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S1507 Fidic BOOK 09

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									         In Partnership with                            cornerstone

                 A two-day seminar including workshop sessions

Cornerstone FIDIC Claims Seminar
   “Making, Defending and Resolving Claims under the FIDIC 1999 Contracts”

                                    | Dubai UAE | 7-8 November 2007 |

                            The two seminar leaders
                     Edward Corbett and David Richards are
                   highly qualified and experienced in the use
                             of the FIDIC conditions

          To register - Tel: +44 (0) 20 8614 6214 Fax: +44 (0) 870 460 2291
Email: info@cornerstone-seminars.com Online: www.cornerstone-seminars.com
About the seminar
               The International Federation of        Who should attend?
                  Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) has,
                                                      This seminar will be of great interest to all those
                     over the years, issued a
                                                      actively involved in international projects,
                        number of standard
                                                      including representatives from Consulting
                          documents for use on
                                                      Engineers, Contractors, Funding Agencies,
                             construction projects.
                                                      Employers, Insurers, Manufacturing Organisations
                             The contracts which
                                                      as well as representatives from the Legal and
                             are currently in most
                                                      other Construction Professions.
                           common use around the
                         world are: The Conditions
                      of Contract for Construction    Seminar documentation
                   (The 1999 Red Book); The           All seminar participants will receive written
                Conditions of Contract for Plant      documentation for the seminar together with a
             and Design-Build (The 1999 Yellow        copies of the relevant FIDIC Contract that will be
          Book); The Conditions of Contract for       referred to during the seminar.
EPC Turnkey Projects (The 1999 Silver Book).
This special two-day seminar has been designed        Venue and date
to provide a detailed insight into the presentation   7-8 November 2007
and analysis of claims under the FIDIC 1999
                                                      Dubai UAE
Contracts. The programme has been designed to
be highly practical and includes active
participation in ‘hands-on’ workshops and
discussion sessions.
The seminar leaders are highly experienced in the
use of the FIDIC Contracts.
For more information about FIDIC, go to

Seminar speakers
Edward Corbett is the       on construction law       David Richards is a         Arbitration Law” and
Principal of Corbett &      and in particular on      claims and                  “Arbitration of
Co, a practice              FIDIC’s standard forms    programming                 Commercial Disputes -
specialising in             of contract.              specialist, arbitrator,     International and
international                                         adjudicator and expert      English Law and
                            He is co-chair of the
construction law. His                                 witness with his own        Practice”.
experience includes                                   practice. Trained as a
                            Construction Projects                                 George Rosenberg is a
ICC arbitration,                                      quantity surveyor, he
                            committee of the                                      consultant to Corbett &
litigation and dispute                                has spent time with
                            International Bar                                     Co and has long
adjudication as well as                               Mouchel Packman,
                            Association and is a                                  experience of
contract drafting and                                 Pickavance Consulting
                            member of the                                         international
procurement strategy.                                 and Hill International.
                            Working Group of                                      construction law and
He has worked for
                            FIDIC which drafted       Andrew Tweeddale is         contract drafting and
contractors as well as
                            the Short Form of         an international            disputes having been
for employers, funders
                            Contract and the          construction lawyer         based in New Zealand,
and consultants. He
                            Dredging Contract.        with Corbett & Co. He       Hong Kong, the UK and
is the author of ‘FIDIC
                            Corbett & Co is an        specialises in dispute      Greece and with
4th – A Practical Legal
                            affiliate member of       resolution and is the       contractor and
Guide’. He has
                            FIDIC.                    co-author of “A             employer clients in
lectured extensively
                                                      Practical Approach to       Europe, Asia and Africa.
    Day one                                                  Day two
0830 Registration                                        0900 Start of Day two
0900 Start of Seminar
                                                         1       Claims for additional payment II
                                                             • Variations and design errors
1       Introduction to the FIDIC 1999 Contracts
    • Risk allocation and philosophy
                                                             • Prolongation
                                                             • Disruption and global claims
    • Role of Engineer
    • Distinctive features
                                                         2       Quantifying and analysing claims
                                                                 for payment
2       Notices and Claims Procedure
    • Employer’s claims – clause 2.5
                                                             •   “Cost” or “Value”
                                                             •   Profit
    • Contractor’s claims – clause 20.1                      •   Disruption
    • Failure to notify                                      •   Global claims

        Coffee                                                   Coffee
3       Claims for delay
    • Extension of time - clauses 8.4, 8.5
                                                         3       Employers financial claims
                                                             • Delay damages
    • Force majeure delays – clause 19                       • Defects in work and design
    • Delay damages                                          • Retention and Bonds

