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pre paid debit card by tvault


									WHY IS MY NAVY / MARINE CASH                                            RECURRING PAYMENTS
    ACCOUNT NEGATIVE?                                       • When you used your Navy / Marine Cash card for a
                                                              recurring payment that you pre-authorized to pay a                  KEEP TRACK OF YOUR
       RETURNED ACH TRANSACTION                               bill automatically, e.g., for telephone service or a             NAVY / MARINE CASH BALANCE
                     • When you withdrew money
                                                              health club membership, you forgot to add money to         • The Navy / Marine Cash card
                                                              your strip account to cover the cost of the payment.         is a pre-paid debit card, not a
                       from your bank or credit union
                       account to put on your Navy /        • A recurring payment that exceeds the available bal-          credit card, so the amount of
                       Marine Cash card, the Auto-            ance will be declined, but only if the merchant tries to     money you can spend is lim-
                       mated Clearing House (ACH)             get authorization first.                                     ited by the amount of money
                       transaction Navy / Marine Cash       • If the merchant is “force posting” the transaction           you load onto your card.
                       uses to request those funds may        without getting prior authorization, a recurring pay-      • You are responsible for keeping track of your Navy /
                       have been returned.                    ment that exceeds the available balance will result in       Marine Cash balance. Merchants can’t tell how much
• ACH transactions may be returned if there were non-         a negative balance.                                          money is on your card.
  sufficient funds (NSF) in your account, the account       • Your Navy / Marine Cash card can be used for a recur-
  was closed, the account information was invalid, etc.       ring payments, but it is not recommended.                       CLEAR ANY NEGATIVE BALANCE
         INSUFFICIENT FUNDS IN                                                                                           • If at any time a returned ACH transaction, ATM
 NAVY / MARINE CASH (STRIP) ACCOUNT                                                                                        withdrawal, purchase, or other payment exceeds your
• When you used your Navy / Marine Cash card ashore,                                                                       available balance, your Navy / Marine Cash account
  the amount of the purchase or ATM withdrawal ex-                                                                         will end up with a negative balance.
  ceeded your available balance.                                                                                         • Your negative balance will be reported the next day
• The ATM withdrawal or debit card purchase may                                                                            on the Daily Negative Balance Report.
  have been allowed, rather than being denied, because                                                                   • The Disbursing Officer will notify you to come to the
  the financial network was not available, the merchant                                                                    disbursing office to clear your negative balance.
  did not have online authorization capability, your                     WHAT ARE
  transaction was below the merchant’s floor limit,                                                                        REFER TO YOUR NAVY / MARINE CASH
  there was a merchant hold on your account, etc.                   MY RESPONSIBILITIES?                                         ACCOUNT STATEMENT
                                                                                                                         • If you have a problem with your Navy / Marine Cash
       TIMING OF NAVY / MARINE CASH                                 KEEP TRACK OF YOUR                                     account that you don’t understand, the best source for
         TRANSACTION PROCESSING                                 BANK OR CREDIT UNION BALANCE                               help is within your division.
• When you used your Navy / Marine Cash card ashore,        • Transferring money from your bank or credit union          • You can access the Navy Cash web site with your
  either to get cash at an ATM or to purchase some-           account to your Navy / Marine Cash account at the            card number and PIN, print out a statement, and bring
  thing at a restaurant or store, the new balance in your                                K80 Cashless ATM is just          it to your LPO, LCPO, or Division Officer.
  Navy / Marine Cash account was reflected ashore im-                                    like writing a check.                                 • They can go over your Navy /
  mediately, but wasn’t reflected on the ship until the                                • The electronic funds                                     Marine Cash transactions with
  next end-of-day processing was completed between                                       transfer from your account                               you to try and track down the
  ship and shore.                                                                        will usually occur within                                reason for the problem.
• If you got back to the ship and checked your Navy /                                    24 hours, which is much                               • Your division can get additional
  Marine Cash account balance before this processing                                     faster than a check is                                   information from the disbursing
  was completed, the K80 Cashless ATM would have                                         normally processed.                                      office if needed.
  shown your old balance not your new balance.                                         • Do not transfer money to        • You may also want to work with the ship’s financial
• If you transferred money to your chip based on your                                    your Navy / Marine Cash           advisor, if one is available.
  old balance, your Navy / Marine Cash account may                                       account at the K80 Cash-
  have ended up with a negative balance once all your         less ATM unless there are sufficient funds available
  transactions on ship and shore were fully processed.        in your bank or credit union account.
    4-Sep-07                                                                                                                                        Negative Balance Trifold Ver 1.3.doc
                    KEEP IN MIND
                    FORCE POSTING                                                                      Navy Cash® / Marine Cash®
•   Generally, any attempt to make a purchase or ATM
    withdrawal ashore for an amount greater than your
    available balance will be declined.                                                                 Avoid Negative
•                                                                NAVY CASH / MARINE CASH
    However, a merchant or ATM can put a transaction
    through without prior authorization.                      CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER (CSC)            Account Balances
•   If the purchase or ATM withdrawal exceeds your            Commercial: 1 (866) 3NAVYCASH
    available balance, your Navy / Marine Cash (strip) ac-                1 (866) 362-8922
    count will end up with a negative balance.                  Web Site:
•   Don’t forget about purchases, payments, or ATM                e-mail:
    withdrawals that have not yet cleared your Navy / Ma-
                                                                    FAX: 1 (866) CHASE01
    rine Cash account.
                                                                         1 (866) 242-7301
                   MERCHANT HOLD
                                                                  CSC can also be reached through
• It is important to know that, with any debit or credit
  card purchase, some merchants ashore, like hotels,         Global Distance Support Center (GDSC)
  restaurants, and pay-at-the-pump gas stations, may          Commercial: 1 (877) 4-1-TOUCH
  reserve more money than you actually plan to spend.                     1 (877) 418-6824                    COMMON SENSE RULES
• They do this to cover variable costs, such as phone               DSN: (510) 4-2-TOUCH                          The details are inside
  calls, tips, or a full tank of gas.                                    (510) 428-6824
• You also need to realize that it may be 24 to 72                         Press 6 then 2
                                                                                                      1. Navy / Marine Cash card is a pre-paid debit
  hours, and, in some cases, as much as seven days, be-                                                  card — amount you can spend is limited
  fore this reserve or “merchant hold” is cancelled and                                                  by value loaded in your Navy / Marine Cash
  the funds become available again for you to spend.                                                     (strip) account.

