              "AIDS was a very controversial ministry to be in-
       "When I came to St. Paul’s in 1993, I met Mother                    We Need a Rector                                      volved in. I did pastoral care for people that were re-
   Teresa in the flesh; her name was Dudley Lippitt.                                                                             jected everywhere else,” she recalled in an interview
   Of course, she hates that description of her, but I                    To Make It Happen!                                     with The Albany Herald.
   can find none other as apt. Her whole life and man-                      ALBANY - "Like no other time in recent his-             That’s "Rainbow Rose." She never rejected anyone
   ner overflowed with love of others, especially any-                  tory, the excitement at St. Paul’s is palpable. The      as she witnessed, and continues to witness, to the love
   one downtrodden or distraught.                                       children’s programs are exploding, the music pro-        of Jesus Christ.
       "I watched with amazement as this saint-of-God                   gram is growing exponentially, and new volun-
   invited into her midst HIV/AIDS survivors and their                  teers are appearing for various committees at an
   families, year after year, and helped wash their feet                unprecedented rate. St. Paul’s is alive and well,           Father Tom Downs 'Un-retires'
   with her tears and love. And invariably she remained                 and our most exciting days are ahead,” unsolic-                The Rev. Tom Downs (former Rector, St. Paul's,
   at their bedsides as they left this world for their heav-            ited statement from a parishioner.                          Albany), who retired to Florida, told Deacon Jim
   enly kingdom. Her love was contagious as many                            If you are the priest who can help us real-             Purks (Albany Convocation contributor) that he had
   others have involved themselves in these ministries.                 ize “our most exciting days,” please write                  "failed retirement."
   One of the greatest blessings of my life has been to                 for our Parish Profile: St. Paul’s Rector                      He is to start as rector at St. Richard's in Winter
   be a friend and fellow minister of Dudley. Through                   Search, P.O. Box 71612, Albany, GA                          Park, Fla., Oct. 17.
   her, again and again, I have seen the face of God."                  31708-1612.                                                    "I am excited about it," Father Downs said.
                                                                                                            The Episcopal Church in Georgia, #9 September/October 2004 - Page 5

Events & Activities
   TURN STRESSED TO DESSERTS - Stressed is                    Camp Honey Creek. In 2003 EYCS gave $79,662.50                opportunity to make, pray and chant one's own wood
Desserts spelled backwards is presented by Deacon             for 36 college scholarships and camp scholarships. No         bead rosary.
Karl Ullrich, and is adapted from his work with corpo-        medical grant was requested.                                      Nov. 20, 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m., The Longing of the Heart:
rate managers under stress. Anyone interested may at-            DIOCESAN HIV/AIDS RETREAT IN DEC. -                        An Invitation to the Real led by Anne Scott
tend. Dessert will be served 6 p.m. Nov. 7 at Holy Na-        The Diocesan Retreat for those affected by and living         (DreamWeather Foundation) will lead a day of spiritual
tivity, 615 Mallory St., St. Simon's Island (912-638-3733).   with HIV/AIDS is to be at Honey Creek Dec. 10-11.             dreamwork, meditation and discussion. Cost: $75 for Sat-
   CHURCH STRENGTH FOCUS OF CONFS. -                          The Rev. Albert Pruitt (rector, St. Francis of Assisi Epis-   urday, $120 Saturday-Sunday; make checks payable to
Organizers of Going Forward Together that will take           copal Church, Gulf Breeze, Fla.) is to be retreat leader.     DreamWeather.
place in Dallas, Texas, and in Atlanta, Ga., plan numer-      Before his ordination, Father Pruitt had a career in aca-         Dec. 3-5 How to Stay Healthy and Holy - Explor-
ous examples of vibrant ministry in Episcopal parishes,       demic medicine at Emory University, the Medical Col-          ing the Relationship between Mental Health and Spiri-
said an announcement from Going Forward Together              lege of Georgia and the University of South Alabama.          tuality led by Dr. Timothy Ts’o will use group discussion,
(4645 Walnut Grove Rd., Memphis, TN 38117; 901-767-              Retreat cost is $59.80 double and $76.30 single occu-      lecture, question and answer sessions and “fireside chat”
6987; The Dallas event         pancy. Registration begins at 4 p.m. with supper at 6         to cover the movement from mental sickness to health to
is Oct. 24-26 hosted by St. Michael & All Angels Church.      p.m. Those interested may register with the conference        holiness.
