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                                            Your Voice, Your Organization
At a time when Congress and state legislatures are considering bills that could change, or even eliminate, your
livelihood, NAHU is the one unwavering voice representing your interests. We know how important you are to the
health and well-being of the people you serve, and we bring that message to your elected officials, clearly and
forcefully, every day.

Won’t you help us help you? By joining NAHU, you add your voice to those of over 20,000 of your peers and
colleagues. You’ll also enjoy the following benefits of membership:

1) Information Resource – With our website                                          4) Education and Networking – NAHU and our state and
(, Health Insurance Underwriter (HIU)                                  local chapters provide continuing education opportunities
magazine, and several newsletters and broadcast emails at                           to keep you abreast of the trends, new products and policy
your fingertips, you’ll always have the most current                                changes in the industry. Many state and local chapters
industry information.                                                               offer enough credits to fulfill all your state’s CE
                                                                                    requirements. These meetings will also give you time to
2) Legislative Advocacy – NAHU's legislative efforts                                network with your colleagues and make new acquaintances.
strive to educate and inform elected leaders at the federal
and state level. We’ve learned that most legislators simply                         5) Member-Only Benefits – From an exclusive agreement
do not understand the health care system and the agent’s                            with Marsh Affinity Group for Agent Preferred E&O
role in the system. Through our network of Key Contacts,                            insurance to discounts on shipping, conference calling, and
we cultivate relationships that put us in position to clarify                       credit cards, NAHU offers you opportunities to save money
issues before bills are written or votes taken. We                                  on the items you need to operate your business.
strengthen these relationships through activity by the
Health Underwriters Political Action Committee (HUPAC).                             To protect your livelihood, and to begin enjoying
3) Health Insurance Underwriter Magazine – NAHU’s                                              these membership benefits,
monthly magazine will provide you with tips on selling,                                  simply complete the application on the
information on NAHU’s activities on the national, regional,                                         back of this sheet.
and local level, and updates on website content and other
services that NAHU provides. Receiving HIU Magazine                                         For more information about “your organization,”
monthly is another great investment for your business.                                          log on to our website at

                                          You Should Join NAHU Because…
1) NAHU will protect your right to serve your clients needs.                        7) NAHU’s Code of Ethics demonstrates to your clients your
                                                                                    commitment to professionalism
2) You will obtain timely, informative news.
                                                                                    8) You will play an active role in the future of the health
3) You can attend continuing education seminars on the hottest                      insurance industry.
insurance topics.
                                                                                    9) You will receive a subscription to HIU, the association’s
4) You will share information with top producing insurance                          monthly magazine.
                                                                                    10) With NAHU following trends in Large and Small Group
5) You can participate in grassroots efforts that respond to local,                 Managed Care Plans, Individual Health Plans, Long Term
state, and federal legislative issues.                                              Care Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Medicare
                                                                                    Supplements, you will benefit from membership no matter
6) You will benefit from a variety of member-only discount                          your specialty.

                                             Please complete the application on the back of this page and send it to:
                                                  NAHU, 2000 N. 14th Street, Suite 450, Arlington, VA 22201
                                                      If you have any questions please contact Illana Maze,
                                                              VP of Membership, at (703) 276-3810.
                                                     NAHU 2006 Dues by Chapter
                  Find the city closest to your home or office to determine your local chapter and appropriate dues.

