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									   Credit Union League of Hong Kong MasterCard/VISA Application Form
Simply complete this application form, together with copies of document proof:
(i) Return to any Dah Sing Bank branch; or (ii) Mail to Dah Sing Bank Ltd., Credit Card Center, GPO Box 333, Hong Kong;
Applicants should be permanent residents of Hong Kong, aged 18 or above. Applicants of multiple cards will have one approved credit limit which is to be shared among all credit cards.

                                     CARD TYPE                                                            SUPPLEMENTARY CARD (Applicants should be 18 years old or above.)
    MasterCard (013)                             Gold MasterCard (033)                              English Name as printed on HK I/D Card (Mr./Mrs./Miss)
    Visa (063)                                   Visa Gold (083)
  Name of Credit Union                                                                              Chinese Name                                   Date of Birth (DDMMYY)
                                                                Bank Use Only
                         PERSONAL INFORMATION                                                       HKID Card / Passport No.                       Relationship with Applicant
  English Name as printed on HK I/D Card (Mr./Mrs./Miss)
                                                                                                    Home Tel. No.                                  Office Tel. No.
  Chinese Name                                Date of Birth (DDMMYY)
                                                                                                                                  BALANCE TRANSFER
  HKID Card / Passport No.                    Nationality                                           To apply Balance Transfer, please complete the following fields and attach the latest
                                                                                                    relevant credit card statement :
  Marital Status : Single     Married    Divorced                                                      Please arrange settlement of the outstanding balance of my credit card account(s)
                                                                                                    listed below and transfer the amount to my newly-open Dah Sing Credit Card account.
  No. of Dependents
                                                                                                    Credit Card Issuing Bank of which Balance is to be Transferred:
  Education Level:    Post Secondary or Above    Secondary
                      Primary                    Others
  Home Address                                                                                      Credit Card Account No. of which Balance is to be Transferred:

  Years There                    Home Tel. No.
                                                                                                    Amount to be Settled and Transferred:
  Residence:            Quarters          Live with parents / Relatives                             Important: The amount to be transferred should be at least HK$3,000 and should not
                        Self-owned        Rented         Mortgaged                                  exceed 90% of the approved credit limit of your Dah Sing Credit Card. The approval
  Mortgage Instalment / Rent Per Month: HK$                                                         process of Dah Sing Credit Card and “Balance Transfer” Application requires 4 weeks
  Please send Card (s) and Statement (s) to my                                                      from receipt of request. The Bank will inform you the result by mail, please continue
    Home Address            Office Address (P.O. Box NOT accepted)                                  to make payment to the designated credit card issuing company until you receive
  E-mail address                                                                                    confirmation that your balance transfer is approved & completed. The Bank will not
                                                                                                    be held liable for any overdue payment or interest incurred. When your application is
                              YOUR OCCUPATION                                                       approved, the Bank will pay for your credit card payment of the above mentioned
  If you are self-employed, please fill in Business Registration (BR) No. and attach a              account and the outstanding will be subsequently charged to your newly opened Dah
  copy of the BR certificate :                                                                      Sing Credit Card account (The balance transfer transaction will not be entitled to
  Employer's Name                                                  Years There                      “Instant Cash Reward” Benefit). At the same time, you will be subject to the terms
                                                                                                    and conditions and the loan / repayment conditions (including all interest incurred and
  Business Address                                                                                  related charges) of the “Balance Transfer Program” as announced by the Bank on the
                                                                                                    date of application. Such terms and conditions will be sent to you by the Bank. BT000
  Office Tel. No                              Mobile Phone / Pager No.                                                              ATM FACILITIES
                                                                                                    I wish to have ATM facilities on my Credit Card(s) for my Dah Sing Bank Account(s)
  Position                                    Nature of Business                                    listed below where I am the sole signatory of the account(s).
                                                                                                                                      Principal Card            Supplementary Card
  Basic Monthly Income                        Other Income Source & Amount HK$
  HK$                                                                                               ATM screen instruction              English                      English
                                                                                                                                        Chinese                      Chinese
                   YOUR BANK AND CREDIT REFERENCE                                                   HK$ Current A/C No.
  No. of Credit Card(s) on hand ______________________________
  Total outstanding balance of Credit Card(s) on hand ____________                                  HK$ Savings A/C No.
                       Name of Bank                      Credit Limit HK$
                                                                                                                                REQUIRED DOCUMENTS
  Credit Card
                                                                                                     Note: To ensure prompt processing of your application, please check if copies of the
                                                                                                     following documents are enclosed and put a tick in the appropriate box(es).
  Tax Loan                     Yes                            No
                                                                                                         Your HK ID Card/Passport and that of any Supplementary Card Applicant(s)
  Overdraft A/C                Yes                            No
                                                                                                         Your latest income / profit tax demand note / last three months' bank statements
  Personal Loan                Yes                            No                                         Your latest residential proof e.g. electricity bill or bank statement
                                                                                                          Your latest relevant credit card statement if you apply Balance Transfer
  Total outstanding balance of Tax Loan / Personal Loan / Overdraft /                               Documents supplied (including this application form) are not returnable.
  Other lending facilities ___________________________________
  To take advantage of the OPTIONAL Payment Protection Insurance Plan, please place a
  tick " " in the box below.:
     Yes, please enroll me in this over HK$100,000 Payment Protection Insurance Plan. I
  understand that this plan will pay for my outstanding balance or the minimum repayment
  amount (up to 12 months) if I were died or lost my working ability accidentally. And the
  monthly fee for the plan will be calculated according to the outstanding balance of the
  monthly statement. The monthly premium of this insurance plan is HK$0.5 per HK$100
  of the monthly statement balance. I understand that the coverage under this plan will not
  be effective until my Credit Card application is approved and the premium is charged to
  my account. But, pre-existing conditions are excluded.

