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             BRIDGE HOTEL
                                                    BAR MENU
                                                   This menu is served
                            Monday to Saturday 12:00 till 15:00 hours & 18:00 till 22:00 hours
                                            Sunday 18:00 to 21:00 hours

                                                 STARTERS & SALADS
Homemade Soup with crusty bread (v)                                                                         £3.95

Tiger Prawns in Tempura Batter with teriyaki dipping sauce                                                  £5.95

Grilled Portobello Mushroom with spinach & cream cheese (v)                                                 £5.95

Classic Caesar salad (v)                                                                                    £5.95

with Grilled Chicken                                                                                        £7.95

                                                      MAIN DISHES
Traditional Fish & Chips with peas & tartare sauce                                                          £7.25

Cumberland Sausages & Mash with red onion gravy                                                             £6.95

Homemade Steak & Ale Pie with mash & peas                                                                   £9.50

Fish Pie flaked salmon, prawns & white fish in a white sauce with mash potato topping                       £9.00

Chicken & Leek Pie with mash & peas                                                                         £9.50

Breast of Chicken Parmigano with sauté potatoes                                                             £10.50

                                               CHARGRILLED DISHES
6oz Steak Burger cheddar cheese, bacon on a toasted bap with tomato relish & fries                          £7.95

Breast of Chicken with fries, field mushrooms & tomatoes                                                    £9.50

10oz Rump Steak with fries, field mushrooms & tomatoes                                                      £11.95

                                                      SIDE ORDERS
                                                         £2.95 each
Chips & Dips                                                                   Side Salad
Onion Rings                                                                    Garlic Bread
Assorted Bread Basket
                                                  (v) Suitable for vegetarians.
                        Please note that some dishes may contain nuts or traces of nuts, lacto or gluten.
                                             Fish dishes may contain small bones.

                                                    All @ £4.95 Each
Roast Beef with Watercress & Horseradish                                    Ham & Grain Mustard
Traditional Cheddar Cheese with Pickle (v)                                  Chicken & Bacon with Mayonnaise
Tuna Mayonnaise

                                                HOT SANDWICHES
Toasted Lettuce Bacon & Tomato                                                                                    £6.00
Club Chicken Sandwich                                                                                             £7.00

                               All Sandwiches can be served on white or brown bloomer bread
                                     All are accompanied with a Salad Garnish & Chips

                                                JACKET POTATOES
                                                    All @£5.95 Each
Thai Chicken Curry                                                          Chilli Con Carne
Ratatouille (v)                                                             Baked Beans (v)
Welsh Rarebit & Bacon

                                               PLATTERS TO SHARE
                                                      £12.00 each
Antipasti Platter Italian cheese, Cured Meats, Pesto, Houmous, Olives & Pitta Bread
Hot & Spicy Vegetable Samosa, Onion Bhajis, Vegetable Spring Rolls, Prawn Crackers, Chilli Chicken & Selection of Dips

                                                      HOT DRINKS
Cappuccino                                  £1.95                           Espresso                              £1.75
Double Espresso                             £2.00                           Filter Coffee                         £1.75
Liqueur Coffee                              £3.95                           Latte                                 £1.75
Pot of Tea                                  £1.75                           Hot Chocolate                         £1.95
Fruit Tea                                   £1.75

                             Western Avenue ● Greenford ● Middlesex ● UB6 8ST
                             Tel: 020 8566 6246 ● E-mail:

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