                 TRANSACTION TIMING                                For ATM Locations Worldwide        2. Keep track of your strip balance. You are
                                                                    Visit             responsible for knowing your balance —
•   To keep demands on the ship’s communications sys-
                                                                                                         merchants cannot tell you your balance.
    tems to a minimum, Navy / Marine Cash was designed
    to work on a store-and-forward basis—a day’s worth                                                3. Keep track of your bank / credit union bal-
    of transactions are generally transmitted ashore once                                                ance. Do not transfer money to your Navy /
    each day at the end of the business day.                       Navy Cash Program Office              Marine Cash account at K80 Cashless
•   This design feature affects the time that transactions
                                                                Naval Supply Systems Command             ATM unless there are sufficient funds.
    are processed, both on the ship and on the shore.          Navy Family Support Mechanicsburg
                                                                                                      4. Treat your card like cash; protect your PIN.
•   Remember, you need to stage funds to your Navy /            Disbursing Division, SUP NFS 56
                                                                         (717) 605-5270               5. Generally, any attempt at purchase or
    Marine Cash account at least 24 hours in advance, so
                                                                         DSN: 430-5270                   ATM withdrawal that exceeds available
    the funds will be available when you want to use your
                                                                                                         strip balance will be declined — however,
    Navy / Marine Cash card ashore. Don’t try to spend
                                                                                                         merchant or ATM can put transaction
    the money before it gets there.                                 Ready. Resourceful. Responsive!      through without prior authorization.
•   When you use your Navy / Marine Cash card ashore,
    the new balance in your Navy / Marine Cash account                                                6. Disbursing Officer will require you to clear
    won’t be reflected on the ship until the next end-of-                                                any negative balance that may result in
    day processing is completed between ship and shore.                                                  your strip account.
    Until this processing is completed, the K80 Cashless                                              7. Any questions, see disbursing.
    ATM will show your old balance not your new bal-
    ance. Don’t try to spend the same money twice.
      4-Sep-07                                                                                                               Negative Balance Trifold Ver 1.3.doc

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