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					              University of North Carolina at
              Chapel Hill
              Carolina Counts Executive Orientation
              January 8, 2010

All observations contained in this document are for discussion purposes only.
This information was prepared solely for the use of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; it is not to be relied on by any 3rd party
        Objectives for today
• Understand

   where we are and where are we headed

   the process (is this Business as Usual?)

   roles and responsibilities of the team
    leaders, Champions, and Carolina Counts

• Agree on next steps

                  091228-UB2-Jan 8
                  Exec Orientation v4

• Our Mission and Objectives

• Overview of the Program Phases

• Organizing for Successful Change at UNC -
  - roles, responsibilities and accountability

• Next Steps

• Questions and Comments

                 091228-UB2-Jan 8
                 Exec Orientation v4
Mission and Objectives

 To make the University of North Carolina the most
 collaborative, well-managed university in the country

 • To streamline campus operations and provide more
   funding for academics and University’s core missions

 • To implement simpler, more responsive systems and
   processes that enable informed decision-making while
   complying with policies and laws

 • To reduce bureaucracy and create a more satisfying
   work environment for faculty and staff
                         091228-UB2-Jan 8
                         Exec Orientation v4
Initiative Champions

               Initiative Area                    Champion

     Organizational Strategy/             Bruce Carney
     Spans & Layers
     Procurement                          Dick Mann
     Information Technology               Larry Conrad
     Finance                              Roger Patterson
     Human Resources                      Brenda Malone
     Centers & Institutes                 Ron Strauss
     Research Support and                 Tony Waldrop
     Energy Services                      Carolyn Elfland
     Facilities and Campus Service        Dick Mann
     Space Planning and Utilization       Bruce Runberg
                            091228-UB2-Jan 8
                            Exec Orientation v4

• Our Mission and Objectives

• Overview of the Program Phases

• Organizing for Successful Change at UNC -
  - roles, responsibilities and accountability

• Next Steps

• Questions and Comments

                 091228-UB2-Jan 8
                 Exec Orientation v4
Let’s start with common definitions
                   • Entire UNC operational improvement effort
    Program        • Comprised of 10 Initiatives

                   • 10 improvement areas identified in Diagnostic
   Initiatives       phase
                   • Led by Champions

                   • Specific projects within each initiative designed
    Projects         to achieve identified targets
                   • Identified by Champions/Carolina Counts
                   • Led by Team Leaders and executed by
                     Project Teams

 Program Office    • Partners with Champions and Teams

 Carolina Counts   • Provides structure, tools, know-how to
                     project teams; coordinate and tracks Projects
                     across Initiatives

      We have begun analysis and design;
         2 key activities in this phase

                           Planning &                Analysis and
                           Resourcing                   Design
   (early 2009)
                           (late 2009)               (early 2010)
• Identify           • Set up Program         •
                                              1 Identify projects and
  opportunities to     Office                   recommend
  reduce cost        • Identify Initiative      improvements
                       Champions and          2 Develop detailed
                       team resources           implementation plans
                                                to capture value

                     • Drive implementation and organizational change

                               091228-UB2-Jan 8
                               Exec Orientation v4
    Savings and Improvement targets will
    result from detailed analysis

      Bain Identification of                Analysis of Targeted
     Savings/Improvements                  Savings/Improvements

• Identified high-potential savings   • Champion and Carolina Counts
  areas and quantified achievable       identify projects and teams
  savings                             • Carolina Counts provides tools
• Established UNC cost baseline         and structure to Champions and
• Savings targets quantified based      team leaders and consolidates/
  on benchmarking and Bain              tracks projects for the Oversight
• Savings made conservative with      • Project team designs projects
                                        and identifies cost savings and
                                        performance improvements
                                      • Champions approve project
                                        design, timeframes, and results

