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Our Declaration,

The voting power that you hold is a special right provided and reserved
for you at great cost to ensure that you and every other individual voter
is fairly and equally represented. The power to vote should never be
purchased, negotiated, cheapened, or diluted by outside forces or

     This is what is meant by a government “Of the people, By the people, and For the people”.

For this very reason, corporations, special-interest groups, and political parties cannot vote.
This is also why no one voter is allowed to personally contribute more than any other voter to a
congressional candidate.

Because of the massive amount of money needed to fund today’s expensive, media-driven campaigns,
our representatives must rely on outside money and influence from political parties and powerful speci al-
interest groups to get elected and stay in office. This inherently shifts their loyalty from you, the voter,
to the forces that fund and endorse their campaigns. It also forces them to spend much of their time
pandering instead of listening to and working for you.

Here is a link to a court case concerning how Representatives campaign.

Here is a link to a webpage where Senator Dick Durbin reveals the truth about fundraising and how it is
affecting America.

This is not a Republican or Democrat issue.

All political parties do the same thing — its how the game is played.

We believe that its time to change the rules.

The questions which all voters should be asking themselves as well as their representatives are simple and

How and why is it legal for any outside money to come into your congressional district and
influence your election and how your elected official will govern?

Aren’t your elected officials supposed to represent and answer to you — the voters within their
own district?

If outside money and influence is allowed to affect local representation, why do we even have
congressional districts?

Our overall objective is to bring integrity to the political and representative process by taking the power
away from the political parties, lobbyists, and special-interest groups, and putting it back into the hands of
the people.

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Do you agree? Visit our website www.AmericansForFairElections.com, tell us what you think, give us your
vote, and even better get involved. We need everyone to help raise awareness about this all important
issue and to do what we can to bring fair elections back to America.

We believe that only voters who are registered within a congressional district should be allowed to
contribute funds to a candidate who is seeking election to Congress from that district. We also believe
that the amount of funds contributed to any one candidate should be limited to $1,000 per voter, as
currently allowed by law.

We are confident that this will result in equal and fair representation for all voters and would force
candidates to meet regularly with the voters within their district, listen to their concerns and ideas, and
keep them informed regarding issues facing our nation, and to truly represent those whose vote they

Our objective is to raise awareness concerning this issue with our congressional candidates and
representatives within all of our districts.

We encourage you to forward this web site to everyone that you.

Learn more about our ―Voters Only – Grass Roots Movement‖ effort at our website –


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