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Membership: Mahmood Bahaee, Marcia Bankirer, Steven Berglund, Kevin Corbett, Richard Davenport, John
Dinan, John Dinse, Jesse Dominguez, Lynn Dominguez, Harvey Dorrah, Claudia Douglass, Gary Dunbar, Stacy
Dwyer, Charles Ebel, Charles Eiszler, Maureen Eke, Donna Ericksen, Joe Finck, Bryan Gibson, David Gillingham,
Alison Grodzinski, Dale Gust, James Hageman, Joyce Henricks, William Hood, Joan Hornak, Bob Howell, Amy
Keith, Pat Kelly, Robert Kohrman, Stephen Kopp, Lindsay Lawes, Robert Lee, Helen Leemaster, Mark Lehman,
Bin Li, David Lopez, Sue Ann Martin, Jane Matty, William Merrill, Robert Miller, Mark Minelli, Charles Minyard,
Thomas Moore, Robert Newby, Wayne Osborn, John Palen, Keith Palka, Don Peddie, Bryan Gibson, Rose Prasad,
Michael Rao, Bruce Roscoe, Steven Russell, John Schleede, James Scott, Mary Senter, Jungsywan Sepanski, Gary
Shapiro, Lal Singh, Andrew Spencer, Susan Steffel, Shawn Teichmer, Mamie Thorns, Brandon Wulf, Basil Zimmer

                                         CMU ACADEMIC SENATE
                                              April 9, 2002
                                            Minutes of Meeting
                                          Wayne Osborn, Presiding

                                              Summary of Actions

1.     Approved the Awarding of Degrees: May 2002 Graduation List.
2.     Elected a faculty member to the Artists Course Committee.
3.     Elected faculty to the Committee on Committees.
4.     Elected a faculty member to serve as the Humanities representative to the General Education
5.     Approved the creation of a BLR 365 Native American Justice Through Law, and its inclusion in the
       University Program Subgroup IV-C.
6.     Discussed and voted to return PES/HSC 243 to the General Education Subcommittee for further
       evaluation and discussion with departments of Psychology, Sociology, and Human Environmental Studies
       and the Women’s Studies program.
7.     Postponed action on the DASH minutes of February 22 and March 22, 2002.
8.     Received the report on the Status of new CEL Distance Delivery courses from Megan Goodwin.
9.     Approved revisions to the Assessment Council Policy.
10.    Approved an Academic Integrity Policy for Off-campus Students.
11.    Received an update on the Learning Initiative from William Low.
12.    Received a brief report on the CMU Mission Statement Update from Mary Senter.

Present: 50 of 65 members

Absent: Kevin Corbett, Charles Ebel, James Hageman, Bob Howell, Amy Keith, Lindsay Lawes, Mark Lehman,
        Robert Miller, Don Peddie, Michael Rao, Steve Russell, John Schleede, James Scott, Gary Shapiro,
        Brandon Wulf

1.      Announcements
        Osborn noted for senators the schedule of senate and senate executive board meetings for the coming fall
        semester. He announced that a senate meeting will be held Tuesday, April 30, at 4:00 p.m. He asked
        senators to be prepared to vote at that meeting on endorsing the updated Governance Matrix, available at
        the web site http://www.hrs.cmich.edu/govern-matrix-expanded.htm for viewing and downloading.
CMU Academic Senate Minutes
April 9, 2002
Page 2

2.     Approval of Minutes, Academic Senate Meeting, March 26, 2002
       Prasad moved and Gust seconded approval of the minutes, as distributed, for the Academic Senate meeting
       of March 26, 2002. Motion passed on voice vote.

3.     Approval of Awarding of Degrees: May 2002 Graduation List
       Osborn announced that the list of graduates scheduled to participate in the May 2002 commencement is
       available at the Senate office. Singh moved and Hornak seconded approval of awarding degrees for the list
       of graduates. Motion passed on voice vote.