1   Sample Detailed Analysis: Procurement

          Steps                                   Activities
1. Prioritize expense     • Identify first expense area(s) to pursue using initial
   categories               diagnostic (large areas w/GISF)
2. Identify expense       • Gather data on all vendors/purchases within expense
   areas to consolidate     area from departments/schools through survey, AP
   purchasing               sampling, etc.
                          • Create database of all vendors and expense
                          • Group like expense and make recommendation for
                            largest expense areas
3. Identify quick hit     • Potentially send letter to vendor list asking for better
   savings                  pricing (quick savings through vendor negotiations)
                          • Use factbase negotiations against upcoming large
                          • Establish clear, simple guidelines for future purchases
4. Develop roadmap to     • Log process (timing, data, decisions, etc.)
   follow in subsequent   • Roll-out to other expense categories
   expense areas
5. Refine                 • Develop implementation plan for additional expense
   implementation plan      areas given experience from initial expense area
   for subsequent           analysis
   expense areas                091228-UB2-Jan 8
                                Exec Orientation v4
    Detailed implementation plans
     developed to achieve targets
                                 •process/policy/work streams
        Project Team
                                 •skill set/staffing restructure
      Recommendations            •savings/impacts

    Advisory Group Review/
                                 •resource authorization
      Champion Approval          •phases/timeframes

                                 •authority for changes
     Implementation Team         •required resources
          Formation              •broad based participation

                                 •standard template
       Project Workplan

    Phased Implementation        •workflow/skill set redesign
                                 •budget revision
                   091228-UB2-Jan 8
                   Exec Orientation v4
2   Sample Project Workplan

      Process                           Deliverable

• Carolina Counts
  creates workplan

• Team Leaders
  populate and
  update template on
  the website

• Carolina Counts to
  overall status report

• Living document,
  used by Team
  Leaders, Initiative
  Champions and
  Carolina Counts to
  manage team effort
                          091228-UB2-Jan 8
                          Exec Orientation v4
2                              Sample Project Workplan
                                                                    CAROLINA COUNTS

    Project Number:                                                Improv ement Team:

    Category:                                                      Team Leader:

    Champion:                                                      Completion Date:


    Major Milestones        Responsible      Estimated  Actual     Current Status       Major Issues
                            Person           Completion Completion
                                             Date       Date

    Key Performance         Definition/How   Target     Actual     On Track/OffTrack?   Major Issues
    Indicators/Objectives   Measured

                                                      091228-UB2-Jan 8
                                                      Exec Orientation v4
       Is this Business as Usual?
                      This Program requires:

• Broad input and buy-in from across the University

• Cross-University coordination and teaming

• An aggressive timeline for results

• Tracked results and accountability for those results

• Partnership between Carolina Counts and Initiative Areas

• A Program Office (Carolina Counts) to ensure initiatives become
  part of the institutional memory and can be repeated/enhanced

• A continuous improvement program/process that becomes an
  integral part of the Carolina culture

                           091228-UB2-Jan 8
                           Exec Orientation v4
                                  Is this Business as Usual?
                                                                                                                    February 2010

                                                                     “There’s no reason we can’t conduct
                                                                    nonacademic functions as efficiently as

                                                                ALL THE NEWS THAT’S FIT TO PRINT       11/15/09

                                                                          UNIVERSITIES TURN TO
                                                                       CONSULTANTS TO TRIM BUDGETS

      “We can make Carolina the most
      collaborative and best-managed
      university in the country.”

       Holden Thorp, UNC-CH Chancellor

Note: Kiplinger headline is quote from Holden Thorp.
Source: University website; New York Times; Kiplinger; Lit Search

• Our Mission and Objectives

• Overview of the Program Phases

• Organizing for Successful Change at UNC -
  - roles, responsibilities and accountability

• Next Steps

• Questions and Comments

                 091228-UB2-Jan 8
                 Exec Orientation v4
         The design phase is about Change – 70% of org leaders
                    have seen change initiatives fail
Agreement of
respondents                                                    “It should be borne in mind that
                                                                there is nothing more difficult to
       100%                                                     handle, more doubtful of success,
                                                                and more dangerous to implement
            80                                                  than initiating change.”

