Polyphase Energy Meter & Single Phase Watt Hour Meter

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					Polyphase Energy Meter &
Single Phase Watt Hour
                                                Features of the Reporter
                                                • IEC1107 FLAG port on all models
                                                • Expansion data port on all models
                                                • Multi-rate versions with internal or
                                                   external switching

                                                • Pulsed output
                                                • Reverse energy detection/export
                                                   energy register

                                                • Fraud protection
                                                • Compact size and weight
                                                • Auxiliary outputs for healing control
                                                • Class 1 and 2 accuracy

Single Phase Features                           Optical Data Port
                                                All meters offer an optical data port which
• Direct connection 15-100A, 20-100A            complies with IEC1107 (FLAG). The FLAG
• Class 1 and 2 accuracy to IEC 1036            port offers a bi-directional interface for
• Optional DIN terminal configuration 10-60A    suitable hand held units to allow meter
                                                reading, configuration and diagnostics.
Fraud Detection
If reverse energy is detected above a
                                                Inductive Serial Port
factory pre-set level, the display will flash   All meters, regardless of model, boast
alternately between an R.E.D, message and       an additional inductive      serial  port,
the normal kWh display (optional). All          which transmits data through the case.
reverse energy is recorded and stored in a      This data is generally in accordance with
separate register. The R.E.D. message can       the industry standard for modular
only be reset via the flag port.                interfacing,   and      offers     modular
                                                expansion         without         physical
                                                Switched Isolation
                                                All models* within the single phase
                                                range can be purchased with an integral
                                                isolation switch. The switch allows the
                                                utility to save time and money eliminating
                                                return visits to new       build  projects.
                                                The supply, once connected, can be
                                                sealed        and     isolated, ready for
                                                contractors electrical connection of the
                                                domestic circuit.
 Single phase isolator switch.                  * Not available on DIN terminal arrangement.
Polyphase Features                            Physical Fraud Protection
• Direct connection 5-120A, 10-120A,          All variants in the Reporter range can
   20-120A                                    be provided        with   an     optional
                                              extended terminal cover       to  protect
• Class 1 and 2 accuracy to IEC               the meter terminals      from    external
                                              tampering. Additionally, the meter can
   1036,1268                                  be sealed for life using an ultrasonic
• Optional Maximum Demand recording           welding process on the meter case.
                                              The    illustration opposite shows the
• Active and Reactive                         Polyphase Reporter meter with an
   energy measurement                         extended terminal cover.

• 8 time of use registers                     Data Collection
                                              The FLAG and inductive data ports
Maximum Demand Function                       give alternative    platforms   for data
The polyphase Reporter meter is available     collection. The inductive data output
with a highly configurable maximum demand     provides register and status information
function, providing demand registration       from within the meter to support any
                                              interface    module Including        P.L.C.
in either kW or kVAr. Maximum demand
levels can be recorded over four separately   (Mainstalk),      Low       Power Radio,
                                              Telephone,      Prepayment      etc.     Of
defined periods enabling registration to
                                              particular    interest,    this    modular
cross over tariff rate boundaries. Other
                                              approach can       be     used    in    the
features include:
                                              competitive      or contestable      supply
• Configurable demand integration period      market (or profile storage with the
• Cumulative MD values and                    above communications media.
    fraud protection
• Rising demand indication
• Manual and automatic resetting methods
Technical Specifications
Single Phase
Power Supply
• Rated voltage 230V - other voltages available on
• Operating voltage range from O.9 to 1.1 rated
Current Range
• 20-IOOA standard
• 15-100A on request
• 10-60A DIN terminal configuration
• Class 1 or 2 IEC 1036
• Height 109mm Width 126mm Depth 45mm                      Polyphase with extended
                                                           terminal cover attached.

Power Supply
• Rated voltage 230/400V - other voltages available
   on request
• Phase configuration      3Ph 4w       2Ph + N (3Ph 4w)
                          1Ph 3w       2 x 1Ph2w
                          1Ph 2w
Current Range
• 5-120A, 10-120A, 20-120A standard
• Class l or 2 EC 1036, 1268
• Height 172mm Width 168mm Depth 57mm                             Switch2 Energy Solutions Ltd
                                                                                      High Mill
Temperature Range - All Meters
• Operating Range:               -10°C to 45°C                                        Bradford
• Limit range of operation:      -20°C to 55°C                                 West Yorkshire
• Storage range *:               -25°C to 70°C                                     BD13 5HA

This complies with IEC 1036: section 4.3.1.                                 Tel: 01535 270266
                                                                            Fax: 01535 270282
* Maximum period of 6 hours at the extremes of                       Email:
this temperature range.

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