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					   Wee Eagle Competition Cheerleading Squad Tryouts!!!

The Competition Cheerleading Squad is comprised of a selected group of
4th, 5th and 6th grade girls who compete against other local cheerleading
organizations. Those girls selected for the Competition Squad will practice
two to three times a week and the days they practice are to be determined
at a later date. This squad will be competing in 3 to 6 competitions per
year. Competitions usually start in November and end in March.

The requirements to tryout are as follows:
1. You must bring the attached permission form to the first day of practice.
2. You must cheer for either football or basketball this up coming season.
3. You must attend all 3 practice days, where you will learn jumps, a
   cheer, a chant, and a short dance routine. You will demonstrate your
   gymnastics ability (back handsprings are encouraged but NOT re-
   quired), enthusiasm, continuous smiles and expressions!

MANDATORY TRYOUT CLINICS will be on Monday, May 5th thru
Wednesday, May 7th from 3:30 to 5:00 pm at Bellcreek Intermediate Gym.
The girls will have three days to learn the routines and tryouts will be held
on Thursday, May 8th from 3:30 to approximately 5:00 pm. Parents are to
drop their daughters off everyday and return at 5:00 pm to pick them up.
(Parents are not permitted in the building on Thursday for tryouts). A team
of 10-16 cheerleaders will be selected and given notice on Thursday, May
8th after tryouts.

The approximate cost for the Competition Cheerleading season is $300.
This fee covers registration fee and cheer competition entry fees. It also
covers profession recorded music, choreographer, glitter, hair ribbon,
makeup, newsletters, competition accessories, Hand 2 Hand gym time,
and the banquet at the end of the season. Free rental uniforms are pro-
vided with Competition Cheer bag.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Diane Matteson 862-
9833 or Lisa Pittman 848-7380.
Wee Eagle Cheer Competition Tryout Permission/Liability Form
Cheerleader’s Name:____________________________Grade____________

Phone:____________________ Parent’s Name________________________

Emergency Contact and Phone number:______________________________

1. Is child currently participating in the 2008 Football Cheer Season?
2. If the answer is NO, parent agrees that if the child is selected for Competi-
   tion Squad, parent will register child for the 2008 Basketball Cheer Season.
   Participation as a cheerleader for Football or Basketball season is a manda-
   tory requirement for Competition Squad.
   child to tryout for the Cheer Competition Squad b) Parent agrees to pay the
   up front costs at time of registration for the team c) Parent will ensure child
   is committed to attend and participate at all practices. If more than 3 prac-
   tices are missed, the cheerleader will not complete at the next competition.

Parent signature:______________________________Date:_____________

4. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND SIGN BELOW: Liability– By signing be-
   low, each parent or guardian agrees to assume all risk, responsibility, and
   liability for any and all losses, injuries and/or other damages suffered by any
   cheerleader as a result of participation in this activity promoted by the Bell-
   brook Wee Eagles Organization and its workers and/or the Sugarcreek Park
   Board and/or Sugarcreek Schools. Furthermore, each parent or guardian
   does hereby release and agree to indemnify any member, officer, director,
   coach, employee, or representative in their individual and representative ca-
   pacities, their successors and/or assigns, from all claims and rights of any
   action, for personal injury, property damage or other losses of any kind, re-
   sulting from negligence or failure to act by any of the officers, directors, em-
   ployees, coaches, members or other representatives.

Parent signature:______________________________Date:______________

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