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									                  PLEASANCE BEYOND Technical Specifications
   Pleasance Beyond is an end-on space with full blacks, a ground supported truss rig and black hardboard covered stage.

Seating Capacity:             336
Approx Setting Depth:         7.9m
Approx Setting Width:         8.9m
Approx Grid Height:           4m

Misc Information
Pleasance Beyond is at the Courtyard site.
There are two emergency exits in Beyond, the main entrance and an exit to the rear of the stage.
There is a lift that provides access to Beyond and Upstairs for disabled or wheelchair bound audience members.
The lift is accessed opposite the entrance to the Craggs Bistro.
There is generous wing space and crossover.
Screwing into the venue floor and walls is not permitted.
This venue is on the first floor with easy access from the courtyard via a stairway.
There is a very generous backstage storage area.
You will have access to your storage/dressing area 40 minutes before and for 20 minutes after your performance each day.
It is worth ensuring that your set is light yet durable enough to withstand daily dismantling.
At the end of the festival please arrange for removal or disposal of your set and any unused publicity material.
If the Pleasance has to dispose of any such material, your company will be charged £500 for the hire of a skip.
Each Company is assigned a get in/rehearsal time prior to their first performance
This is the time for you to load your set and props into the venue and for you to re-tech your show.
You will also need to allow sufficient time to rehearse your daily turnaround and set storage.
Please let us know when you intend to arrive in Edinburgh
Please note that, due to the Scottish Executive regulations, smoking is not permitted in any venues.

There is a charge of £15.00 per show per operator if you require Pleasance staff to learn and operate your show.
If the operator is simply putting lights up/down, then a reduced operator fee of £ 7.50 will apply.

We can arrange to have keyboards/pianos put into most venues. Please check with us first.

                                       PLEASANCE BEYOND LIGHTING
            Zero88 Leap Frog 96 or equivelant
Lighting Control:                                  

Dimmers:         48 ways of Digital Dimming

~ This venue has a two colour general cover and backlight.
~ Two moving head units are available as part of the general cover.
~ It is not possible to refocus between shows, however repatching is possible.
~ We can provide a limited number of specials for which you will be charged separately.
~ If you have any special requirements, please complete the return form and mark on the plan before returning it to us.
~ All extra lighting requirements should be agreed with our Chief Lx or Technical Operations Manager in advance.
~ You will be charged for extra equipment for each week, or part thereof, it is in the venue.
~ Visiting companies can not provide their own lighting equipment.
~ Visiting companies are resposible for the saving and backing up of their show data.

                                         PLEASANCE BEYOND SOUND
Sound Mixing Console:         The venue has a Soundcraft sound desk with 24 mono inputs and 2 stereo inputs,
                              8 group outputs and 8 aux outputs, or similar.

Speakers and Amps:            The venue has 2 d&b E9 and 2 d&b E3 loudspeakers, which provide coverage of
                              the auditorium from a front-of-house position in stereo, and a 2 d&b E18 sub-bass

Playback, etc:                The venue has 1 CD player and 1 minidisc player, both with autopause.
                              The venue has 4 SM58 microphone with tall stands, and 4 DI boxes.

~ We can provide extra equipment for which you will be charged separately.
~ It may be possible for extra equipment to be shared with other companies in your venue to reduce costs,
but we cannot guarantee this.
~ Please discuss your extra sound requirements with our Head of Sound or Technical Operations Manager well in advance.

~ Any practical electrical equipment you wish to use must have a current PAT certificate and be cleared with us.
~ The Pleasance reserves the right to refuse the use of any equipment which is deemed unsafe.

           The Pleasance reserves the right to alter the technical specification without notice or consultation.

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