4.     Elections
       A.     Committee on Committees Minutes, March 14, 2002, II.A
              It was moved by Palka and seconded by Finck to cast a unanimous ballot for Sandra Morgan (PSY)
              as faculty representative on the Artists Course Committee. Motion passed on voice vote.

       B.    Nominating Committee: Committee on Committees
             It was moved by Eisler and seconded by Finck to cast a unanimous ballot for the unopposed
             positions for membership on the Committee on Committees. Motion passed on voice vote. Ballots
             were cast to select the representative from the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow College of Health
             Professions. Elected were:

             Richard Clemmer (ECO)        8/05     BA
             Rich Parr (HSC)              8/05     HP
             Twinet Parmer (CSE)          8/05     EHS

       C.    General Education Subcommittee
             Scott Gunther (FLLC) was nominated to represent Humanities on the General Education
             Subcommittee. It was moved by Singh and seconded by Palka to cast a unanimous ballot for this
             unopposed position. Motion passed by voice vote. Osborn asked senators to seek persons from their
             respective colleges to run for this committee and to be prepared to nominate those individuals at the
             next senate meeting.

5.     Curricular Items
       A.    Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, 3/20/02, I.A.
             Ericksen moved and Newby seconded the proposed creation of BLR 365 Native American Justice
             Through Law as a University Program Subgroup IV-C course. Newby asked whether a temporary
             faculty member might be teaching this course. Prasad responded that there was no intention to have
             temporary faculty teach this course. The voice vote on this motion was too close to call and a vote
             was then taken by secret ballot. Motion approved by 22 in favor, 17 opposed and one blank ballot.

             Bulletin Copy:

             BLR 365 Native American Justice Through Law 3(3-0)
             Examines the legal and historical foundations and current application of the law with respect to the
             Native American’s struggle for recognition and autonomy. (Group IV-C).
             Prerequisites: 56 semester hours

       B.    Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, 3/20/02, I.B and C.
             It was moved by Gibson and seconded by Dinse that the decision to create the course PES 243
             Sexual Aggression in American Society, (item I.B.) be referred back to the General Education
             Subcommittee for further evaluation and that General Education Subcommittee should solicit input
             regarding the proposed course from the departments of Psychology, Sociology, and Human
             Environmental Studies and the Women’s Studies Program. Some senators expressed concern that a
             course dealing with the subject of sexual aggression in American society might be offered by the
             departments of Health Sciences and Physical Education and Sport without first having input from
             departments that traditionally deal with psychology, social sciences, women’s studies, and human
CMU Academic Senate Minutes
April 9, 2002
Page 3

             sexuality. Dunbar expressed concern about some University Program courses being too specific or
             too narrow in focus, and that this trend may have an adverse effect on the University Program as a

             It was moved by Eiszler and seconded by Singh to amend the motion to include item I.C. along with
             item I.B. as these two courses (PES 243 and HSC 243) are the same course. Motion to amend
             passed by voice vote. The voice vote on the main motion by Gibson and Dinse was too close to call.
             The vote was then taken by secret ballot. Motion passed 23 in favor and 19 opposed.

       C.    DASH Minutes, March 22, 2002, II.
             DASH Minutes, February 22, 2002, I.

             It was moved by Senter and seconded by Steffel to approve the DASH recommendation of March 22
             (item II, recommendation 1 of the summary document "Senate Executive Board Comments on the
             Recommendations of the DASH Committee"). Osborn reported he had received letters asking that
             action be postponed from Physical Education and Sport Department (both their senator and chair
             were at a national convention) and the FYE 101 coordinator (the new First Year Experience
             committee has not had the opportunity to provide input). It was then moved by Singh and seconded
             by Kopp to postpone voting on this item for two weeks. Motion passed on voice vote.
             Consequently, action on the other items related to this subject were postponed, as well.