                             Strongly                          “Innovation makes enemies of all
            60                agree                             those who prospered under the old
                                                                regime and only lukewarm support
            40                                                  is forthcoming from those who
                                                                would prosper under the new. Their
                               Agree                            support is indifferent partly from
            20                                                  fear and partly because men are
                                                                generally incredulous, never really
              0                                                 trusting new things unless they
                        I have seen many                        have tested them by experience.”
                  initiatives that have failed                          Machiavelli, The Prince, 1513

Note: N=562. Sample across industries and size continents. 091228-UB2-Jan 8                      17
                                                          Exec February 2005
Source: Taking Stock survey by The Change Management Toolbook, Orientation v4
            An effective approach and program
             increase the likelihood of success
                                                                        How successful leaders
                                                                          approach change
                                                                       • Start with a clear change
       60                     5x                                         plan
                            more                      4x
                            likely                    more             • Set an ambitious, yet
       40                                             likely             achievable, goal

       20                  17                        17                • Inspire and motivate
              Objectives of                  Change                    • Execute with impact and
               the change                    finished                    speed
              were achieved                  on time

                     With effective approach
                                                                       • Embed capabilities into
                     to change                                           the organization
                     With poor approach to
                                                          091228-UB2-Jan 8
Source: Prosci Best Practices in Change Management 2007                                              18
                                                          Exec Orientation v4
Program roles and responsibilities
         Role               Major Responsibilities

  Oversight Committee    Oversight & Decision Making

    Carolina Counts        Guidance, Know-how,
   (Program Office)      Tracking, and Coordination

  Initiative Champions      Initiative Leadership

     Project Team
                            Project Management

Program roles and responsibilities
       Role                Major Responsibilities

Oversight Committee    Oversight & Decision Making

                      • Provide overall direction

                      • Obtain funding for Initiatives

                      • Make key decisions (e.g., scope)
                        and help Program Office focus
                        and target

                      • Resolve conflicts, approve policy,
                        and make organizational changes

Program roles and responsibilities
      Role               Major Responsibilities

  Carolina Counts         Guidance, Tracking,
 (Program Office)          and Coordination

                    • Coordinate and manage
                      interdependencies across all

                    • Participate in team meetings,
                      assist in projects through tools,
                      know-how, and templates

                    • Track progress vs. milestones ,
                      consolidate, and report

                    • Provide input and guidance to key

                    • Escalate issues to Oversight
                      Committee                           21
Program roles and responsibilities
       Role                 Major Responsibilities

Initiative Champions         Initiative Leadership

                       • Motivate, encourage, and set
                         overall direction of team

                       • Hold team accountable for
                         reaching targets & milestones,

                       • Verify team analysis and

                       • Acquire resources, remove
                         roadblocks, and escalate issues
                         when necessary

                       • Drive implementation and monitor
                         pace/progress                      22
Program roles and responsibilities
      Role            Major Responsibilities

  Project Team
                       Project Management

                 • Provide creative thought

                 • Recommend answers to key
                   issues to Champions

                 • Drive detailed design and
                   execution of project

                 • Oversee all workstreams and
                   team within each project

                 • Update Carolina Counts of
                   progress, issues, concerns
         Project Team Leaders set the plan
               for the project teams
                                                                    Project Charter created for
              Key Activities                                                     Deliverables
                                                                    each initiative                                                                                                                        ILLUSTRATIVE

• Develop Project Workplan                         Description:
                                                                         Initiative name: Procurement
                                                                                                                                               • Workstream 1
                                                                                                                                                                    Key Workstreams and Activities

                                                                                                                                                           Activity 1
                                                                                                                                                      -    Activity 2
                                                                                                                                                      -    Activity 3
                                                   Sponsor:                                    Initiative leader:                              • Workstream 2

• Lead analysis                                    Objectives
                                                   • X
                                                                                                                                                           Activity 1
                                                                                                                                                           Activity 2
                                                                                                                                                           Activity 3
                                                   • X                                                                                                          Interdependencies with Other Initiatives

   - Define financial and non-financial targets    • X
                                                   • X

     for each project                                                                     Phase

                                                                                                                                                                   Financial & Non-Financial Targets

                                                                                                                                                                               2009E          2010E         2011E        2011-14E
                                                   Redesign         X      Implementation

   - Identify and obtain needed resources to
                                                                                                                                               Cost Savings targets
                                                                                 Team Membership                                                          -XX

     execute analysis
                                                     Team Member                                         Start date        End date                       -XX

