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									                System Member: Texas A&M University System Health Science Center

                                 PROFESSIONAL AND CONSULTING FEES
                                    For the Year Ended August 31, 2007

                      Please include the name of each person, partnership, corporation, or other
                        business entity receiving such fees, the purpose for which the fees were
                                  paid, and the total amount paid from ALL FUNDS.

                                PROFESSIONAL/CONSULTING FEES

                                                                         Type of Service
                          Name                                             Rendered                    Amount

American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy                      Other Professional Services               200.00
American Radiology Consultants, Pllc                              Medical Services                          416.00
Anatomical State Board of Texas                                   Other Professional Services                49.00
Arb Architects, Inc.                                              Architectural Services                 30,072.45
Baylor Health Enterprises L P                                     Medical Services                        3,861.30
Baylor Medical Plaza Pharmacy                                     Medical Services                        7,645.74
Baylor University Medical Center                                  Medical Services                        2,387.24
Brazos Archives & Security Co Inc                                 Other Professional Services                91.20
Brazos Valley Engineering Inc                                     Architectural/Engineering Services     21,500.00
Brian Camazine                                                    Medical Services                        1,000.00
Carlos W Davis, Jr.                                               Medical Services                        1,000.00
Carl R Young Md                                                   Medical Services                          200.00
Clinical Pathology Laboratories Inc                               Medical Services                          620.75
Concentra Medical Centers                                         Medical Services                           68.00
Dale W Caffey Consulting Engineers Inc                            Engineering Services                    8,000.00
Dallas County Hospital District                                   Medical Services                          746.00
Dallas Emergency Physicians                                       Medical Services                          701.00
Dennis J Factor Mdpa                                              Medical Services                        1,750.00
Easum Engineering                                                 Engineering Services                    3,420.00
Irene Luisa Prather Md                                            Medical Services                          600.00
James R. Ashlock                                                  Other Professional Services             6,000.00
James Robertson Jr                                                Other Professional Services                82.56
James W Simpkins                                                  Consultant Services                     2,000.00
John T Povlishock                                                 Consultant Services                     2,000.00
Kathryn Colenda                                                   Medical Services                        1,893.75
Kirk Anderson                                                     Medical Services                          400.00
Lone Star Mortuary Service                                        Other Professional Services               986.00
Lyle S Thorstenson Md                                             Medical Services                          800.00

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Martin Oaks Crematory                           Other Professional Services                           160.00
Metro Anesthesia Consultants Pa                 Medical Services                                    3,500.00
Michael W Marrs Architects Inc                  Architectural Services                             44,420.53
Norma Mercado                                   Other Professional Services                           317.36
North Texas Infectious Diseases Consultants     Medical Services                                    1,555.00
Nueces County Medical Education Foundation Medical Services                                           975.00
Occupational Health Centers of The Southwest Pa Medical Services                                    2,124.00
Pathologists Bio-Medical Laboratories           Medical Services                                      162.14
Patterson Architects                            Architectural Services                              3,800.00
Quest Diagnostics                               Medical Services                                      532.95
Retina and Vitreous of Texas Research FoundationMedical Services                                   63,315.32
Scott & White                                   Medical Services                                    4,000.00
Seisint Inc                                     Other Professional Services                           300.00
Shannon Rampy                                   Other Professional Services                        16,444.50
Shirley E Wiltrout                              Medical Services                                   23,056.25
Southwest Research Institute                    Other Professional Services                         5,380.00
Specialty Engineering                           Engineering Services                                1,200.00
Texas Anesthesia Group Pa                       Medical Services                                    3,000.00
Texas A&M Research Foundation                   Other Professional Services                     1,641,153.98
The Bard Group Llc                              Consultant Services                                15,913.94

TOTAL PROFESSIONAL/CONSULTING FEES                                                              1,929,801.96

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