6.     Status of new CEL Distance Delivery courses: Megan Goodwin
       Goodwin gave a brief overview of this item and explained a one-page document included with the senate
       packet summarizing the status of courses needing approval for distance delivery. Osborn pointed out that
       courses listed on this document must have an on-line delivery addendum developed and approved through
       the curricular process in order to be offered in this alternate format. Osborn asked senators to check the
       document provided by Goodwin for any courses that are offered in their departments, and then to see that
       the necessary curricular requirements are met for those courses.

7.     Policy Revisions
       A. Assessment Council Policy --Catherine Riordan led a discussion of the revisions to the policy
       regarding student learning outcomes assessment. It was moved by Prasad and seconded by Kelly to
       approve the revised policy on Student Learning Outcomes Assessment. There was some discussion about
       the meaning of the language of the first paragraph of this document with some suggestions on how to
       clarify the paragraph. Senter moved and Singh seconded deletion of the second sentence of the first
       paragraph. Motion failed on voice vote. The vote was then taken on the motion to approve the policy.
       Motion passed on voice vote.

       B. Academic Integrity Policy for Off-campus Students--It was moved by Gibson and seconded by
       Minelli to approve the “Policy on Academic Integrity for Off-Campus Students.” Roscoe raised the
       question about whether the document had been reviewed by the university attorney. Bankirer replied that it
       had not. There was then some discussion about this concern. Bankirer assured the senate that she will see
       that the document is reviewed by the attorney, and that if the attorney has any significant concerns about
       the policy she will bring it back to the senate for further discussion and possible revision. Motion passed
       on voice vote.

8.     Administrator’s Report
       Osborn reported that Rao was off-campus and not present to give a report. Davenport announced that
       November 1, 2002, will be the date for the next university-wide raising academic standards workshop, with
       the topic being grading practices. He announced that Thursday and Friday of this week there is a state-
       wide equity conference at the local casino and asked Thorns to present the details. Davenport also
       announced the official library dedication will be Friday. Several senators then announced other upcoming

9.     Learning Initiative Update
       Bill Low gave a brief update on the university’s learning initiative, addressing each of the six
       recommendations of the Learning Initiative Committee. Major accomplishments included 1) establishment
CMU Academic Senate Minutes
April 9, 2002
Page 4

        of a Student Computer Ownership Policy (all new students are highly encouraged to have their own
        computers and Information Technology is in the process of establishing a discount for group buying); 2)
        completion of technology upgrades in 128 classrooms (60%), with 31 planned for completion this summer;
        3) adoption of a course management system--Blackboard. (There is now a larger server and they are in the
        process of upgrading the software to version 6. Blackboard is now open to CMU faculty campus-wide
        and they are working with CEL to phase out their current management system and move to Blackboard);
        4) access for faculty members to hardware and software. (Microsoft, current operating systems, virus and
        web/email are supported; instructional design and production expertise is available); 5) completion of
        wiring to Northwest apartments last year and upgrade of the network to Ronan, Wightman, North Art
        Studio, Moore and IET. (Plans for the summer include wiring Washington Apartments, Barnes, wireless
        in Grawn, address issue of connectability at Beaver Island, and upgrade Anspach, Powers, IAC, Rose and
        the Music Building.)

        Lee expressed his satisfaction with the help desk staff. Henricks asked about toxicity when disposing of
        computers and what CMU does with outdated computers. Low indicated that there is a trickle-down
        method at CMU; when no longer functional they are sent to salvage where they are sold. Senter expressed
        concern that students are not using the CMU web mail system.

10.     CMU Mission Statement Update
        Senter gave a brief update on this item. She noted that the CMU Mission Statement Update Committee
        made an attempt to shorten the mission statement. The committee also decided to include within the
        document the university’s core values in an abridged form, the university’s goals in a somewhat
        abbreviated fashion, and the institutional priorities. Senter asked that senators take the proposed CMU
        mission statement back to their respective departments for discussion and senators are asked to bring
        departmental comments or suggestions to the April 30, 2002, meeting, at which time the mission statement
        will be voted on. Comments and suggestions can be sent to the academic senate office.

11.     Adjournment
        Meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert D. Lee

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