The Atlanta event is Nov. 7-9 at the Cathedral of St.         center by emailing or calling 912-           Dec. 10-12 Advent Retreat - Desire and Prayer:
Philip.                                                       265-9218.                                                     Waiting for Christ’s Coming - led by Sister Carol An-
   Several clergy from Savannah Convocation in the Dio-          MATTHEW FOR MODERN DISCIPLES - Led                         drew, OSH.
cese of Georgia will attend, said Jacqui Belcher (dioc-       by Dr. Charles Twombly, this series sponsored by the              Jan. 21-22 Prayer and Healing - led by the Rev.
esan communications officer). The Rev. Jim Shumard            diocese is at Trinity Episcopal Church, Cochran, and in-      Dr. Joe Bowden and the Rev. Dr. Andy Menger.
(St. Francis of the Islands, Savannah) arranged for dioc-     cludes: Nov. 13, The Sermon on the Mount; Dec. 11,                Feb. 11-13 Lenten Silent Retreat: Centering Prayer
esan clergy to register as a group to save $50 on regis-      Teaching & Healing; Jan. 8, Controversy; Feb. 12, Jesus       and Inner Awakening - led by Sister Linda Elston, OSH.
tration. Details:, or     & his Disciples; March 12, Challenge to Jerusalem; April          Feb 26 The Magic Never Ends: A Day with C.S.
email Fr. Shumard (                          9, Prophecies & Warnings; May 14, The Final Conflict.         Lewis - led by the Rev. Cynthia Taylor.
   Keynoters are Michael Battle, Mark Dyer, Phyllis              Dr. Twombly (Wesleyan College, Macon) teaches                  For details contact the convent: 706-798-5201; fax 706-
Tickle and John Westerhoff, who will speak on a variety       Christian and moral theology to ordination candidates in      796-0079; email
of issues.                                                    Cochran and mentors others pursuing Holy Orders in                FAITH-BASED RESPONSES TO VIOLENCE
   EYCS ANNUAL THANKSGIVING APPEAL -                          the diocese.                                                  - A professional seminar for clergy and lay leaders, the
Episcopal Youth and Children’s Services (EYCS) of the            The course is free. Preregistration is required. Con-      session will be 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Nov. 12 at Knoxville (Tenn.)
Diocese of Georgia will have its Annual Appeal Nov. 28,       tact Registrar Joy Fisher, 350 Second Ave., Macon, GA         Convention Center ( re parking areas).
asking those in each congregation to make an offering to      31201, 478- 741-1900 weekdays, 478-934-6986 week-             Keynoter is Marie M. Fortune, FaithTrust Institute’s
support its work. Money collected will benefit youth of       days 8 p.m.-11 p.m., Session Time:        founder and senior analyst.
this diocese who need assistance with college tuition,        10 a.m. - 4 p.m. For lunch, participants may brown bag it         In addition to the keynote "Collaboration Between Secu-
medical emergencies and summer camp scholarships to           or order on the day for $5.                                   lar and Religious Leaders," conference topics include:
                                                                 CURSILLO WEEKENDS SCHEDULED - Geor-                        Justice Making; Justice in Family Violence; Family Vio-
                                                              gia Episcopal Camp and Conference Center at Honey             lence 101: Basics of Abuse, Safety Planning & Shelters;
  Elective Offices to be Filled                               Creek has these Cursillo weekends scheduled: #105 Feb.        Dating Violence: Teens & Twisted Love; Biblical Re-
                                                              17-20, 2005; #106 May 19-22, 2005; #107 Oct. 20-23,           sources: Scriptures and Theology to help congregations
  At '05 Diocesan Convention                                  2005. For information, interested persons may contact         deal with victims; Elder Abuse; Identify & Report; Child
     DEPUTIES TO GENERAL CONVEN-                              Sharon Stewart: or visit the           Abuse - Recognize & Intervene; Batterer Intervention:
  TION: Four canonically resident clerics (priest or          Cursillos website:              Stopping Abusers, among other topics.
  deacon) and four lay persons as deputies to General            VARIETY OF TOPICS AT CONVENT - Oct.                            Cost: $25 includes resource notebook, seminar mate-
  Convention to be June 10-21, 2006, in Columbus,             22-24 Soul Sharing - Spiritual and Contemplative              rials and lunch. Make check payable to: Community Coa-
  Ohio. Four clerics and four lay persons as alternate        Photography led by Robin Smith (Columbia, S.C.) will          lition on Family Violence. Deadline Nov. 1. For details,
  deputies.                                                   approach photography from a spiritual perspective as well     call: Dr. David Kitts, Knoxville Police Department (865-
     STANDING COMMITTEE: One priest to re-                    as technical.                                                 215-7244).
