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How do Cultures Change


									                       How do Cultures Change?

Cultures change as a result of …

** Technological Changes
-Transportation (automobiles, trains, airplanes)
-Production methods (jobs change, people either gain or lose employment)
-Air conditioning in the South

** New Ideas
New immigrants introducing their culture to an area – cultural diffusion
New technologies like the Internet spreading ideas quickly

** Environmental Changes
-Climatic changes affecting how people live (gets too hot or cold, run out of
water etc.)
-Pollution destroys the environment (can’t grow the same crops etc.)
   Group Activity: Analyze the changing culture of Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake started out as a farming community and stayed that way until only recently.
Now it functions as a suburb of Chicago and has a distinctly different culture than before.
On a separate piece of paper, analyze the culture of Crystal Lake as it was 100 years ago
compared to how it is today, using the following criteria. Then, project what you think
the culture of Crystal Lake will be like 100 years from today, using the same criteria. Be
prepared to present your results and be able to support your ideas!

               100 years ago                 Today                  100 years later

1. Family Patterns

2. Social Classes (many or few, how easily can someone move between them etc.)

3. Languages spoken

4. Rules of Behavior
       (many or few)

5. Religions practiced

6. Governmental system

7. Economic System

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