Chapter               Amount    Chapter               Amount    Chapter             Amount    Chapter              Amount
Alabama                         Hawaii                          Missouri                      Rhode Island
MOBILE                $205.00   ALL CITIES            $180.00   SPRINGFIELD         $220.00   ALL CITIES           $200.00
BIRMINGHAM            $205.00                                   ST LOUIS            $220.00
MONTGOMERY            $205.00   Idaho                                                         South Carolina
HUNTSVILLE            $205.00   COEUR D’ALENE         $200.00   Montana                       COLUMBIA             $225.00
FLORENCE              $205.00   TWIN FALLS            $200.00   ALL CITIES          $180.00   CHARLESTON           $225.00
                                BOISE                 $200.00                                 GREENVILLE           $225.00
Alaska                                                          Nebraska                      MYRTLE BEACH         $225.00
ALL CITIES            $220.00   Illinois                        CENTRAL NEBRASKA    $209.00
                                PEORIA                $255.00   LINCOLN             $239.00   South Dakota
Arizona                         CHICAGO/NORTHEAST     $250.00   OMAHA               $244.00   ALL CITIES           $195.00
PHOENIX               $250.00   DUPAGE                $250.00
TUSCON                $210.00   CHICAGO SOUTHLAND     $250.00   Nevada                        Tennessee
                                ROCKFORD              $250.00   LAS VEGAS           $250.00   CHATTANOOGA          $220.00
Arkansas                                                        RENO                $230.00   KNOXVILLE            $220.00
LITTLE ROCK           $180.00   Indiana                                                       NASHVILLE            $240.00
JONESBORO             $180.00   BLOOMINGTON           $205.00   New Hampshire                 MEMPHIS              $225.00
FAYETTEVILLE          $185.00   SOUTH BEND            $205.00   ALL CITIES          $265.00   JOHNSON CITY         $220.00
                                INDIANAPOLIS          $205.00
California                      FORT WAYNE            $205.00   New Jersey                    Texas
FRESNO                $365.00   MERRILLVILLE          $205.00   PRINCETON           $225.00   AUSTIN               $270.00
MONTEREY              $340.00   SCOTTSBURG            $205.00   MONMOUTH/OCEAN      $225.00   CORPUS CHRISTI       $260.00
SAN FRANCISCO         $340.00   EVANSVILLE            $205.00   TOTOWA              $225.00   DALLAS               $271.00
ONTARIO               $340.00                                   MOORESTOWN          $225.00   TYLER                $270.00
KERN COUNTY           $365.00   Iowa                            SUMMIT              $225.00   EL PASO              $265.00
LOS ANGELES           $340.00   CEDAR RAPIDS          $215.00                                 FORT WORTH           $270.00
SANTA ROSA            $365.00   DES MOINES            $225.00   New Mexico                    HOUSTON              $310.00
ORANGE COUNTY         $340.00   MISSISSIPPI VALLEY    $225.00   SANTA FE            $175.00   LUBBOCK              $265.00
SACRAMENTO            $365.00                                   ALBUQUERQUE         $180.00   AMARILLO             $270.00
SAN DIEGO             $340.00   Kansas                                                        SAN ANTONIO          $275.00
SANTA BARBARA         $340.00   KANSAS CITY           $180.00   New York                      WICHITA FALLS        $282.00
SAN JOSE/SAN MATEO    $350.00   WICHITA               $180.00   NEW YORK CITY       $245.00   MIDLAND              $270.00
VENTURA COUNTY        $340.00                                   ALBANY              $245.00   WACO                 $265.00
                                Kentucky                        SYRACUSE            $245.00   HARLINGEN/MCALLEN    $270.00
Colorado                        LEXINGTON             $230.00
DENVER                $260.00   LOUISVILLE            $230.00   North Carolina                Utah
FRONT RANGE AHU       $255.00   BOWLING GREEN         $220.00   CHARLOTTE           $290.00   PROVO                $230.00
FORT COLLINS          $255.00   OWENSBORO             $190.00   WILMINGTON          $240.00   OGDEN                $230.00
WESTERN ROCKIES       $265.00                                   GREENVILLE          $215.00   SALT LAKE CITY       $230.00
COLORADO SPRINGS      $255.00   Louisiana                       FAYETTEVILLE        $235.00   SAINT GEORGE         $230.00
                                LAFAYETTE             $200.00   ASHEVILLE           $215.00
Connecticut                     BATON ROUGE           $275.00   GREENSBORO          $215.00   Vermont
ALL CITIES            $190.00   NEW ORLEANS           $225.00   RALEIGH             $235.00   ALL CITIES           $145.00
                                MONROE                $185.00   HICKORY             $220.00
Delaware                        SHREVEPORT            $215.00                                 Virginia
ALL CITIES            $200.00                                   North Dakota                  RICHMOND             $235.00
                                Maine                           ALL CITIES          $145.00   VIRGINIA BEACH       $240.00
Florida                         ALL CITIES            $170.00                                 FAIRFAX              $205.00
TALLAHASSEE           $285.00                                   Ohio                          ROANOKE              $265.00
ORLANDO               $270.00   Maryland                        CINCINNATI          $305.00   LYNCHBURG            $250.00
DADE COUNTY           $285.00   BALTIMORE             $245.00   COLUMBUS            $230.00
DAYTONA BEACH         $255.00   SALISBURY             $245.00   CLEVELAND           $235.00   Washington
BROWARD COUNTY        $270.00   GTR WASHINGTON DC     $245.00   TOLEDO              $235.00   YAKIMA               $230.00
SARASOTA              $250.00   FREDERICK             $245.00   YOUNGSTOWN/WARREN   $230.00   SEATTLE              $230.00
JACKSONVILLE          $255.00                                                                 TACOMA               $220.00
PENSACOLA             $245.00   Massachusetts                   Oklahoma                      SPOKANE              $230.00
WEST PALM BEACH       $260.00   ALL CITIES            $245.00   OKLAHOMA CITY       $235.00   VANCOUVER            $220.00
LAKELAND              $250.00                                   TULSA               $225.00
FORT MYERS            $245.00   Michigan                                                      West Virginia
MELBOURNE             $255.00   METRO DETROIT         $250.00   Oregon                        CHARLESTON/HUNTING   $175.00
TAMPA                 $255.00   LANSING               $235.00   BEND                $215.00
                                TRAVERSE CITY         $240.00   SALEM               $215.00   Wisconsin
Georgia                         ANN ARBOR             $240.00   PORTLAND            $215.00   APPLETON             $240.00
ATLANTA               $235.00   KALAMAZOO             $250.00                                 EAU CLAIRE           $240.00
COLUMBUS              $230.00   FLINT                 $250.00   Pennsylvania                  MADISON              $240.00
SAVANNAH              $220.00   GRAND RAPIDS          $250.00   ALTOONA             $240.00   MILWAUKEE            $240.00
AUGUSTA               $220.00                                   HARRISBURG          $240.00
MACON                 $215.00   Minnesota                       BETHLEHEM           $240.00   Wyoming
GAINESVILLE           $225.00   ALL CITIES            $235.00   PHILADELPHIA        $240.00   ALL CITIES           $145.00
CALHOUN               $215.00                                   PITTSBURGH          $240.00
ALBANY/VALDOSTA       $210.00   Mississippi                     ERIE                $240.00
SOUTH ATLANTA         $235.00   GULF COAST            $180.00
                                JACKSON               $245.00
                                      NAHU Membership Application

