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									                                                                                                                                                             Time: 09:00am
                                                                                                                                                             Fri 29th Sept

                                                                                        Case study
                                                                                        BSI Bank
                                                                                        BSI Bank uses Corporate Modeler to consolidate all the
                                                                                        corporate information into a knowledge portal through a
                                                                                        Business Process Management approach, thus achieving its
                                                                                        vision of being a process-oriented organization.
                                                                                        The knowledge portal is hosted on the corporate Intranet to
                                                                                        enable people from across the business to access, re-use and
                                                                                        share knowledge.

                                 Profile                                                Challenge
                                 BSI Bank is the oldest bank in the canton of Ticino.   Like most organizations, BSI Bank corporate information (e.g. organization, regula-
                                 Founded in 1873 in Lugano as Banca della Svizzera      tions, IT systems, products/services, locations etc.) was held in disparate Microsoft
                                 Italiana, today BSI Bank is an institution that spe-   Word and Excel documents and in different databases.
                                 cialises in asset management and related services
                                 for private clients and external asset managers.       Gathering, centralizing and integrating this knowledge through processes was
                                                                                        essential to create an online knowledge base accessible to all employees.

                                 Further info                                           Solution
                                                                                        BSI Bank chose the Corporate Modeler Suite to support them in solving this problem.
                                                                                        Building on an initial process mapping project, BSI Bank has then decided to consol-
                                                                                        idate and integrate further information.
                                                                                        By collaborating with the product suite, BSI Bank was able to:
                                                                                           Map BSI Bank master processes in order to develop and implement a consistent
                                                                                           banking process model.
                                                                                           Capture the links among processes, organization, regulations, IT applications,
                                                                                           operating risks and internal controls and define Key Risk Indicators.
                                                                                           Re-write BSI Bank principles and regulations on a process basis.
                                                                                           Publish cockpits on the corporate Intranet containing all documentation and
                                                                                           analysis related to BSI Bank processes.

                                                                                        The Corporate Modeler Suite has helped BSI Bank to integrate all corporate infor-
                                                                                        mation into one central repository and to build a knowledge management portal on
                                                                                        the company Intranet, accessible to all employees.
Strategy and Communications

                                                                                        Why Casewise?
                                                                                        BSI Bank chose Casewise because Corporate Modeler’s dynamic architecture makes
                                                                                        it easy to update data whenever things change. Moreover, Corporate Publisher allows
                                                                                        an easy republishing of all information on the corporate Intranet.

                              Success by design

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