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									set up a standing order into an
Easy Access Savings Account

Use this form to set up monthly deposits from a bank/building society account into your
NS&I Easy Access Savings Account. Please write in BLACK CAPITAL LETTERS inside the boxes.

1    your bank or             society
     building society
     account details


                      account name

                          account no                                          code              –             –
                               roll no
                         if applicable
                                         Banks or building societies may not accept instructions to set up standing orders
                                         from certain types of account other than current accounts

                                         Please pay to the Bank of England for the credit of
21   your standing order                 National Savings and Investments
     instructions                                                         account
                            sort code     1 0 2 2 5 0                     number       2 2      5 7 6 1 1 8

                             amount      £                                            p (minimum £10)
                            in words
                                         and debit my account accordingly

                        commencing        D D M M Y Y Y Y
                                         and on the same date each month until further notice in writing.
                                         Please quote my Easy Access Savings Account number (below) as a reference
                                         when making each payment.
                Easy Access Savings
                        Account no

3    your signature

                                 date     D D M M Y Y Y Y

4    what to do next                     • Send or take this form to your bank or building society
                                           (do not send it to NS&I)
                                                                                                          Thank you

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