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									           RDPE Leader OM Form 24

           RDPE Leader OM 24
           Claim Authorisation Checklist
Project Number [RDA]:                            Project Number [LAG]

Project Name:

SBI [RPA]:                                       Payee Site Number [RPA]:                       Claim Ref number:

Vendor Customer Name [RPA]:

Date received:                             Payment due date:                          Acknowledgement date:

[The payment due date will be extended where the Accountable Body has to return the claim form or seek further supporting documents from the

  The checks listed below have been assembled to assist in the verification of a claim for RDPE funding and to minimise the chance
  of error and overpayment. Where the answer to any of the given questions below is contrary to that expected, please note in the
  Comments Section what the problem is and the action taken to rectify the situation.

       Initial Checks                                                                                                                  Yes or No

  1    Has an incorrect form or correction fluid been used?                                                                            Yes / No
       If YES to either, reject grant claim form and request replacement.
  2    Has all the expected supporting documentation been received? [Includes progress report; invoices; accountant                    Yes / No
       /auditor report.]
       If NO, do not proceed with process until all documentation has been received.
  3    Does the person signing grant claim form have the relevant authority to do so?                                                  Yes / No
       If NO, consider action required and return claim form for correct signature, as appropriate.
Once checks 1 – 3 have been satisfactorily completed the claim must be logged, receipt date and payment due date
assigned and an acknowledgement letter issued.
       Recommending/Certifying Checks                                                                                                  Yes or No

  4    Is a Compliance Monitoring inspection, or other monitoring visit required?                                                      Yes / No
       If YES, do not proceed with payment until visit and all necessary resulting actions are completed.
 Date of inspection/visit:                Date inspection report received:                Was the inspection result satisfactory? : Yes / No

 Have all of the actions identified from the inspection necessary for making payment been completed? : Yes / No [Please note comments box]

  5    Progress Report and other relevant documents –                                                                                  Yes / No
              As measured against the project plan and Offer Letter, is progress satisfactory?
       If NO, take necessary action to resolve before considering payment.
  6    The Claim and Invoices –
           The claim is arithmetically correct and does not include items previously paid for or passed for payment.                   Yes / No

           Are the items listed eligible for funding under the scheme eligibility criteria and approved by the Offer Letter?           Yes / No

           Are all the invoices present and receipted or an accountants report completed in lieu of receipted invoices?                Yes / No

           Does each invoice name an end recipient appropriate to the project?                                                         Yes / No

           Is the amount claimed for each item the net cost? [i.e. it excludes interest charges, VAT, etc.]                            Yes / No

           If VAT is included, has a completed VAT Declaration form been received?                                                     Yes / No
       If the answer is NO to any of the questions in this section, ensure appropriate action is taken before payment.
  7    Is this the FINAL CLAIM?                                                                                                        Yes / No
       If NO –
               Would this claim take the total grant paid past the 95% maximum payment threshold for interim claims?                   Yes / No
               If YES, reduce claim to meet the requirement.
               NOTE: we now only retain a minimum of 5% for final claims.
       If YES –
               (i) Has the final progress report been received? If NO, do not proceed with payment until received.                     Yes / No

           OM24 Claim Authorisation Checklist.doc                        1                                        Created on 07/08/08
         RDPE Leader OM Form 24

              (ii) If the total grant funding for the project exceeds £200k, has an audit report from an independent           Yes / No
              accountant been received?                          If NO, do not proceed with payment until received.

              (iii) Is the total grant funding claimed for the project in excess of that agreed in the Offer Letter?           Yes / No
              If YES, do not proceed with payment of claim until excess claim resolved.

              (iv) Has the project been visited at least once prior to this claim? ……..If NO, undertake an inspection          Yes / No
              before proceeding to process this claim.

 8    Irregularities –
            Have any irregularities been discovered relating to the processing of this claim?                                  Yes / No
      If YES -
            Has It been recorded it on the irregularity spreadsheet ? If NO, record on the irregularity spreadsheet and         Done
            circle Done when completed.

              Has an overpayment been discovered?           If YES, ensure an ARMIR form is completed and dispatched.          Yes / No

              Does the irregularity exceed 10,000 Euros (approx £7,000)?                                                       Yes / No

              If YES, complete and dispatch form FMMD53. Save a copy in the file and circle Done when completed.                Done

              FMMD53 checked and dispatched.                                                                                   Yes / No

 9    The Payment –
      As a result of the above checks/actions has a penalty been imposed or adjustment made that alters the payment            Yes / No
      due from that originally claimed? If YES, please ensure the details of this are noted in the Comments Section.
10    Payment Calculation:                                     Payment due to claimant:

      Total Expenditure: £                                                      [Total Eligible Expenditure multiplied by
                                                                                       Approved % Rate of Grant]
      Total Eligible Expenditure: £

      Approved Rate of Grant:                                             [                    /100] x         =£                   .

      eligible expenditure @              %=£                             [                    /100] x         =£                   .

      eligible expenditure @              %=£                             [                    /100] x         =£                   .

      eligible expenditure @              %=£                       Total payment due = £

Total of grant offered:
Total of grant claimed to date:
Grant remaining:

RDPE Oregon Measure                                            PAYMENT BY MEASURE
                                                               Total Amount         Exchequer            EAFRD
Description                               Code                                                                          Modulation
                                                               (£)                  [EXQ] (£)            [EGF] (£)
                                                                                                                        (VM) (£)

Certification checks completed and grant claim certified as eligible for payment by

Signature                                   Name (block letters)                      Job Title                         Date

Payment Authorisation
NB – The person authorising the claim must not be the same person who completed the certification checks

I agree that the amount shown in section 10 above is correct and is due for payment to the claimant within the terms
and conditions of the Offer Letter, and confirm the following –

         OM24 Claim Authorisation Checklist.doc                       2                                       Created on 07/08/08
        RDPE Leader OM Form 24
       a.   the amount payable is within my delegated authority;
       b.   sufficient budget is available to make this payment;
       c.   the recommending/certifying checks have been carried out fully and all issues and queries requiring resolution
            prior to payment being made have been resolved satisfactorily;
       d.   no other grants or contributions have been paid towards the expenditure listed in this claim;
       e.   documentary evidence is available to support the payment of this claim.

Authorised for payment by               Name (block letters)                 Job Title                         Date


        OUTPUTS                                                                               Number/Amount
        Number of FTE jobs created
        Number of businesses assisted to improve their performance
        Private leverage - other


        Inspection carried out?                                                                   Yes / No
        Date of inspection (Enter Date)
        Record date of inspection and outcome on appropriate database/spreadsheet –
        circle done when completed.

        OM24 Claim Authorisation Checklist.doc                 3                                   Created on 07/08/08
     RDPE Leader OM Form 24

Comments Section: [Include a brief note on all issues, queries and actions arising from this claim, including
reasons why the grant payment has been reduced if appropriate]

     OM24 Claim Authorisation Checklist.doc               4                                 Created on 07/08/08

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