Protocol for Assessing Student in Practice – 2 Attempt (Referred

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					Protocol for Assessing Student in Practice – 2nd Attempt (Referred / Failed Competencies)
       Interview                       1st Assessor              2nd Assessor               Student Action            PPM/HCT Action               Practice Field Board
                                   - Negotiate learning      - To be present at initial   To produce Clinical        Arrange first and second     Co-ordinator
Initial                            plan to meet              interview – introduce        practice record for        Assessor.                    Organise appropriate 4
(Must be completed in 1st          competencies at           self                         discussion                 Support Assessors as         week placement re-issue
2 days of placement).              required standard                                                                 necessary.                   docs to students.
                                                                                                                                                  Contact PPM/HCT
                                   To complete midway        To be present at mid         To produce Clinical        Ensure midway interview      No Action
                             Yes   documentation, sign off   way interview and            practice record for        carried out correct time.
                                   any competencies skills   provide feed back            discussion and
                                   - provide student with                                 completion.
Midway Interview                   feedback on
(To be completed by end            performance
of week 2)                   No    Document inform PPM       To be present at             Inform Personal Tutor      Inform Practice Field        No Action
                                   / HCT.                    midway interview and                                    Board Co-ordinator
                                   Inform student of         negotiate action plan
                                   problem areas,            with 1st assessor and
                                   negotiate action plan     student. Provide
                                   and implement from the    written report.
                                   written report.
                                   To complete               To countersign decision      Inform Personal            Inform Field Board Co-       Present result at Practice
                             Yes   documentation             made by 1st assessor         Teacher, presentation of   ordinator                    Field Board
Final Re-assessment                Sign off competencies                                  portfolio.
Interview                          Provide student with
(to be completed by end of         feedback on
week 4).                           performance

                                   Identify and achieve      To countersign decision      Inform personal            Inform Practice Field Co -   To inform Route Director,
                             No    proficiencies.            made by 1st assessor         teacher. Presentation of   ordinator                    present results at Practice
                                   Inform students                                        portfolio to see route                                  Field Board.
                                   Inform PPM/HCT and                                     director.
                                   personal tutor.

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