Dear Family_ by fionan


									Dear Family, and Friends

I hope this letter finds everyone in great health and living blessed lives!

I’m writing today because I have something I want to share. Scott, and I believe that we have
failed to explain to a number of you what we offer through our business. I’ve never requested
that you understand until now.

You all know we market Pre-Paid Legal Services & Identity Theft Protection.
We’ve been working in this business full time for almost 7 years, and though most of you
subscribe to the services, a few of you don't. I have never insisted that you listen to an
explanation of what we do because I resisted pushing my family but times have changed in our

In the past few years while promoting this business we’ve seen lives DESTROYED because of
identity theft. Scott and I both have family members who have experienced the nightmare of
having their identities stolen. I know some of you are not fully informed of this epidemic or I
think you would put yourselves in a position to benefit from our services. I’m not talking about
protection through your bank, or credit card company. NO ONE offers what Pre-Paid Legal

Our company is the ONLY company in the United States that has restoration services.
There are a number of credit card companies, banks, etc… that offer ID protection but with these
sources you are NOT fully protected. Basically, if you are victimized you will be sent a
restoration kit and YOU will be responsible for managing the chaos. It will take you about 700
hours of your personal time, thousands of dollars, and an average of 3 years to repair your name.

Identity theft is not just a credit card crime Thieves can put utilities in your name, accrue medical
costs (including surgical procedures), commit crimes, buy houses, boats, cars, electronic
equipment, get arrested, and open checking accounts. The list is endless and while the massive
fraud is occurring you are clueless.

My friend Tonya got a fraud alert yesterday from Pre-Paid Legal. It said that someone in Ohio
just got a MORTGAGE in her name. She lives in Tampa Florida.
My friend Amy got a fraud alert from Pre-Paid Legal and a woman had bought a BRAND NEW
MERCEDES in IOWA in her name. She also lives in Tampa.

Please take 15 minutes to watch the DVD I’m sending out in the next week. I care about all of
you and, know that if you have knowledge you will make an intelligent choice. If after reviewing
the material you choose not to protect yourself I will be respectful of your INFORMED decision.

Love you all!
Kymberly & Scotty

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