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Respect Property Rules of the Building Confidentiality

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Respect People
GYM does not tolerate:
Verbal abuse, Aggressive behaviour, Fighting, Threatening, Bullying, Offensive language

Respect Property
GYM Equipment
The building and surroundings, including cars

Rules of the Building
No smoking, No alcohol, No drugs

No service for young people (or an individual) can ever guarantee a young person
absolute confidentiality.
A youth worker must pass on information when a young person or a third person is in
risk of suffering significant harm.
If you are at risk of significant harm, we will only tell the appropriate professional.

When you arrive at GYM you must sign the GYM register.
You are free to leave the GYM venue during GYM hours so long as a youth leader is
informed and has signed you out on the register. This is subject to the consent from

Yellow Card = Warning and discussion with youth worker
Red Card = 3 warnings
Red Card - Official Procedure: Letter to parent or guardian, letter to police, letter to
school, BANNED from GYM until further notice
Extreme behaviour = Red Card immediately

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