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					Corporate Profile

Bank Sarasin & Co

Total assets under management (at 31 December 2007)                                                                                    $73.3bn
Total assets under management for responsible investment products (at 31 December 2007)                                                 $7.1bn

 Corporate                                     Founded in 1841, Bank Sarasin is today one of Switzerland’s leading private banking institu-
                                               tions. Its sustainable success is based on trust, confidentiality, expertise and dedication.

                                               Bank Sarasin’s core activities include investment advisory and asset management services for
                                               private and institutional clients, as well as an investment funds business. Its complementary
                                               services extend to corporate finance and financial analysis. The Sarasin Group – headquar-
                                               tered in Basel, Switzerland – employs over 1,100 staff. In addition to its headquarters in Basel,
                                               the bank has offices in Zurich, Geneva and Lugano in Switzerland.
                                                  Internationally, the Sarasin Group has offices in Dubai, Guernsey, Hong Kong, London, Lux-
                                               embourg, Munich, Frankfurt, Paris and Singapore. Bank Sarasin is a limited company. Its shares
                                               are listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange, SWX. Its majority shareholder, Rabobank, is the only
                                               bank in the world without a state guarantee to enjoy a triple-A rating. Rabobank is one of the
                                               world’s top 20 financial institutions, measured by core capital.

Investment approach and asset breakdown
 Type of asset manager:                              Responsible investment approaches and            Focused approach – types:
                                                     % invested using these approaches:
 ❍            Multi service asset manager                                                             ❍         Carbon trading
 ❍            Hedge fund specialist                  100       Negative screening                     ❍         Clean energy
 ❍            Private equity specialist              ❍         Weighted screening                     ❍         Clean technology
 ❍            Real estate specialist                 46        Engaged approach                       ❍         Climate change
 ❍            Timber and forestry specialist         100       Integrated approach                    ❍         Infrastructure
 ❍            Investment bank                        32        Focused assets approach                ❍         Real estate
 ❍            Private bank                           ❍         Other RI approaches                    ❍         Timber and forestry
 ❍            Insurance company                      ❍         Do not invest or offer any             ❍         Waste
 ❍            Other                                            products using any form of RI          ❍         Water
                                                               approach                               ❍         Others ________________

 % of total AUM in RI products:                     % breakdown of RI asset type:                     % breakdown of RI AUM managed for
                                                                                                      institutional clients based in:
 20                                                 100                                               100
         9.6% As at 31 Dec 2007                              75%     Public listed equities                    99%     Europe
                                                             22%     Fixed income                      80
                                                                                                               0%      North America
 15                                                          0%      Real estate/infrastructure                0%      South America
                                                             0%      Timber and forestry               60
                                                                                                               0%      Australia/New Zealand
 10                                                          3%      Private equity                            1%      Asia
                                                     40      0%      Hedge funds                       40      0%      Middle East/Africa
                                                             0%      Other
                                                     20                                                20
               Predicted at 31 Dec 2010
               15%                                    0                                                 0

 % of RI AUM managed on:                            % of RI AUM managed for:                          % breakdown in RI mandate type:
 100                                                100
             78%   On a direct basis                         57%     For institutional clients        100
                                                                                                               45%    Segregated mandates
             22%   On an advisory basis                      43%     For retail clients                        10%    Institut’l pooled funds
                                                     80                                                80
                                                                                                               45%    Retail pooled funds
  60                                                 60                                                60
                                                                                                               0%     Other

  40                                                 40                                                40

  20                                                 20                                                20

     0                                                0                                                 0

RI products overview                                                       RI investment principles and strategy
Bank Sarasin has a reputation as a trendsetter in sustainable invest-      At Bank Sarasin, we understand sustainable development to mean the
ment. In 1994 it launched the world’s first investment fund to be          provision of goods and services in a socially responsible way, using
based on an eco-efficiency concept. Today the bank offers a broad          production methods with the lowest possible social and environmen-
range of sustainable products to cater for all investors’ needs.           tal impacts. True to this approach, we invest in companies that avoid
   Just as adopting sustainable business practices enables companies       environmental and social risks and exploit available opportunities.
to reduce risks and maximise opportunities, applying this approach            We have developed a unique approach for assessing the sustain-
to investment allows you to optimise your risk/reward profile and          ability rating of companies. First, we examine individual industries to
achieve attractive investment returns with a lower risk exposure.          identify the opportunities and risks they present to the environment
   Investors primarily interested in reducing their portfolio risk can     and to society. In the next stage we assess how the individual com-
choose from global equity and bond funds, or a mixture of the two          panies deal with the opportunities and risks associated with their
(“balanced” portfolio). These products allow the entire portfolio to       particular industry. The more exposed an industry is to environ-
be built on sustainable investment criteria.                               mental and social risks, the stricter the criteria we apply in deciding
   Customers who are keen to exploit the available opportunities           whether they qualify for investment.
to produce attractive returns through sustainability can also select          Experience since 1989 has shown that sustainable asset man-
from a number of specific investment themes such as energy, health,        agement requires an integrative approach. Only in this way can
water or sustainable mobility. Here too, Bank Sarasin offers attractive    environmental and social information, combined with classic
solutions which are particularly suitable as a complement to existing      financial analysis techniques, make an effective contribution towards
portfolios.                                                                reducing portfolio risks and exploiting investment opportunities.
   Aside from its well-established range of collective investments,        Our Sustainable Investment team of 27 staff has a multidisciplinary
Sarasin also offers customised portfolio management mandates and           background and includes nine sustainability analysts and nine
a range of advisory services for institutional investors.                  portfolio managers.

Policy and engagement                                                                                 Contact
Firm has explicit policy statement                  Membership of responsible invest-
                                                                                                      Andreas Knoerzer
regarding responsible investment in                 ment-focused associations, member-
environmental, social and governance                ship-based organisations, pressure                Head
issues:                                             groups, relevant trade bodies:                    Sarasin Sustainable Investment
                                                                                                      Tel: +41 61 277 74 77
❍         Yes                                       UN Principles for Responsible Investment          Email:
❍         No                                        UN Environment Programme Finance
Published in annual report, sustainability          Initiatives
report and at              Forum NG/Eurosif
iech/en/index_iech/about_us_iech/about_             London Accord

Firm audits internal operations in                  Firm has active policy of voting its
terms of ESG issues:                                shares:

❍          Yes                                      ❍          Yes
❍          No                                       ❍          No

This information is made available to               This is done:
                                                    ❍          For domestic shares
❍          Yes                                      ❍          For international shares
❍          No                                       ❍          In house
                                                    ❍          By third-party specialist
Fund managers receive training in RI                           service providers

❍          Yes
❍          No


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