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        Insomnia often results in daytime sleepiness, reduced cognitive performance, and potentially dangerous
    inattentiveness. Often times, insomnia exacerbates the underlying condition by leaving the patient fatigued and
                                           less able to cope and think clearly
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                                       Insomnia - How To Cure Insomnia Naturally
                                                    By Reijo Metso

   Insomnia, the inability to get enough adequate sleep, is a common sleeping disorder that affects
both males and females, although studies have found that women are more likely to suffer from
insomnia than men. For some people, curing insomnia may require life style changes but it is well
worth it. The quality of your life will improve if you know how to get rid of insomnia.

There are many possible causes for insomnia. You should always try to figure out the cause, so you
can fix the cause rather than the symptom, in this case insomnia. If your insomnia is caused by your
life style, your best solution is to change your life style.

Things you should try avoid in order to cure insomnia are:

Don't use sleeping pills or other medication to fall asleep. They are no long term solution and many of
them have negative side effects. Note, never stop taking your medication without consulting your
doctor first.

Don't drink coffee, or anything else containing caffeine, or alcohol in the evening. The former will make
it more difficult to fall asleep while the latter will prevent you from getting the quality sleep you need.

No heavy meals in the evening. If your body is busy digesting food, you will not get the deep sleep
needed to feel refreshed.

Don't let the clock decide when you go to bed. If you are not tired, do not go to bed. Read a book or
listen to some peaceful music until you are feeling sleepy.

Don't worry about what may happen tomorrow. Decide to worry about the future tomorrow. And you
can't change the past, so don't be upset about what happened during the day.

Don't sleep during the day. If you sleep during the day, you will have trouble falling asleep in the
evening. If you feel tired during the day, go for a walk and get some fresh air.

Things you should do to cure your insomnia are:

Curing Insomnia Without Drugs
How To Cure Your Insomnia Naturally.
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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

Exercise, if possible on a daily basis. It can be as simple as a 30 minute brisk walk. Also, avoid heavy
exercises late in the evening. Your body needs time to cool down afterwards.

Optimize your sleeping environment. Your bedroom should have a comfortable bed and be cool, dark
and quit.

Create your own bedtime procedure. You need to cool down and start relaxing before going to bed,
you may want to try a simple relaxation exercise. By doing the same procedure every evening you
program your brain to start cooling down.

Listen to special audio CDs that will tell your brain to slow down. You can re-program your brain and
teach it to prepare for sleep.

To find out more about how to cure insomnia without using medication, go to

Help Me To Sleep
A practical guide to the use of natural remedies for curing insomnia.
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                         Try Natural Remedy For Insomnia To Cure Your Sleepless Night
                                                                By Tango Pang

 If you ever find yourself suffering from insomnia, it's the worst feeling one can get. You could be laying
in bed, tossing around and turning. Your eyes are closed but your mind just keeps wandering and you
are not able to fall asleep. You keep opening your eyes every few minutes and the later it gets, the
more anxious you feel inside. You know that if you don't get to sleep, you're not going to function
normally the next day, for example, at work. The longer you stay awake in the night, the more anxious
you feel and, thus, the less able you are to find proper sleep. Most people, when they find themselves
suffering from insomnia, will want to turn to drugs, either prescription or over the counter type, in order
to finally be able to fall asleep. However, before you turn to taking those drugs to sleep, try finding a
natural remedy for insomnia. There are many natural remedy to cure insomnia out there, you just have
to do a little homework.

Find The Cause Of Your Insomnia, Then You Can Find The Cure

The best natural remedy for insomnia is to find out what's causing those sleeples nights. If you can pin
down why you can't fall asleep, you are one step closer to finding a cure for insomnia. For this natural
remedy for insomnia to work, you have to monitor what you do and what you eat and what you drink
throughout the day. Keep a journal faithfully and record everything that goes into your mouth. Record
how many cigarettes you smoke, how much alcohol you drink, how much food you eat, how much
coffee you drink, everything. Once it's all noted down on paper, you can get a much better picture of
what may be causing your insomnia. Then, as a natural remedy for insomnia, try avoiding certain
things from your diet. By scientifically eliminating certain things and then noting the results, you can
hopefully beat this sleeping disorder for good.

Another natural remedy for insomnia is to get alot of exercise during the day. Exercise wears you out
during the day so that you will actually crave to sleep at night. Try finding an exercise program that you
love to do so that you can stick with it for as long as you need to. Try picking up a sport you used to do
or try doing more outside. Getting fresh air while getting exercise is another great natural remedy for
insomnia, and it is free.

If all else fails, there are still a few more natural remedies for insomnia which you can try, such as
natural herbs and therapy. There are many herbal supplements that are supposed to help cure
insomnia. Ask your local health food store clerk if there are any natural remedies for insomnia you can
take to help you find a good sleep. Natural remedies are much better than turning to chemicals and
drugs to find sleep but it's easy to turn to them because they are the easy way out. The above natural
remedies, however, will have you feeling better naturally, looking better and you'll hopefully be able to
finally get the sleep you crave for.

Tangopang is the author of many insomnia publications at Read more at

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