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Press release- Poor Mans Friend


Press release- Poor Mans Friend

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02 April 2006

                               18TH CENTURY REMEDY
The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain’s Museum has lent material to Bridport
Museum in Dorset to help them celebrate the connection between the town and the well-
known 18th century medicine, Poor Man’s Friend ointment.

Poor Man’s Friend was developed by Dr Giles Roberts in Bridport in the 1790s. It was sold
around the world as a treatment for aches and pains for over 200 years and was advertised

as a miracle cure for "headache, bruises, gout, etc."

The Society has lent three examples of the ointment pots in which the medication was sold
and also a later packet of his ‘Alternative Pills’.

Briony Hudson, Keeper of the Museum Collections, said: “We are always really pleased when
items from our collection are relevant for loan to regional museums. Not only does this
reinforce the Society’s Museum’s position as a national resource to be drawn upon, but it also
means that many more people get to see objects from our collection.”

       For further information please contact the public relations unit of the Royal
                 Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain on 020 7572 2335/6

                                                                               More follows…/
Notes to editors
   •   Bridport Museum is located at:
   South Street, Bridport, Dorset, DT6 3NR
   Tel: 01308 422116
   Open : April to October, Monday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm (closed November to March)

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