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									                            999 CHARITY PARTNERSHIP EVENT ALONGSIDE THE LUGHNASA FAIR

                                            BOAT TRIPS
                                 (Police – Fire – Ambulance – Coastguard)


The following events have been organised to add yet more fun and excitement to
the two days of family fun that we are running alongside the Lughnasa fair. These
contributions by local businesses will also making a substantial impact over the
weekend to fund raising efforts for the NICFC.

          1. Cruise by Rib – Exciting Fast Boat Service
                           We are delighted to announce this
                           new service, which has been
                           specifically organised to operate over
                           the weekend of the fair. Boats will
                              leave the centre of Belfast and
                              Carrickfergus marina every hour. It
                              is the ideal fun way to get to the fair
or alternatively to take a pleasure cruise to the centre of Belfast.
The drop of point at Lagan Weir is just a couple of minutes from
city centre shops, bars and restaurants whilst the drop of point at Carrick Marina
brings to the heart of all activities at Lughnasa fair. The Redbay Stormforce rigid
inflatable boat (RIB) service operates between 11am - 7pm on both days with a
cruise taking approximately 1 hour. The cost of a single journey is £10 per person.
Local businesses ‘Sail NI’ and ‘Aquasports’ are generously donating use of their
boats with all profits are going to NICFC.
2. Cruise by Yacht - Relaxing Cruises around Belfast Lough

                                    This is a fantastic
                                    opportunity         to
                                    cruise on one of
                                    two           fabulous
                                    yachts.            The
                                    cruises around the
                                    Carrickfergus and
                                    Belfast Lough area
                                    will depart Carrick
marina and last for 2hrs with a total of six trips on each
day. The cruises operate between 11am - 7pm on
both days. The cost is £50 per person. Local
businesses ‘Sail NI’ and ‘Ulster Sailing School’ are
generously donating use of their yachts with all profits
are going to NICFC.
3. Pleasure-Boat Trip - Relaxing boating fun for the whole family
                                      This service offers ½ hour pleasure
                                      boat excursions from the Carrick
                                      marina along the shore area. These
                                      trips are ideal for families and all age
                                      groups. The boat will operate from
                                      approximately 12 - 6pm on both
                                      days. The cost is £5 per adult and £2
                                      per child. Local business ‘Bangor
                                      Boats’ is generously donating part
                                      profits to NICFC.

     4. Sailability - skilled tuition to people with a disability

                     Belfast Lough Sailability is a charity that provides safe
                     and enjoyable sailing opportunities under skilled tuition
                     to people with a disability who are interested in
                     experiencing the sport of sailing.          This boating
                     experience will operate between 12 - 6pm on both
                     days. There is no charge for this service but all
                     donations on the day will be attributed to the NICFC.
BOOKINGS - Advance bookings are highly recommended in order to avoid
disappointment. All boats (at 1-3) can be privately hired for particular trips
throughout the day by advance booking. Please contact us for more information or
to place bookings.

CONTACT DETAILS - 999 Charity Partnership team at PSNI Seapark, 151
Belfast Road, Admin Block, Carrickfergus, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, BT8
8PL, Tel: 028 90259557 Fax: 028 90259544,
For Event details Web:

                          Departure Schedule

        Cruise by RIB                   Cruise by Yacht
                                                                   Boat Trips
*Sail Northern Ireland
                                                  Ulster Sailing
                 8 passengers    Sail NI                         Bangor
**Aquasports                     6 passengers                    Boats
                                                  8 passengers
                12 passengers
    Depart -         Depart -       Depart -         Depart -        Depart -
  Carrickfergus    Belfast Lagan Carrickfergus     Carrickfergus   Carrickfergus
     Marina             Weir         Marina          Marina          Marina
     **1100            *1100          1100             1100
      *1200           **1200
     **1300           *1300
                                       1330            1330
     *1400            **1400                                           1400

     **1500           *1500
     *1600            **1600           1600            1600
     **1700            *1700                                           1700
      *1800           **1800

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