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Rough Cut 200910 International Students and Work (during your


Rough Cut 200910 International Students and Work (during your

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									Rough Cut: 2009/10 International Students
and Work (during your studies)
Produced by Middlesex University Money and Welfare Advice Service

This leaflet covers the rules surrounding work if you               • You should not occupy a full-time position.
are an International Student. An International
                                                                    • You cannot work as a professional sports person
Student is a national/citizen from anywhere outside
                                                                      or entertainer.
of the European Economic Area (EEA). If you
are from the EEA please see Rough Cut: 2009/10                      • You cannot be self-employed.
EEA Migrant Workers                        What about students studying in the UK for
7/mwas/rc.htm                                                       less than 6 months?
Can I work as an International Student?
                                                                    Students on short courses will not usually be
This will depend upon what has been placed in                       allowed to work. Consequently this sticker / stamp
your passport. You should have a sticker                            is called a ‘prohibition’.
(vignette) or a stamp that outlines the conditions                  A prohibition sticker /stamp in the passport will
of your stay in the UK, including whether you are                   state:
allowed to work. The type of sticker or stamp that                  Leave to enter/remain in the UK on condition that
you are given is often linked to the length of your                 the holder maintains and accommodates himself and
course.                                                             any dependants without recourse to public funds,
                                                                    does not enter employment…is hereby given
Are there any conditions attached to my                             for/until (specified time)
working in UK?                                                      Or:
Students studying in the UK for six months or                       No work or recourse to public funds
longer should be allowed to work. However, there
are some limits on the type of work you can do                      What if I am on a short course but would like
and the number of hours. Consequently, this                         to work?
sticker / stamp is known as a ‘restriction’.                        There is some discretion to allow students on short
A restriction sticker / stamp in the passport will                  courses the opportunity to have a ‘restriction’ in
state:                                                              their passport. You should apply for entry clearance
Leave to enter/remain in the UK on condition that                   as a student before you travel. Make sure the
the holder maintains and accommodates himself and                   entry Clearance Officer knows that you want to be
any dependants without recourse to public funds…is                  able to work.
hereby given for/until (specified time)                             But please note, all students should remember that
Or:                                                                 as part of the conditions of stay in the UK, it is a
No recourse to public funds                                         requirement that you accommodate and maintain
Work and (any changes) must be authorised                           yourself without needing to work. You are not
                                                                    allowed to fund your course or living costs from
Although it refers to ‘authorisation’ being needed,                 employment in the UK. Therefore, when asking for
the government has given a blanket concession                       a ‘restriction’ you must show that you fulfil the Tier
allowing all students with this sticker or stamp in                 4 maintenance requirements for entry as an Adult
their passports to work. Therefore a prospective                    student. For more information on the maintenance
employer should be able to determine whether you                    requirements see Rough Cut: 2009/10 Tier 4 Points
can be employed by simply checking the wording in                   Based Visa Scheme.
the passport.                                                       When the Entry Clearance Officer gives you your
                                                                    passport back, check it immediately. Make sure
But you must fulfil the following criteria:                         your visa says that you are coming to the UK as a
• The job must not be more than 20 hours per                        ‘student’, rather than as a ‘visitor’ or ‘student
  week during term-time. However, during the                        visitor’ and that your conditions include a ‘restriction’
  vacations there is no limit on the number of                      rather than a ‘prohibition’ on work.
  hours worked.
If you are unclear whether you can work, seek             How much will I be paid?
advice from Christine Struwe, International Student       Levels of pay vary. However, employers must pay
Support Co-ordinator or a Money, Welfare and              their workers at the minimum wage set out in UK
International Adviser.                                    Law. There are three levels of minimum wage,
                                                          and the rates at the time of writing (June 2009)
What about placements / internships?                      the rates are:
All International Students with ‘restrictions’ are able
to take up work placements and internships without             • £5.73 per hour for workers aged 22 years
having to seek individual permission. There are                   and older
guidelines about what constitutes a placement or               • £4.77 per hour for workers aged 18-21
internship, so seek advice from the Placement Office              years inclusive
on your local campus.                                          • £3.53 per hour for all workers under the
                                                                  age of 18
Can my husband or wife work?
If you, the student, have permission to be in the         Further information:
UK for 12 months or more, then your husband or            UKCISA Website:
wife should be given conditions that allow them to        Student Advice Line Mon-Fri 1-4pm Tel: 020 7107
work. They will need to have the following                9922
conditions in their passport:                             Tax Enquiry Centre/Tax Office
Leave to enter for/until (specified time)       
No recourse to public funds                               International Student Support Co-ordinator
Or:                                                       Christine Struwe ext. 5917
Leave to enter/remain in the UK on condition that
the holder maintains and accommodates himself and         Careers Advisory Service on your individual campus.
any dependants without recourse to public funds is
hereby given for/until (specified time)                   Placements Service on your individual campus.
                                                          You can also get information from the Money and
How do I persuade employers that I am                     Welfare Adviser based on your campus. Also check
allowed to work?                                          the other Rough Cuts for more information.
Give them a copy of the Government leaflet
‘International students working in the UK – what you      The Money Welfare & International Advice
need to know’. Available in the Student Advice            Service
Centre or download the British Council brochure at        Archway: Chloe Berman, ext. 6182
_article?x=165461957511&y=0&a=0&d=work_in_uk              Cat Hill: Chloe Berman, ext. 5312
This brochure explains to employers what they need
to know about International Students working in the       Hendon:
UK.                                                       Julie Roberts / Kevin Ward, ext. 6527/6589
                                                          Judith Cringle / ext.6482
Do International Students have to pay tax and   
National Insurance?                             
Yes and their dependants will have to pay in the
same way as home and EEA students. You will               Trent Park: Geraldine Bailey, Head of Service
need to apply for a National Insurance number, but        ext. 6074
you do not need to have received your National  
Insurance number before you start work. Email            Middlesex University Money and Welfare Advice Service have made every effort to
                                                          ensure that the information contained in this leaflet is accurate. Middlesex
or Tel 0845 6000 643 to apply for NI Number.              University however, cannot be held responsible for any omissions or errors. This
Please, see Rough Cut: 2009/10 Tax and National           publication can only be a guide and is not intended to replace the complex and
                                                          diverse legislation covered. Statutes and regulations may change during the year
Insurance           without notice. If in doubt seek independent advice.

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