  place the Rev. Billy Alford. One lay person to re-             Nov. 5-7 Making and Praying the Anglican Ro-                   DIOCESAN ACOLYTE FESTIVAL - The Annual
  place Joy Fisher. Election to Standing Committee is         sary during Associates Weekend (for associates and            Diocesan Acolyte Festival is to be Nov. 13-14 at St.
  a four-year term. Those elected in 2005 will serve          those who may wish to become associates) led by Sister        Andrew's, Douglas. For details call Colin Toogood (912-
  through convention 2009. Father Alford and Ms.              Linda Elston, OSH (Order of St. Helena) will provide an       384-7736) or the church office (912-384-1712) or see
  Fisher are not eligible for re-election.                                                                         Cost: $20.
     THE BOARD OF OFFICERS OF THE                                                                                               YOUTH & YOUTH LEADER EVENTS - (H.C.
  CORPORATION: One lay person for a seven-                                 COME AND SEE                                     = Honey Creek) - Oct. 22-24 - New Beginnings (grades
  year term to replace George Peagler, who is eligible                                                                      7-9), H.C. • Nov. 13-14 - Diocesan Acolyte Festival,
  for re-election. The person elected will serve through                  - GO AND TELL                                     St. Andrew’s, Douglas • Nov. 18-20 - Province IV
  convention 2011.                                                                                                          Network Meeting • Dec. 17-19 - Winter Blast (grades
     TRUSTEE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF                                The Diocese of Georgia is a joyful community under         9 & up), H.C. • Dec. 20 - Youth Commission, H.C. •
  THE SOUTH: One priest to serve a three-year                      the leadership of Jesus Christ, making disciples to      Jan. 28-30, 2005 - Happening #72 (grades 10-12), H.C.•
  term to replace the Rev. James Bullion, who is eli-                         fulfilltheGreatCommission.                    Feb. 3-5 - Diocese Convention, Augusta • Feb. 4-5 -
  gible for re-election. The person elected will serve              As a missionary diocese we are one Church, each         Convention Lock-In (grades 9-12) • Feb. 26 - Happen-
  through convention 2008.                                         congregation being a mission center committed to         ing Steering Committee • March 4 - Spring Fling, H.C. •
     DIOCESAN COUNCIL: One member-at-                                 bringing into the Body of Christ all sorts and        March 4-5 - College Retreat, H.C. • March 11-13 -
  large, either lay or clergy (priest or deacon), for a                           conditions of people.                     Toil & Sweat Weekend (grades 9-12), H.C. • April 14-
  three-year term to replace the Rev. Joe Bowden,                                                                           17 - Happening #73 (grades 10-12), H.C. • April 22-24
                                                                 Expecting that God will transform our lives, we invite
  who is not eligible for re-election. The person elected                                                                   - New Beginnings #27 (grades 7-9), H.C.
                                                                 the stranger to worship, welcome the guest, train the          AAC TO MEET IN SAV'AH - "Reclaiming the
  will serve through convention 2008.
     ECCLESIASTICAL COURT: One cleric and                                  disciple and send out the apostle.               Faith, Rebuilding the House of God" conference is to be
  two lay persons are to be elected for three-year terms            In response to the Great Commission and with            Oct. 23-24 in Savannah, hosted by St. John's and Christ
  to replace Thomas Bateski, John Linney and the                  God's grace and guidance we commit ourselves to           Church. For details see or
  Rev. Kurt Miller, who are all eligible for re-election.          increase average diocesan attendance at Sunday  or phone St. John's (912-
  Those elected will serve through convention 2008.                  worship services to 15,000 by the year 2005.           232-1251) or email
The Episcopal Church in Georgia, #9 September/October 2004 - Page 6

                                                Stormy Times in the Diocese
  Albany Convocation Congregations Offer Hospitality to Evacuees
                 By Deacon Jim Purks                         The Methodist Church in Cordele was designated          on Sunday from the Melbourne area of Florida."
            Albany Convocation Contributor
                                                          as a Red Cross Shelter during Hurricane Frances.              While the Rev. Freeman Cross reported mini-
     The recent hurricanes and tropical storms af-
                                                          They were able to staff it themselves and did not need     mal difficulties with "four holes" punched in the
  fected congregations in the Albany Convocation
                                                          volunteers, Mrs. Stewart said.                             roof at St. Francis', Camilla, the Very Rev. Jacoba
  in different ways and with minimal damage.