4       Workshop 1
        Claims notices and Extension                     4       Workshop 3
                                                                 Contractor’s delay and disruption claim and
        of Time claim                                            Employer’s defects claim
        Lunch                                                    Lunch
5       Critical Path Analysis
    • Alternative means of demonstrating or disproving
                                                         5       Termination and suspension
                                                             •   Employer’s default
                                                             •   Contractor’s default
    • Forensic delay analysis in action
                                                             •   Force majeure

6       Delay problem areas
                                                             •   Financial consequences

    • Concurrency
    • Acceleration
                                                         6   •
                                                                 DAB procedure
                                                                 Standing and ad hoc
    • Time at large
                                                             •   Dispute prevention
                                                             •   Selection
        Tea                                                  •   Procedure

7   •
        Payment and Claims for additional payment I
        Payment Certification and procedure
        Ground conditions – clause 4.12
        Late possession – clause 2.1
                                                         7       Arbitrating claims
                                                             • ICC Rules
    •   Breaches of contract
                                                             • Selecting arbitrators

8       Workshop 2
        Critical path analysis and ground
                                                             • Use of experts

        conditions                                       8       Workshop 4
                                                                 DAB hearing on Termination
17.30 End of Day one                                             Close of Seminar
Booking form
                                                                                                             Seminar fee
FIDIC Claims Seminar                                                                                         £950 per delegate. The full fee is payable in
                                                                                                             advance and includes the cost of all
                                                                                                             refreshments, lunches, tuition and written
Dubai UAE | 7-8 November 2007 |                                                                              documentation, including a copy of the FIDIC
                                                                                                             contracts to be discussed during the seminar.
Delegate details Please use BLOCK CAPITALS
1st delegate:                                                                                                Seminar organisers
Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr (First & Surname)
                                                                                                             Cornerstone Seminars Ltd
                                                                                                             2a Claremont Road
Company                                                                                                      Teddington
                                                                                                             TW11 8DG, UK
Job title                                                                                                    Tel: +44 (0) 20 8614 6214
                                                                                                             Fax: +44 (0) 870 460 2291
Dietary requirements                                                                                         E-mail: info@cornerstone-seminars.com
                                                                                                             Web site: www.cornerstone-seminars.com

2nd delegate:
Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr (First & Surname)
                                                                                                             To register
                                                                                                             Please register by using one of the
                                                                                                             following methods:
                                                                                                         1   Please complete the registration form
                                                                                                             and send or fax it to our office
Job title
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Dietary requirements
                                                                                                         3   Please send us full details by e-mail

Contact details Please use BLOCK CAPITALS
Please note: Joining instructions and invoice will be sent to this contact unless otherwise specified.
                                                                                                             Payment methods
                                                                                                             Payment of the seminar fee is due in advance
Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr (surname)                                                                                       of the seminar and can be made using one of the
                                                                                                             methods below:
Company                                                                                                      By cheque, made payable to:
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Address                                                                                                      NatWest, 6 High Street, Teddington TW11 8EP
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                                                                                                             IBAN: GB18 NWBK 6021 1752 5086 84
Telephone (country code)                                Fax (country code)                                   Invoices and/or receipts will be issued to all delegates

E-mail                                                                                                       Cancellations
                                                                                                             Refunds (less 10% cancellation charge to cover
                                                                                                             administration costs) will be made for cancellations
Invoice/payment details                                                                                      received in writing by the organisers no later than 14
NB: Payment must be made in Pounds Sterling. Please note that payment is required in advance of              days before the seminar. After this date it is regretted
the event. Cornerstone Seminars Ltd reserves the right to refuse admission if payment is not received.       that refunds of fees will not be made. Substitutions
Cornerstone Seminars Ltd reserves the right to adjust invoices to reflect any changes to VAT rates.          can be made at any time.
Please check with local Customs & Excise for information about reclaiming VAT.
                                                                                                             It may be necessary for reasons beyond the control
Cost per delegate £950.00                                                                                    of Cornerstone Seminars Ltd to change the contents
                                                                                                             and the timing of the programme, the speakers, the
Number of delegates           TOTAL =                                                                        date or the venue. In the unlikely event of the
                                                                                                             programme being cancelled, Cornerstone Seminars
                                                                                                             Ltd will automatically make a full refund.
Card number
Expiry date____________________________________________________________________________
Account name_________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                             Overnight hotel
Cardholder’s signature___________________________________________________________________                    accommodation
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Account address (if different from above)____________________________________________________                the seminar fee. Venue details will be sent with
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   invoice my
                               Credit card:
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                                                            UK bank enclosed
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   organisation                Visa/Mastercard/             (payable to
   Purchase order No:          Diners Club                  Cornerstone                                      Cornerstone Seminars Ltd 2a Claremont Road Teddington TW11 8DG
                                                            Seminars Ltd)                                    Registered in England and Wales VAT No 832595805

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