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Scott Hunt

                  Scott Hunt to Seek the Open Seat
                         in the 72nd District.
       Scott Hunt officially announces his plans to run for state representative in the
72nd District of Pennsylvania in the first election to fill an open seat in 16 years. The
retirement of 8-term representative Thomas Yewcic has left an open seat.

       Hunt is running with the campaign theme of “People First!” He believes that
ultimately it is the job of the representative to represent the people – and he will lend an
ear to all members of the community. As state representative, Hunt plans to put the
People First, through both his actions, and his vote, and serve the region. He also
believes that the state must also be fiscally conservative and reduce spending. It is
important to bring real property tax reform to the state.

      Hunt believes that as a life-long resident of Upper Yoder Township, Cambria
County, he knows what the 72nd district needs, and his leadership skills learned at
Indiana University of Pennsylvania will allow him to become a successful state

       Scott Hunt is a life-long resident of Upper Yoder Township, Cambria County
since 1982. He attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) and received a
degree in Political Science degree. During his time at the University, he participated in
student organizations. Hunt was president of the Residence Hall Association and held
other officer positions. Hunt was also Secretary of the IUP College Republicans.

       Hunt knows just how important it is to give back to the community. For years, he
has worked for the YMCA and ARC helping with mentally challenged people. Hunt is
currently working as a Therapeutic Support Staff (TSS) at Alternative Community
Resource Program (ACRP). And Hunt regularly attends church, spending the last year
teaching the 7th Grade Parish Religions Education

       Hunt previously ran for State Representative two years ago, defeating his
primary opponent in May 2006. However Hunt was defeated in the November election,
largely due to an overwhelming amount of anti-republican voters reacting to policies at
the federal level. A year later, Hunt received write in votes that showed Upper Yoder
Township wanted some change in the township supervisors – and he successfully was

elected to that position and is set to fill that role Monday, January 7. However, Hunt
was defeated in his bid for Cambria County Register of Wills.

       The Campaign Website will be updated by 10am, or for those not at the
announcement, by the time this is received. A copy of this press release, as well as
video and audio from the event will be posted throughout the day. The website includes
information on Hunt, and the campaign. It includes a news section, where all press
releases will be posted. The website also has a section where members of the
community are able to pledge support for the Campaign.

         The Campaign is currently in the process of forming a political committee that will
work with Hunt throughout the election process. More Information about the committee
will be posted on our website, following confirmation from the state that the committee is
officially recognized.


HUNT TO RUN FOR 72ND DISTRICT, Announcement Speech

       “As you know, my name is Scott Hunt and I would like to thank you all for coming
here today, as well as the people who were not able to.”

       “I am here to announce my candidacy for state representative for the 72nd district.
This is a seat I ran for 2 years ago, winning the Republican Nomination, but then losing
to Representative Thomas Yewcic in the General Election. I’ve learned several things
since running then, and I am going to use them this year in my bid to become the next
representative for the 72nd district. “

       “This is a campaign I wasn’t planning for, but it is important that the 72nd district
elects an independent voice. I believe I am that independent voice.”

      “We need to reform the state government by establishing term limits and
reducing the size of the state legislature – and doing so is crucial to earning back the
respect and dignity of the General Assembly.”

      “Property Tax is another key issue. There are solutions, and we must push for
them, unlike the unfair and failed policies like gambling and Act 1, which voters
overwhelming rejected.”

      “My main concern is to help the people of the 72nd district. Putting people first is
something that my campaign, and myself as a state representative, will always do.”

       “My campaign theme this year is people first. I help people everyday in my job
as a therapeutic support staff, helping children with psychological and behavioral
problems in the school, the community and in the home. I have a passion to help
people and make our community a better place.”

      “Next Monday, I will officially become an Upper Township Supervisor – and even
though I am running for state representative – I will serve the people of Upper Yoder
Township 110 percent.”

       “The Campaign will be handled with the same enthusiasm that I have brought to
prior campaigns. Along with the help of friends, family and other supporters, we will run
a positive, high-spirited campaign including word of mouth, neighborhood canvassing,
and door to door.”

       “As a final note, by ten this morning, a redesigned website will be launched at The website will contain all of this information, and more about the
campaign – and will be used as our primary source of communicating information to the
public and media.”


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