                                                             That weekend several evacuees also came to Wor-         Hurst (rector, St. Anne's, Tifton, and dean of Al-
     The Rev. Reginald Gunn (rector, Calvary
                                                          ship on the Water (WOW), which Christ Church con-          bany Convocation) said tiles from the roof of the
  Church, Americus) said several families, who were
                                                          ducts at a state park. Those persons were staying in       1898 St. Anne's building were ripped off by the
  escaping Ivan and Frances, attended Calvary both
                                                          the vicinity and had heard about the service at the        wind over a period of two of the tropical storms,
  Sundays, although the church did not provide shel-
                                                          lake. The collection at WOW that day of about $150         however, it sustained little interior water damage,
  ter. Calvary was without power four days because
                                                          was given to the Bishop's Hurricane Relief Fund, Mrs.      but there was damage to the modern buildings.
  of Frances.
                                                          Stewart said.                                                 Father Hurst said wind went through a tower
     In other words, he said, there was nothing re-
                                                             Her husband, the Rev. Bill Stewart (who serves at       and knocked out light fixtures. The acolyte room,
  markable to report. They were just thankful all hur-
                                                          St. Stephen's, Leesburg), reported nothing significant     the altar guild room and the narthex sustained dam-
  ricanes had passed them without damage. He said
                                                          happened at St. Stephen's as a result of any of the        age. In one part of the church parquet flooring has
  they were very prayerful for those whose lives
                                                          tropical storms, Charley, Frances or Ivan, said Mrs.       to be removed where rain was blown in under the
  were severely impacted by the storms, especially
                                                          Stewart.                                                   door.
  those who suffered injury or death, and for chil-
                                                             The back-to-back hurricanes prompted Christ                Although the damage was estimated at $3,000,
  dren whose lives were turned upside down by the
                                                          Church members to meet and compile a resource              Fr. Hurst expected actual repairs to cost more,
  loss of home and comfort.
                                                          booklet for emergency purposes. Items such as              possibly twice that amount. However, he was quick
     "We continue to pray for them," Father Gunn
                                                          Coleman stoves, lanterns, bedding, towels, sleeping        to say how lightly his area got off in the storm,
                                                          bags and generators were listed and members asked          especially since the eye of Tropical Storm Ivan
     "Christ Church had evacuees two weeks in a
                                                          to write their names and phone numbers beside items        went right over Tifton.
  row from Frances and then Ivan," said Sharon
                                                          they had on hand or would be willing to contribute in         On the personal level, lightning destroyed his
  Stewart (Christ Church, Cordele). She reported
                                                          the event of another hurricane, flooding or other di-      computer at home, coming through a neighbor's
  there were no storm-related deaths ("Praise God")
                                                          saster. The church now has the list filed and knows        cable system during Hurricane Frances. And the
  nor major damage reported in Crisp County. There
                                                          whom to call and what can be offered should a need         church had no electricity for several hours Sept.
  were a few trees on homes and one or two roofs
                                                          arise.                                                     27 from Ivan. They had closed the church office
  hit but nothing major.
                                                             St. John and St. Mark's, Albany, which merged af-       that day primarily for the safety of employees who
     The evacuees who attended Christ Church had
                                                          ter flooding of the Flint River destroyed St. John's lo-   would have to drive on potentially dangerous roads.
  shelter options and were greeted warmly and in-
                                                          cation, had "nothing remarkable to report," nor signifi-      He said there were three "refugee" families at
  vited to coffee hour and the midweek service. They
                                                          cant damage, according to the Rev. Joe Clift (rector).     the Sept. 26 morning service. One of the families
  were acknowledged during the service, were
                                                             "We did not experience any storm damage (other          had returned, having been there from the Frances
  prayed for and had the opportunity to share stories
                                                          than the usual leaks)," said the Rev. Jim Bullion (St.     "flight." They liked St. Anne's so much they might
  with sympathetic and concerned listeners during
                                                          Patrick's, Albany). "We had several people in church       move to the area, he said.
  coffee hour.

   Sav'ah Churches Develop Variety of Hurricane Response Plans
   By Bob Neumann, Savannah Convocation Contributor       extensive preparations and did, in fact, execute a por-    and informed members that if evacuation were man-
      Editor Marcía McRae contributed to this article
                                                          tion of its plan.                                          datory, Sunday services would not be held. If no
     SAVANNAH - Are our houses of worship pre-
                                                             To protect the organ from flying glass and debris,      evacuation order were given, members should gain
  pared for hurricane force winds? Is there a plan to
                                                          interior window shutters on the balcony were wired         information regarding services from the church's
  protect church property? How about notifying mem-
                                                          shut to protect it. The organ has had damage to a          website or from its answering machine.
