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Applications of Earth Science
                                                                                            Plants, animals and the environment
                                                                                             The characteristics of living things
                                                                                             Habitats of the world
                                                                                             Food chains and natural selection
                                                                                             How humans can change their habitats

                                                                                            Farming Technology assignments:
                                                                                             Events in the farming cycle
                                                                                             The technology of farming
                                                                                             Promoting plant growth
                                                                                             How technology is used in farming

                                                                                            Classifying plants and animals
                                                                                             Classifies living things
                                                                                             The classification of plants and animals
                                                                                             How living things are classified into

                                                                                            The items supplied with this module
                                                                                              Construction kit parts for Earth Science
                                                                                              (available in storage boxes or a cart)
                                                                                              Book: ‘Nature Encyclopedia”
                                                                                              ‘Predator’ card game
                                                                                              250 ml Bottle
                                                                                              Adhesive putty
This module brings 'green issues' into the       Multimedia computer aided instruction        Paper towels
classroom. Students experiment and               (CAI) and resource texts reinforce the       Packs of seeds
investigate life processes and living things.    theory of the subject.                       Plastic cups
From farming and fertilizing to
photosynthesis and irrigation students will      Worksheets typically involve answering
                                                                                              Plastic trays
be able to relate these science principles       questions, completing tables of results,
to everyday life.                                adding labels to diagrams and completing     Black bags
                                                 sentences.                                   ‘Building with TacTic’ sheet
The Applications of Science system is a                                                       Assignment Sheets
group based technology teaching resource,                                                     Class set of worksheets
designed to give students hands-on                                                            Teacher’s Guide
experience of basic science and                                                               Master Materials Set
                                                                                              Computer Aided Instruction software
Using the resources provided, students
                                                                                            Additional items required:
become involved in a variety of group
problem solving activities. Working in
teams, the student will build important
cooperative skills for the future.

An Applications of Science module consists
of a large-scale construction kit, and
contains all the equipment students will              Cart storage option shown
need to complete a module.

Using the large-scale construction kit to
carry out a number of building, experiment
and problem solving tasks, students will
gain a valuable insight in to the real world
application of a variety of technologies.

Through the use of assignment sheets
containing high quality graphics, students
are guided through their assignment.

During the assignments students build
models, perform experiments, record              The life cycle of a green plant               Applications of Earth Science
results on their worksheet and answer            assignments:
questions designed to track and assess
                                                  The process of photosynthesis in plants                               No.      Average
their performance.
                                                  Stages in the life cycle of a plant                                             time
                                                  Stages in the germination of seeds            Assignments              8     45 minutes
                                                  Methods used to promote plant growth          Extension Activities     1     45 minutes
                                                                                                                       Total    6¾ hours               Ref No. P6442-A                                                                                  Page 1 of 1

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