Last Name                                First Name                                  Designation

Company                                   Title                                       Referral/Sponsor

Mailing Street Address                   City                          State         Zip

Telephone                                 Fax                           E-Mail Address

Home Street Address (for legislative purposes) City                     State         Zip

Local Association (see other side of this application)

Form of Payment Enclosed:                      Amount:_____________

[ ] Monthly Draft (please select one)          [ ] Checking Account       [ ] Credit Card
[ ] Check (payable to NAHU)
[ ] Annual Credit Card (please select one)     [ ] Visa [ ] MasterCard    [ ] Am Ex    [ ] Discover
Bankdraft / Credit Card Authorization Form:
I (we) hereby authorize NAHU to initiate debit entries to my (our) account as indicated.
    - Monthly debits will equal one-twelfth of any current applicable national, state or local dues.
    - (Please include a voided check from the account to be drafted, or write credit card number below)

Name (as it appears on the check or credit card)       Signature

Account Number                                         Expiration Date

Please Mark the Box or Boxes For The Areas of Your Practice:

 eraC mreT gnoL ‫ڤ‬                 ytilibasiD ‫ڤ‬                     eraC deganaM ‫ڤ‬                     tnemeriteR ‫ڤ‬
 laudividnI ‫ڤ‬                     puorG egraL ‫ڤ‬                    puorG llamS ‫ڤ‬                      .gtkM etiskroW ‫ڤ‬
 APT ‫ڤ‬                            derusnI fleS ‫ڤ‬                   tnemelppuS eracideM ‫ڤ‬              latneD ‫ڤ‬

              Mail To: NAHU, 2000 N. 14th Street, Suite 450, Arlington, VA 22201
                                   Fax to: 703 841-7795
                                    If you have questions, please contact Illana Maze,
                                        NAHU VP of Membership, at 703-276-3810

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