                                                          computerized part of its system, usually from electri-        All Saints' mission on Tybee Island also calls all
     Forecasters predicted recent hurricanes would
                                                          cal storms. After the severe electrical storms of the      its members in the event of an emergency. Being a
  pose a significant threat to the Savannah area. In
                                                          summer, a specially adapted surge protector type de-       barrier island, Tybee would experience some of the
  quick succession, Hurricanes Bonnie and Charley
                                                          vice was installed, according the Rev. Marc Robertson      worst of the storm surge. So the concern there is
  threatened a large portion of the Southeastern
                                                          (rector). The sanctuary's stained glass windows were       to ensure that all members have transportation in
  United States, followed in short order by Hurri-
                                                          expected to be sufficiently protected by their existing    the event of mandatory evacuation.
  canes Frances and Ivan and tropical storm Jeanne.
                                                          bullet-proof glass covers.                                    St. Thomas' parish wanted to protect important
     Fortunately for the Savannah area, only the outer
                                                             For the hurricanes, Christ Church also left open a      data. All computer information was backed-up on
  bands of hurricanes touched here, bringing rain and
                                                          wrought iron gate at the courtyard of the parish house     a disk and stored in a fireproof safe. Also, the par-
  wind - but without hurricane velocity.
                                                          to allow any in harms way, such as Savannah's home-        ish administrator made a second back-up disk that
     Following the recent threats, The Church in
                                                          less, to find shelter in a doorway alcove. Also, Father    remained in her possession in the event of evacua-
  Georgia surveyed some Savannah area Episcopal
                                                          Robertson made preparations to stay in the parish          tion.
  churches to determine if plans were laid in the event
                                                          house if necessary during the hurricane to deal with          At St. Peter's, Skidaway Island, no portion of
  the big blow hit. Planning ran the gamut from
                                                          any situation that might arise there while his family      the contingency plan was implemented, although
  "watching the weather" and making as-needed con-
                                                          evacuated from the city.                                   the chair of the Altar Guild made sure that the sil-
  tingency plans to more extensive plans for protect-
                                                             In similar manner, St. John's went about protecting     ver items would be placed in the fireproof safe
  ing church property and for communicating with
                                                          church property by closing the shutters in the steeple     should the hurricane approach.
                                                          and bringing under shelter all outside furniture.             While there is no consistency in the plans of the
     Christ Church, the oldest Episcopal Church in
                                                             St. George's Church took a different approach in        responding churches, taken together they provide
  Savannah which stands on the highest ground thanks
                                                          preparing. Their concern centered on notifying parish-     a framework that other churches might use in de-
  to the long ago decision of Georgia founder Gen-
                                                          ioners and visitors should services need to be can-        veloping a responsible emergency plan.
  eral James Edward Oglethorpe, had made the most
                                                          celled. A calling committee divided the member list
                                                                                                                   The Episcopal Church in Georgia, #9 September/October 2004 - Page 7

Contemplative Prayer Retreat Refreshes, Informs Participants
 By Deacon Jim Purks, Albany Convocation Contributor
    HONEY CREEK - Hurricane or no hurricane, tropi-                                                                                  Come Ye Apart Awhile . . .
cal storm or no tropical storm, whatever Mother Nature
comes up with, if the kickoff Contemplative Prayer Retreat
                                                                                                                                     Next Session to be Nov. 19-21
                                                                                                                                                 By Bettina Schuller, St. Paul's, Jesup
at the Camp and Conference Center here is any indication,                                                                                HONEY CREEK - The second contemplative retreat
the Diocese of Georgia has a top-notch series of confer-                                                                             in the series "Come Ye Apart Awhile..." will focus on center-
ences lined up for all – and to the glory of God.                                                                                    ing prayer, teaching participants to enter into contemplation
    Huge fallen trees lying about as a result of hurricanes,                                                                         and the silence of God. It is to be at the diocesan Camp and
sporadic heavy rainfall and ominous predictions of more to                                                                           Conference Center here Nov. 19-21.
come did not diminish the enthusiasm nor the restorative                                                                                 Centering prayer was practiced in the first 16 centuries of
silence participants in the Sept. 10-12 retreat experienced.                                                                         the church, then was lost until the 1970s when Trappist monks
    All came away refreshed, better informed how to enrich                                                                           researched it and developed the method based on the writ-
individual spiritual journeys and awed by the workings of the                                                                        ings of the Cloud of the Unknowing from the 14th century.
