Environmental Protection Agency

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					           Environmental Protection Agency

                Liutauras Stoškus, Director

              A.Juozapavičiaus str. 9, Vilnius

                   URL: http://aaa.am.lt

03/23/05             Environmental Protection Agency
     The Environmental Protection Agency was established in 1 January,
     - to provide national authorities, international environmental
        bodies and public with reliable information about the state of
        environment and its changes;
     - to ensure the organization of water protection and water
        management in accordance to the river basin district
        management principle;
     - to ensure implementation of the principles of integrated
        prevention and control of pollution from big economic and
        agricultural entities’ as well as Environmental Management
        and Audit systems;
     - to ensure the implementation of the policy of the control of
        chemical substances.
     Number of staff: 124

03/23/05                 Environmental Protection Agency
       Provision of information and assessment
4. Provision of
3. Assessment
and forecast

2. Management of                       Priorities
information                                          Measures

1. Environmental
monitoring, data
and information             info
                       1        4 6          1 8 9 73data

03/23/05           Environmental Protection Agency
5. Authorization of
the use of

4. Integrated
prevention                             Regulations
3. Eco-labeling                             Rules

2. EIA for inland                            Compliance
1. River basin
management               Programmes of measures

03/23/05              Environmental Protection Agency
                                                         I ETR
                                                        DR C O
                        e a n e s n e i sov
                       Lg l a dP r o n l D i i n                             i so f i a c n c o na c
                                                                            D i i no Fn n ea dAc u t n y

       EUY I E T R
      D P T DR C O                                                                                      EUY I E T R
                                                                                                       D P T DR C O

 ane a c
Mi t n n e    ai   aae et
             BsnMn g mn                  r
                                       A Qai y
                                        i u lt           o i oi g n
                                                        Mnt rn a d              n i o mna
                                                                              E vr n e t l         h m l u sa c s
                                                                                                  Ce i a S b t n e
                                                                                                      c               aa a a e e t
                                                                                                                     Dt Mn g mn
 D ii n
  i so         Dp r mn
                 e at e t              Mn g mn
                                        aae et           I f r ai n
                                                          nomt o             e e r h e at e t
                                                                            Rs a c Dp r mn           Dp r mn
                                                                                                      e at e t           i so
                                                                                                                        D ii n
                                        e at e t
                                       Dp r mn             e at e t
                                                         Dp r mn
                                                          n i o mna
                                                         E vr n e t l
                                         i u lt
                                        A Qai y
                                                         Mnt rn a d
                                                           o i oi g n          eh d l g
                                                                              Mt o oo y                nomt o
                                                                                                      I f r ai n
                                     s e s e t i so
                                    As s mn D i i n
              ai   aae et
             BsnMn g mn                               Rs a c C odn t o
                                                       e e r h o r i ai n        v
                                                                                i so
                                                                               D ii n                    i so
                                                                                                       D ii n
                  i so
                 D ii n                                       i so
                                                            D ii n
                                    at r i g r u
                                   P t e nn Go p
                                                       nomt o y t m
                                                      I f r ai nS se s           c
                                                                             h m l n l ss
                                                                            C e i a Aay i           is s es e t
                                                                                                   R kAs s mn
                n i o mna
               E vr n e t l              At mt c
                                           uo ai             i so
                                                           D ii n                 v
                                                                                 i so
                                                                               D ii n                 D ii n
                                                                                                       i so
              ma t s e s e t
             I p c As s mn               e s r mn
                                       Ma ue e t
                   i so
                 D ii n                y t m i so
                                      S se sD i i n
                                                                              y r boo y n
                                                                             Hdo i l g a d
                                     i u lt r u
                                    A Qai yGo p
                                      r                                                                 ol t o
                                                                                                      P l ui n
                                                                               c t xc l g
                                                                              Eoo i oo y
                                                                                                   r v ni n i so
                                                                                                  Pe e t o D i i n
                                      R DSGo p
                                       AI ru                                       v
                                                                                  i so
                                                                                D ii n

                                                                                ai l g
                                                                               Rdoo y
                                                                                i so
                                                                               D ii n

                                                                                x e ii n
                                                                               E p dt o
                                                                                 i so
                                                                               D ii n

 03/23/05                                     Environmental Protection Agency
                 Collaboration with JRC

     At the moment 2 our employees are seconded as
       national experts to JRC;
     Interests of collaboration in:
     • REACH implementation projects, especially risk
       assessment field;
     • Water quality assessment (inter-calibration, water
       bodies' qualification system development) field;
     • Developing of Environmental Information system field
       (considering SEEIS, INSPIRE and GMES initiatives).
     Information and expierence exchange in the fields
        mentioned above;
03/23/05                Environmental Protection Agency