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					               ESAR A1 Account: Broker

I.    Description

      The Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) Secure Data Portal account
      functionality has been available to brokers since 2004. With the August 2007
      implementation of Entry Summary, Accounts, and Revenue (ESAR) A1, brokers
      will see both enhancements and expansions to their existing account
      functionality. This expanded functionality will allow brokers to have access to
      more reference information within their account, and to increase the amount of
      account information they are able to provide in order to comply with their 19 CFR
      111 reporting responsibilities.

II.   Functionality

      Using the ACE Portal, brokers will have the ability to view, sort, and print account
      lists by name and number and access an expanded number of reference files,
      including expanded Harmonized Tariff Schedule views, port and country codes,
      currency and gold conversion information.

      Brokers will also be able to update their organization, license, and permit
      information. This expanded capability will allow brokers to satisfy the reporting
      requirements set forth in 19 CFR 111.

      A broker, Trade Account Owner (TAO) only, may also view any related blanket
      licenses, permits, and certificates (LPCs) posted by participating government
      agencies (PGAs) on goods that they routinely process. To date, the following
      PGAs that have a potential impact on importers have expressed an interest in
      participating in the LPC functionality:

         •   Agricultural Marketing Service
         •   Food Safety Inspection Service
         •   National Highway Safety Transportation Administration
         •   Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
         •   Office of Foreign Assets Control
         •   Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives
         •   Alcohol, Tobacco Tax, and Trade Bureau

      Brokers will now also be able to initiate a CBP Form 5106 (Importer ID Input
      Record), on behalf of a new importer. They will also be able to update the CBP
      Form 5106 data for importers who file using single entry bonds.

                ESAR A1 Account: Broker

       Brokers who have been afforded cross account access by their ACE portal
       account clients will be able to view the respective account information of each
       client, with a single sign-on and password. Information on cross account access
       will be the subject of a subsequent information notice.

       Brokers will continue to have the capability to run reports through the ACE
       Secure Data Portal. Users will find that running reports and extracting their
       Customs data from ACE is easier because the reports are now more
       customizable. This is due to recent enhancements of the reporting tool. With the
       implementation of A1, ACE accounts will also have the ability to schedule large
       bulk data download reports that can be tailored to meet their business needs.

       Broker accounts will also have access to the following new reports with A1:
       AM 5098 – Broker’s Local and National Permits on an Annual Basis
       AM 5278 – Broker Employee List
       AM 5288 – Filer Code
       AM 5288 – Filer POCs
       AM 5289 – Open Broker Permit
       AM 5294 – List of Permit User Fees by Port Broker

III.   Benefits to Brokers

       By establishing an ACE portal account, a broker will be able to view and update
       any information that is maintained in the account. Brokers will have access to a
       Business Activity Log (BAL), allowing them to communicate with or respond to
       CBP on compliance and operational issues. A broker may also use the BAL to
       attach scanned or electronic information to the account, as deemed appropriate
       by CBP or theTAO, and track any compliance issues using the Action Plan.
       Finally, brokers can view the expanded reference data on-line to minimize cross
       referencing the same information in other automated or manual files.

       The expanded broker functionality will allow brokers to satisfy their individual or
       organizational reporting requirements as set forth in 19 CFR 111. These
       additional capabilities include: the ability to report changes to organizational,
       employee, qualifier, and permit information; the ability to report changes to the
       broker’s name; and an automated means to comply with the broker’s next
       triennial report (due in February 2009).

       Access to LPC information will permit a broker to verify that the correct
       information is part of the entry or entry summary package, as appropriate. In the
       case where the broker is also the filer, the broker will be able to use the Portal to
       create and update (for single entry bond filers only) Importer ID information.
               ESAR A1 Account: Broker
      All portal accounts will be able to access important information regarding any
      ACE updates via their “News” view Additional benefits to brokers include: 1) the
      ability to track who made changes in account information, and 2) the ability to
      establish quick links with frequently used web-sites without exiting their account

IV.   How Do I Become an Account?

      A revised ACE Application and instructions will be posted on in the
      ACE: Modernization Information Systems section in the near future. Brokers
      desiring to become an ACE Portal Account will be required to complete the ACE
      Application, as they currently do.

      Once the request to become an account is received and approved by CBP, the
      account will be created in ACE. The broker will be subsequently contacted with
      information on how to access and update the account information.

V.    Additional Information

       As of July 31, 2007, interested trade members are able to take an introductory
      Web-Based Training (WBT) Course on ESAR A1 functionality. The course,
      “Enhanced ACE Accounts and Master Data,” is highly recommended for anyone
      interested in understanding the new functionality.

      The link to the training is posted on Modernization Information
      Systems or you can access it directly through the Internet by entering URL: The user name is user01 and the
      password is 1Password. Please note that both the user name and password are
      case sensitive.