Holy Spirit.                                                                                                                             Centering prayer helps persons move past normal thoughts,
    "There was such an incredible presence of the Holy Spirit,                                                                       feelings and physical self into a deeper spiritual level that can
such an incredible presence of God," said Bettina Schuller                                                                           transcend negativity, help heal "old wounds" and physical
(St. Paul's, Jesup), retreat facilitator and a leader with deep                                                                      discomforts. Those who practice it with faith and love may
experience in guiding people through contemplative prayer,                                                                           become more aware of thoughts and be able to change old
                                                                  Some participants in the Sept. 10-12 Contemplative Prayer
centering prayer, lectio divina and the power of silence.                                                                            patterns detrimental to health, joy and relationship with God.
                                                                  Retreat at Honey Creek seem thankful the huge oak they
    Her partner in the retreat, Harry Jenkins (associate di-      gathered by - blown down by Hurricane Frances - missed the         These are only side effects of centering prayer.
rector, Honey Creek Conference Center), led two body              chapel in the background. L-R front are Carla Hennington               Retreat participants will be guided into this method of prayer
prayer sessions. The Rev. Liam Collins (rector, St. Mark’s,       (Baxley), Pat Ford (Brunswick), retreat leader Bettina             in four sessions of silence and instructive meditation and will
Brunswick) served Saturday, offering spiritual direction with     Schuller (Jesup). L-R back are Nancy Larson (Jesup), Steve         practice spiritual writing, visualization and take meditative walks
half-hour or hour-long appointments.                              Darby (Statesboro), Harry Jenkins (conference center               to enter into silence with God. There will also be periods of
    That’s a lot to plan into a retreat that begins on Friday     associate director) and Deacon Wanda Lucas (Savannah).             sharing experiences and insights.
night and ends Sunday morning and features, intentionally,                                       - Photo By Deacon Jim Purks
                                                                                             Albany Convocation Contributor              Space is limited to 24 persons. The Rev. Chris Schuller
long breaks where participants are to observe silence and                                                                            (rector, St. Paul's, Jesup) will be available for Eucharist and
alone time. Mrs. Schuller said the key was to plan as much                                                                           individual prayer and healing prayer Nov. 20.
as possible and then "“get out of the way" to let the Holy           "What surprised me was the intensity of the openness                Father Schuller received a bachelor's degree from the
Spirit move freely.                                               with which people shared. With the group, it was amazing.          University of Michigan and studied theology at the School of
    For example, having participants pair off with prayer part-   The amount of healing that took place was amazing. I can’t         Theology at the University of the South and Harvard Divin-
ners was one of the first things to be done. Mrs. Schuller        plan that," she said.                                              ity School before receiving his master's of divinity at Episco-
gave eight people a slip of paper with a number and the              The retreat facilitator said that before the retreat began      pal Divinity School. He has a particular vocation to ministries
remaining eight participants counted off. The person who          she prayed to God for the retreat and the participants. "I said    of health and healing.
drew No. l was the prayer partner with the person who             'God help me' and the message came back 'Get out of the                Although recently ordained to the priesthood, he has prac-
called out that number. In each case, these pairings were         way.' I just kind of offered the structure for the retreat and     ticed many years a form of intensive healing prayer which
ideal and clearly reflected the love and presence of the Holy     then let it go. One participant said to me, 'Thank you for         incorporates elements of Qigong therapy, therapeutic touch,
Spirit, said Mrs. Schuller.                                       getting out of the way,'" she said.                                and the Judeo-Christian practice of anointing and laying on
    Two participants with journalism and writing backgrounds         Mrs. Schuller, mother of two daughters and wife of the          of hands.
found themselves paired together. Two who had experi-             Rev. Chris Schuller (rector, St. Paul’s, Jesup) told partici-          Cost: single room $197; double room $164 per person;
enced bouts of clinical depression were paired. Two in the        pants at their closing session Sunday that for several years       commuter $100. This includes registration, program fee and
early stages of discerning if they are called to the ordained     she has felt a calling to lead retreats of this nature but some-   six meals. There will also be an additional $5 charge to cover
ministry - you guessed it - were prayer partners. Two others      how had been "pushing it away." No longer, she told them:          cost of materials for the retreat. The conference begins Nov.
experiencing the same kinds of family problems were paired.       "It came to me again and again and I said, 'Okay, I’ll do it.' I   19 at 6 p.m. and concludes with lunch Nov. 21.
