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									                                        Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre
                                             RADIOLOGY DEPARTMENT
                                                                              OUR SERVICE LEVEL COMMITMENT
                                                                    TO OUR PATIENTS AND REFERRING CLINICIANS

                                                                               For all external imaging referrals:

                                                                             - We aim to see all patients within
                                                                                           48 hours of referral.
                                                                   - We aim to provide a Consultant Radiologist
                                                                          Report within 24 hours of completion
                                                                                         of all imaging studies.

“Your Partner in Quality Medical Imaging Services”           MRI                 Ultrasound      CR General X-ray
MRI                               ULTRASOUND                      CR GENERAL X-RAY                PACS

Our flagship imaging              We have installed a state-of-   Our ‘filmless’ Department is    The Department is equipped
technology is a GE Signa          the-art Philips HD11            equipped with a GE Proteus      with an Aspyra PACS which
Excite 1.5T MRI,                  Ultrasound Scanner within       CR General X-ray unit, a GE     enables the digital storage,
complemented by a full range      the Department, to provide a    OEC 8800 Image Intensifier,     retrieval and distribution of
of specialist coils. Images are   truly versatile Ultrasound      and a GE AMX4 mobile. All       all images both within and
stored on PACS in Dicom           capability. Our scanner is      CR modalities are linked to a   outwith the Treatment Centre.
format, and can be supplied       augmented by a wide range       Konica-Minolta Regius CS2       Our PACS system also
to referring clinicians in hard   of imaging probes, enabling     system (one of only two such    incorporates an online
copy, on CD, or potentially       our Radiologists to perform a   units currently deployed in     scheduler and a digital
direct from PACS. Our             full range of diagnostic        the UK) which digitally         reporting system.
Radiographers and Consultant      investigations. All studies     processes and sends all
Radiologists have extensive       are sent immediately to         images to PACS. If required,
specialist experience in the      PACS, and reports are           we have the capability to
delivery of MR studies of the     normally issued within 24       print hard copy films, via a
very highest quality. We are      hours. Our Radiologists are     link to our Konica Minolta
normally able to see patients     available to provide            Drypro printer. The
within a maximum of 48            immediate opinions when         Department provides all the
hours from the point of           required. We are looking to     Treatment Centre's medical
referral. Consultant              provide a fully-integrated      imaging needs, and plays a
Radiologist Reports are           Sports Injury Assessment        key part in delivering the
normally available 24 hours       Clinic as a key element of      “one-stop” patient
after the completion of MRI       our future service offering.    assessment model in
studies.                                                          operation within the
                                                                  outpatient clinics.
Please contact us directly with all enquiries:                                                                      How to find us:

Departmental Direct Dial Telephone Number:
01749 333619 / 621 / 622

01749 333740

Radiology Department
Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre
Old Wells Road
Shepton Mallet

Our Corporate Partners:

Shepton Mallet NHS Treatment Centre is a collaboration between Somerset and North Dorset Primary Care Trusts working with UK Specialist Hospitals Limited.

Images courtesy of Philips Medical Systems, GE Medical Systems Limited and Yorkon Limited


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