                                                   Sponsor:                                                                                    Investments

                                                                                                                                               Non-Financial targets

   - Question and validate team analysis with      Leader:

     Champion and Carolina Counts

                                                   Team:                                                                                                            Critical Issues/Risks To Delivery
                                                   1.     Xxx                                                                                  Description:
                                                   2.     Xxx
                                                   3.     xxx

• Communicate financial and non-                                                                                                                                                                 ATL Cornell PMO Draft_v16      18

  financial targets, as well as
                                                  This information is confidential and was prepared by Bain & Company solely for the use of our client; it is not to be relied on by any 3rd party without Bain's prior written consent.

  progress, to Carolina Counts for
  tracking purposes

                                         091228-UB2-Jan 8
                                         Exec Orientation v4
               Initiative Champions:
              Tactical do’s and don’ts
                Do                                  Don’t

• Delegate project responsibility    • Designate yourself as the team
  and accountability to the team       lead or feel you have to do it all
  leader so you can provide better     on your own
  oversight and make objective
• Provide direction, empowerment,    • Manage or run the teams or
  to the project teams, giving         projects
  them room to develop ideas and
  conduct analysis

• Populate project teams with        • Populate the team entirely with
  supporters and critics               people from the same functions,
                                       departments, levels, reporting
                                       lines, etc.

• Partner with Carolina Counts       • Wait until formal, scheduled
  keep project teams on track          meetings to raise any issues or
   Carolina Counts focuses on accelerating
       progress and ensuring success
    Key Success Factor                                     Reasoning

1 Governance and Proper      • Implementation will not happen by chance
   Resourcing                • A structure and process is required to get the job done
                             • Change requires real work by real people
                             • Dedicated resources, of the right type and caliber, are essential
2 Disciplined Process        • For each project there must be a business case and a plan with
                               agreed KPIs and milestones
                             • The plans should all be done to a standard format to make
                               implementation more effective
                             • Interdependencies and critical enablers must be identified and
                               planned for

3 Rigorous tracking,         • It is easy for projects to go off track
   monitoring and escalation • Progress against targets must be monitored in a common, visible,
   process                     regular and non-negotiable way
                             • Off-track projects should be escalated to senior management for
                               fast, focused decision making and unblocking
                             • The goal is to identify problems early and fix things fast
4 Close collaboration with   • All groups must work together
   Champions and Team        • Only way to ensure analysis and implementation are executed with
   Leaders                     necessary speed and efficiency
                                       091228-UB2-Jan 8
                                       Exec Orientation v4
Carolina Counts will track progress
against the targets

                   091228-UB2-Jan 8
                   Exec Orientation v4
   Major Tasks and Timelines
                                                                                  2009                                  2010
No Task                                        Responsibility           Oct Oct Nov Nov Dec Dec Jan Jan Feb Feb Mar Mar Apr Apr Apr May May                    Status

                                                                        16   30   13   27   11   25   8   22   5   19   5      19   2   16   30   14   28
 1 Identify Champions                          CC Team                                                                                                      com plete

 2 One-on-One w/Champions                      Chancellor                                                                                                   com plete

 3 Work with Champions/Review Process          CC Team                                                                                                      com plete

 4 Agree on Initiatives/Time-frames            Cham pions/CC Team                                                                                           In Progress

 5 Meet with/Inform Constituents               CC Team                                                                                                      Continuing

 6 Finalize Program Logistics- Office, Staff   CC Team                                                                                                      com plete

 7 Agree on/Acquire Team Members               CC Team /BOV/Schools                                                                                         In progress

 8 Agree on Logistics/Commitments              Project Team s                                                                                               Planned

 9 Kick-off Meeting-All Participants           CC Team

10 Team Orientation/Training                   CC Team

11 Design/Implement CC Website                 Web Design Group                                                                                             In Progress

12 Update Site: Teams, Plans, Status           Project Team s/CC Team                                                                                       Initiated