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I/We confirm that the above information and documents submitted are true and complete and authorize Dah Sing Bank (the "Bank") to verify this from any source the Bank may choose.
I/We agree to authorize the Bank to pass details of my/ our personal data to or obtain the same from any credit reference agencies or other financial institutions at the discretion of the Bank
for credit assessment. I/ We understand that it is necessary for me/us to supply the data requested above to the Bank in order for the Bank to process my/our application. My/Our failure in
providing any of the above data to the Bank may result in this Application being rejected. I/We may always contact the Credit Card Customer Service Department of the Bank to gain access
to and request correction or amendment of the above data while the Bank reserves the right to charge me/us handling fee. I/We agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of Dah Sing
Credit Card Cardholder Agreement, a copy of which will be sent to me/us with the Card(s) upon approval of this application. I/We agree that the Bank reserves the right to request other
supporting documents from me/ us and reject my/our application without giving reason. I/We also understand that the Bank / or Octopus Cards Limited may use my/our personal and account
information and records for the purpose of providing or promoting services or other products made available by the Bank or other organisations. I/We can request the Bank’s Credit Card
Centre and / or Octopus Cards Limited without charges to stop mailing or sending information on that product and service to me/ us in writing. I/ We understand and agree that the Bank
reserves the right to revise the offers and charges of the Card according to the market situation. I/ We declare that no credit card or loan under my/ our name(s) issued by any financial
institutions has been cancelled due to default in payment, and there is no current overdue payment exceeding 10 days in respect of my loan indebtedness (including credit card and any loans)
with other financial institutions. I/ We further declare that no bankruptcy order has ever been made against me/ us and I/ we am/ are not in process of petitioning for bankruptcy nor have any
intention so to do.
Signature of Principal Card Applicant                                                           Signature of Supplementary Card Applicant

X                                                                                              X
Remarks: The signature which appears on this application form must be the same as that on your Dah Sing Bank personal account(s) if ATM facilities have been requested.

Bank Use         BR            AP            CL           SIG1          CS            RE            CA            SIG2          SV            CX            EA            EXP            FCM
Only                                                                                                                                                                                    (WDO)

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