The Holy Spirit was clearly moving about the room.                know this is my calling."                                              Call Honey Creek Conference Center (912-265-9218) to
    "From the first night it was incredible how the Holy Spirit      This was the first of a series of retreats planned at Honey     reserve a space. Deadline: Nov. 5. A $10 late fee will be
was part of this retreat, how the prayer partners were            Creek. The next will be a Centering Prayer Retreat, Nov.           charged to anyone registering after Nov. 5.
matched," Mrs. Schuller said. These pairings built trust right    19-21. Mrs. Schuller recommends that those interested get              Dates for future contemplative retreats are Jan. 7-9 The
away and the ensuing prayers and sharing greatly enriched         reservations in promptly. This first retreat experience con-       Healing Quality of Forgiveness; March 8-10 Death and
the retreat, the worship, meals, silent times and times to-       firmed that the maximum number of participants should be           Dying; May 13-15 Different Forms of Prayer.
gether.                                                           about 20, she said.

  Hurricane Jeanne Brings Disaster to Companion Diocese of Dom. Repub.
   EDITOR'S NOTE: This is from an email message from Deacon       took 300 lives and washed away entire neighborhoods in the         purchase materials in the DR rather than receiving ship-
   Bob and Ellen Snow, who serve our companion diocese of the     Dominican Republic (DR). In our nine years here as mis-            ping containers. The need is immediate. In most cases it
   Dominican Republic. Their mailing address is DMG 13388,
                                                                  sionaries, I had only written this sort of letter on two other     takes a minimum of two weeks to gather and ship items,
   7990 15th St. East, Sarasota, FL 34234 • http://
                                                                  occasions. Unfortunately, this is the second letter of this type   and it may take another week and a significant amount of
      Many have sent us email concerning Hurricane Jeanne         in 2004.                                                           staff time to process them through customs.
   and heavy rains that arrived with her. This year disaster         Jeanne caused serious flooding in many areas where we              Many provided assistance earlier in the year, and we
   has followed disaster. Since September of last year we         have churches and Episcopal institutions. Damage to our            have a small pool of money to begin helping. Some asked
   have had two earthquakes, several heavy rains and now          buildings is slight. However, many people in the communities       where to send donations. If you discern that the Lord is
   Hurricane Jeanne.                                              we serve have been severely impacted and the hardest hit           calling you to provide assistance, you may send checks to:
      Many friends in the United States have also been se-        areas are those of the poor. A bridge linking La Romana and        The Dominican Development Group c/o Day Spring, P.O.
   verely impacted by storms. Our prayers continue for these      with San Pedro was washed out. The government saved                Box 661, Ellenton, FL 34222. Dr. Bob Stevens, executive
   fellow Christians who have endured the fear and suffer-        many lives by evacuating people in many areas.                     director, will place them in our United States bank ac-
   ing which come with such events.                                  We are surveying needs. However, we will provide food,          count. Checks should be made to The Dominican Devel-
      In early summer I wrote about serious flooding that         clothes, bedding materials, construction materials and other       opment Group, noting for "flood relief." Donations are tax-
                                                                  items to those in need. We would prefer to receive dollars to      deductible.
                                                                                                                                                       Bishop of Georgia
                            The Episcopal                                                                                                              The Rt. Rev. Henry I. Louttit
                                                                                                                                                       Bishops of Georgia (retired)
                                                                                                                                                       The Rt. Rev. Harry W. Shipps
                                                                                                                                                       The Rt. Rev. Paul Reeves
                                                                                         #9 September/October 2004 - Page 8
                                                                                                                                                       Editor, Marcía O. McRae
                                                                                                                                                       Proofreader, Kate Bell
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              St. Athanasius', Brunswick, Celebrates New DOK                                                       • Storm Stories
                                                                                                                                                       Anglican Communion News Service
                                                                                                                                                       • Episcopal Communicators
         With thanks to almighty God, St. Monica's chapter of Daughters of the King (DOK) was                                - pages 1, 6, 7           Official organ of the Diocese of
         instituted Aug. 8 at St. Athanasius', Brunswick. Joyce Almasi is president. With help of St.                                                  Georgia, 611 E. Bay ST, Savannah
         Agnes' DOK at St. Mark's, Brunswick, and led by Flo Youngner, DOK members helped train                    • Contemplative Retreats            GA 31401 • 912-236-4279
         four candidates. One, Wilette McGowan, is a member of St. Agnes'; the others formed the                                 - page 7              Published monthly at Chalker
         nucleus of St. Monica chapter. They are Blanche Davis, Charlene Parker and Nena Amuzie                                                        Publishing Co., 601 E. 6th St.,
         shown here with the Rev. Hal Daniell (associate, St. Marks', standing L) who convened the                                                     Waynesboro GA 30830.