13 Facilitate Team Meetings                    CC Team

14 Assess Progress/Redirect as Necessary       Sponsor/Project Mgr

15 Document/ validate Recommendations          Cham pions/CC Team

16 Obtain Approvals for Recommendations        Cham pions/CC Team

17 Plan Implementations                        Cham pions

18 Initial Handholding                         Project Team s/CC Team

19 Assess Results/Feedback                     Cham pions/CC Team

20 Iterate Individual Projects                 Project Team s/CC team
                                                                         091228-UB2-Jan 8
21 Assess the Program and its Success          Chancellor                                                                                                     28
                                                                         Exec Orientation v4
Regular review meetings with all
relevant stakeholders ensure success
                          Agenda                    Frequency                  Participants

              • Make key decisions              • Bi-monthly          • Chancellor
              • Provide overall direction for                         • Senior executives
Oversight       Initiatives (scope, timeline,
Meetings                                                              • Invited Champions
                                                                      • Carolina Counts team
              • Help garner resources to
                progress “red” milestones
              • Financial and activity status   • Monthly             • Champions
                update where all initiatives    • One meeting for     • Team Leaders
 Initiative     are discussed at a high-level     each initiative     • Carolina Counts team
   Status     • Discuss next-steps from
  Updates       Oversight Committee meeting                           • Project teams, as required
              • Share project management                              • Bain resources, as appropriate
                best practices
              • Working sessions to update      • Bi-weekly (more     • Responsible Team Leaders
                financial model and tracking      often, if needed)   • Team members
                templates for each project      • One meeting for • Carolina Counts team
  Project       (feeds into status meetings)      each project (or
              • Milestone status updates          group of projects, • Champions, as required
              • Discuss “red/yellow”              if applicable)     • Bain resources, as appropriate
                milestones, as required
                                        091228-UB2-Jan 8
              • Discussion and brainstorming                                                    29
                                           Exec Orientation v4
          Program keys to success
• We are embarking on a major reengineering effort - major
  change programs like this are hard. Expect and address resistance
  and organizational obstacles along the way.

• Broad input from a cross-section of the campus (across
  function, professional backgrounds, etc.) and buy-in from leaders,
  project teams, and the campus at large is absolutely critical.

• We are accountable to the results. Even though we will be
  working on 10 separate initiatives; we share a common goal. The
  Program Office plays a vital role in coordinating and tracking, but
  each of us must hold each other accountable to results at every

• Follow the 80/20 rule: 80% of the savings can likely happen with
  quick hits and a few bold efforts. Prioritize efforts and energy on
  capturing the 80% quickly vs. getting the remaining 20%.

                             091228-UB2-Jan 8
                             Exec Orientation v4
                What is expected of you

      Initiative Champions                   Carolina Counts

• Provide guidance and help          • Manage interdependencies
  project teams think beyond the       and share best practices
  boundaries of how the                across initiatives
  organization operates today
                                     • Track and monitor initiative
• Help identify team leaders           progress to milestones and
  and projects teams – populate        savings targets
  with the right mix of people
                                     • Help identify team leaders
• Empower the teams, giving            and projects teams – populate
  them room to develop ideas and       with the right mix of people
  conduct analysis
                                     • Partner with Champions and
• Partner with Carolina Counts         Project teams
  to keep project teams on pace to
  reach savings targets

• Our Mission and Objectives

• Overview of the Program Phases

• Organizing for Successful Change at UNC -
  - roles, responsibilities and accountability

• Next Steps

• Questions and Comments

                 091228-UB2-Jan 8
                 Exec Orientation v4
                    Next Steps

            Next Steps                 Responsibility

• Designate Teams and Team          Champions,
  Leaders                           Carolina Counts

• Calendar bi-monthly Oversight   Carolina Counts
  meetings and monthly Initiative
  Status meetings

• Finalize identification of projects Champions,
  for each initiative and ensure      Carolina Counts
  sufficient to meet targets
• Kick-off project teams            Champions,
                                    Carolina Counts,
                                    Bain resources


• Our Mission and Objectives

• Overview of the Program Phases

• Organizing for Successful Change at UNC -
  - roles, responsibilities and accountability

• Next Steps

• Questions and Comments

                 091228-UB2-Jan 8
                 Exec Orientation v4