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Short Break Brochure 07-08-web


Short Break Brochure 07-08-web

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									       SHORT BREAKS              2007-2008

        Make Friends Golden

      Escape is never far away
•   Sail Away Break
•   Cruise & Stay Break
•   Themed Short Break
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Tailor-Made Break

There is no better way to soothe
away stress than to be on a cruise
and sail away to a beautiful
anchorage or an empty beach.

The “Sail-Away Break” offers a real
change of atmosphere. Three or
four days aboard a luxury motor           admiration of those who appreciate
                                          maritime elegance and the privilege
yacht is twice as refreshing as a         of the ultimate in luxury. Internally
whole week ashore and ten times           the demands of comfort and
more relaxing than a city break. On       pleasure have determined every
your own motor yacht you are away         detail, yet each yacht has her own
from the crowds and free to head          individual character. All the cabins
off wherever you want. You can be         have en-suite facilities and fine
at your desk in the morning and sail      detailing to meet every whim-from
out of Athens in the evening.             private stereos and TVs in each
                                          cabin to details such as floor-level
                                          night lights: a practical yet elegant
The Yachts
                                          safety aid.
Many fine private yachts cruise the
Mediterranean-Free Spirit Sailing         Each yacht has several
only sails the finest and newest          entertainment areas, internally and
yachts at the top of their class.. This   on deck. Guests can relax in air-
range of sensational and impressive       conditioned comfort in the lounge,
fully crewed private yachts               sit out on deck under a canopy or
accommodate from four to sixty            bronze themselves on the
guests in twin or double cabins.          dedicated sun-bathing deck.
All our yachts make an                    Guests can visit the bridge or fly-
uncompromising statement with the         bridge to observe the captain at
high quality finishes meeting and         work and examine the high-tech
exceeding all expectations of beauty      controls of these state-of-the-art
and style. Whether in harbor or at
sea, each one inspires the

                                              TO BOOK CALL: +44 0870 1993736
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All have easy and comfortable
access for sea swimming. Every
yacht comes with an array of
grown-up toys. The selection can
include some or even all of the
following: ski-boats (with skis,
bananas, doughnuts, parascenders
etc.), windsurfers, tenders, jet-
skis, scuba equipment and so on.

Each yacht has a crew member
trained in the use and instruction
of all the on-board equipment.         The Crew
                                       Each yacht has a fully certified, highly
                                       experienced captain. He and all the
                                       crew speak English. Our guests will
                                       always find someone instantly at
                                       their service, whatever their needs.

                                     All the chefs have a wide repertoire: from
                                     classical French cuisine to modern fusion
                                     cooking and even diet menus. All special
                                     requests can be arranged by prior

                                     You can choose from a wide range of
                                     itineraries: you can seek out hidden
The highly experienced, multi-       beaches on isolated islands, sail to ancient
lingual   crews       are ever       ruins or cruise from the most beautiful
attentive yet always discreet        islands to the most fashionable night
and our guests will be left in no    spots. We can suggest a broad range of
doubt that their pleasure and        itineraries and we will provide a full
well-being is the paramount          briefing on all possibilities to suit the
concern of the crew.                 wishes and requirements of all our guests.
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                                Cruise & Stay

                                “Cruise & Stay” is the ultimate combination.
                                If you want to experience the pleasure of
                                cruising and spend more time ashore then
                                this option is for you. Featuring both a day
                                cruise and a stay on land, this is the ideal way
                                to discover some fabulous destinations.
                                There is plenty of time for shopping and
                                discovering delightful sights and mouth-
                                watering restaurants.

     One Day Cruise Itinerary

     You are picked up from your
     hotel in Athens at 08.15am and
     transferred to Pireaus. You visit
     three islands of the Saronic Gulf:
     Aegina, famous for the pistachios
     and the Temple of Aphaia;
     Hydra, the beloved island of all
     painters and Poros with its
     lemon grove. You return back to
     Athens at 7.00pm

                                Many guests are adding private helicopter
                                transfers to boutique hotels or bespoke
                                yacht trips and “doing the Onassis bit”.

                                People who have been to Greece before are
                                always on the lookout for new islands to
                                explore. Our “off the beaten track” selection
                                gives you the opportunity for new

                                              TO BOOK CALL: +44 0870 1993736
      MAKE FRIENDS GOLDEN                                                   Page 5

Themed Short Break

Take a fantastic themed break with
us. It’s different, exciting and fun.
We have set activities which you
can join if you are single, a couple or
a small group or we can tailor a
specific activity just for you.

                                 We offer a variety of activities. Popular
                                 choices include: Mykonos Street Party, Car or
                                 Jeep Rally in Attica, Winter Skiing at Parnassos
                                 Mt, Eco Tours (rare species of birds and
                                 marine parks), Fly by Helicopter to Hydra
                                 Island, Gastronomic Day in a Village, Photo
                                 Hunt in Mykonos and Hydra Islands, Treasure
                                 Hunt by foot in Plaka and Athens Market, A
                                 Medieval Evening: Palace of the Knights and
                                 Theatre in Rhodes, Team Jogging in the
                                 National Gardens in Athens.

  A typical day in Athens includes a discovery of
  the main sights of Athens followed by a walking
  tour in the Plaka district with lunch in selected
  tavernas en route. In the afternoon, visit the
  National Archaeological Museum or the
  Goulandris Museum of Cycladic Art.

  In the evening have dinner at a famous Athenian
  restaurant with a view of the floodlit Acropolis
  accompanied by classical musicians or have
  dinner and dance in an open-air night club
  overlooking the sea and lights of the coast.
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           We create a short break to meet the
           precise needs of our guest.

           Further elements can be added to your
           short break to meet bespoke
           requirements such as multi-lingual
           chaperones for any party, advance
           booking of restaurants on exclusive
           islands, transfers and onward

         Free Spirit Sailing offers unbeatable
         exclusivity, privacy, luxury, status, relaxation,
         confidentiality and above all reliability. You
         will know that when you take a break with
         Free Spirit Sailing you will be immersed in a
         period of enjoyment and entertainment that
         you will never forget.

         As many short breaks are taken at short
         notice, our experienced team are geared up
         to dealing with last minute arrangements.

                        TO BOOK CALL: +44 0870 1993736

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