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					                     INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS                         (SINGAPORE)
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                      Effective Presentation Skills for Managers

                            One day workshop: 30 Oct, 2008, 9am to 5pm

                - Clearly state the outcome of your presentation to produce the
                   result you want.
                - Recognize and analyse the preferred communication style of
                   your target audience
                - Construct an opening, body and closing that engage your
                - Structure a presentation that keeps your audience engaged
                - Practice presentation with constructive feedback
                - Obtain ten effective ways to open a presentation
                - Obtain five effective ways to close a presentation

          Understanding your audience                            Practice presentation
          Planning and organising your                           Effective usage of visual aids
            presentation                                          Closing
          Effective presentation delivery
Who Should Attend:

This short course is designed for manager, business operators and top executives who wish to learn the
practical skills of developing presentation skills for their audience.

This course is scheduled on 30 Oct, 2008, 9am to 5pm
 After attending this course, you can achieve:
 - Control overall presentation
 - Deliver your message clearly to your audience
 - Improve your presentation skill
 - Tips on controlling nervousness, handling questions and maintaining rapport.
 - Visual aids to support and not detract your message

Mr. Khoo Yew Chor (Gary) Author of “To Raise The Titanic – Journey of Business Transformation

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  and Talents Engagement”
  Gary Khoo specialised in assisting people and organizations boost their profitability, human capital
  performance and fulfilment in life through a combination of private coaching, key notes, coaching,
  training and development seminars, workshops, retreats and other initiatives.
  Subject Specialisation:
  Strategic brand management, Channel management, Sales management
  Franchising, Strategic marketing, Service marketing and management
  Change management, Change leadership
  Entrepreneurial spirit

  Feedback from Past Participants
  "Gary has changed my mindset, views and perspectives.
  I have learnt not to jump to MY conclusion because everyone has their own REALITY of the world."
  - Joann Tay, Financial Services Consultant, AIA

  " He helped me DISCOVER myself and encourage me to reach for my full potential. His has help me
  see every individual as a unique person and this understanding help me adjust my communications for
  OPTIMUM results!" - Mr. Gwee Jun Tah, Senior Financial Services Consultant, AIA
  "With the leadership of Mr. Gary Khoo, I began to face all challenges in my sales professional and
  am MASTERING how to handle objections gently yet tactfully. I applied the magic formula Mr. Gary
  Khoo emphasize - plan in mind, prepare in practical and practice in action. I have witnessed his
  excllent business teaching which will always be at the cutting edge!" - Mr. Raymond Balasegaran,
  Country Manager, SP Jain Center of Management.
  Course Fee
     Individual Module: S$380.00 (inclusive of course materials, refreshments)
     Group discount of 10% for 3 or more participants from the same organization.
     Fees paid are non-refundable

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