         training at St. Mark's, and the Rev. Charles Amuzie (rector, St. Athanasius') who celebrated
                                                                                                                          Next issue . . .             Third class postage paid at
         Holy Eucharist when the chapter was instituted. He and Cindy Coward (diocesan DOK president)                                                  Waynesboro GA.
         presented the chapter's charter and installed officers. At the offertory, the congregation sang           Coverage of Visit Here by           Editorial Office 2210 Twin Lakes DR,
                                                                                                                                                       Bainbridge GA 39819 • 229-248-4636
         St. Monica's hymn from the African-American Hymnal and Life High the Cross, DOK's official                Former Archbishop of
                                                                                                                                                       • FAX: 229-248-4638 • email:
         hymn. "What a joy and a privilege it was to be a part of the birth of a new chapter of the order,"        Canterbury George Carey    - All copy subject to
         one member said, adding the daughters are grateful for the prayer and service it will render in                                               editing.
         building up this portion of God's kingdom.                                                                                                    Postmaster: send changes of
                                                                                                                                                       address to: P.O. Box 948,
                                                                                                                                                       Waynesboro GA 30830.

When You're Not Struck by Lightning . . .
                                                                                                                                                                     Waynesboro, Ga.
                                                                                                                                                                     Permit No. 14
                                                                                                                                                                     U.S. Postage

I lift up my eyes to the hills; from where is my help to                                                                                                             PAID

 come? My help comes from the Lord, the maker of
                   heaven and earth.
                                                - Psalm 121: 1-2
                                                                                                      By Marcía McRae, Editor
   As I lifted my eyes to the trees, the bullet-like ricocheting pow-
pow-pow of thunder deafening me, I saw in midair three bursting
balls of lightning - pink, blue, white - in rapid succession matching the
                                                                               Father's loving hands offered the only protection - on either side of
thunder's beat. Those circles of bright light differed from normal
                                                                               life. No matter how matters turned out, all would be well.
jagged lightning strikes, perhaps because of their nearness, perhaps
                                                                                  And it was. And it would have been had things turned out differ-
because of their fierceness.
                                                                               ently, for God is in charge.
   This must be what it sounds like in Baghdad, ran through my
                                                                                  That late May night, safely inside with ice packs and aspirin, I
                                                                               longed to call my husband and son in England, but the time differ-
   Amid the unrelenting normal lighting and thunder that followed, I
                                                                               ence prohibited it. Alone in the companionship of the Holy Spirit, I
realized several things simultaneously as one does in that slow-mo-
                                                                               pondered God's care.
tion sensation of an impending car wreck:
                                                                                  The image of God's protecting hands has come into focus often
   • I must abandon my effort to reach the electrical outlet to unplug
                                                                               as I've pondered and prayed about many issues from the war on
the bug light (a sensible idea when the thunder started turned into a
                                                                               terror to the war in the church to protection in hurricanes that fol-
                                                                                                                                                        THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH IN GEORGIA

bad idea when it advanced so rapidly).
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED

   • I am sitting on the porch's wet cement floor - how did I get here?           So there's no rational reason for the irrational fear I have felt
   • Lightning did not strike me - there's no tingling sensation.
                                                                                                                                                                                          WAYNESBORO, GA 30830

                                                                               about every storm since then.
   • I am utterly helpless.                                                       This I know: God is in charge. The Bible says: God said...and it
   I knew I must get up and indoors fast. But how? With both legs              was so. God sends out his word and it is accomplished. Maybe it just
                                                                                                                                                                                          601 E. 6TH STREET

askew in a backward yogalike asana I cannot contort into, it was               takes a while to see results. Christ triumphed over evil. That's the
hard to figure how to untangle. What felt utterly awkward physically,          truth and the truth sets us free.
felt utterly peaceful spiritually, a peace more deeply calming than               I should trust and be at peace. But sometimes my faith seems as
any meditation exercise.                                                       contorted as my body was. Perhaps unwavering faith may be a
   Acknowledging I had absolutely no control of my physical safety             work in progress. Perhaps I have to sit awkwardly for a while, alone
as the next lightning attack came, I knew had absolutely nothing to            with God, for truth to have time to work - to untangle that contorted
fear: I was utterly alone in God's in providential care. My heavenly           internal condition.

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