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             WORKSHOPS & TRYOUTS
 Are you interested in being a cheerleader for the 2010-2011 school year? If
    so, please attend the following workshop sessions. Workshops are not
     mandatory, but knowledge of the material taught by tryout time is.
      Comfortable clothing and athletic shoes should be worn. At these
  workshops, participants will learn needed material for the try-out process.
              This will include: cheers, chants, dance and jumps.

                         WORKSHOP DATES
All Grades (6th-11th graders)

     Tuesday 3/9              5-7:00             Gurney Gym
     Thursday 3/11            5-7:00             Gurney Gym
     Wednesday 3/17           5-7:00             Gurney Gym     *changed from 3/16
     Thursday 3/18            5-7:00             CFIS Gym

Only Middle School (6th & 7th graders)

     Wednesday 4/7            4-6:00             MS Cafeteria


      Highschool (grades 8-11)

            Monday 3/22           4:00            Gurney Gym

      Middle School (grades 6 & 7)

            Thursday 4/8          4:00            MS Gym
                                  Commonly Asked Questions

Who attends the March workshop days?
All girls interested in trying out for middle school or high school cheerleading will attend
the same workshop sessions.

Who attends the April 7th workshop day?
6th and 7th graders interested in trying out for middle school cheerleading should attend
this workshop session. This session is not mandatory, but will help ease any anxiety and
give you a couple more hours to review your material with some experienced
cheerleaders prior to tryouts.

How long will tryouts last on April 8th?
Tryouts should last about 2-2 ½ hours.

How will I find out whether I have made the squad?
Individual results will be sealed in an envelope with your name on it. The envelopes will
be placed in the MS foyer (in front of the office) by 8:30 pm that evening.

Should I try-out for football or basketball cheerleading?
6th and 7th graders are eligible to try-out for next year’s middle school football OR
basketball cheerleading squads.

       Football Cheerleading: (early August – mid October)
             You will not be able to play volleyball or run cross country if you make
             this squad because they are during the same season. For 2 weeks before
             school starts in August, we practice Monday-Saturday. Once games
             begin, you will average 1 game/week and 2 practices/week. Attendance at
             all games and practices is mandatory unless there is an emergency.

       Basketball Cheerleading: (late October- mid January)
              Basketball Cheerleading and Girls Basketball will overlap for
              just a couple of weeks, and the coaches will make
              arrangements so that the girls are not penalized if they
              participate in both seasons. For 2 ½ weeks before the first game, we
              practice Monday-Friday. Once games begin, you will average 2
              games/week and 1-2 practices/week. Attendance at all games and
              practices is mandatory unless there is an emergency.

What are the purchase requirements?
You must purchase the skirt, briefs, long sleeve spandex, socks, and shoes. A sales
representative from Varsity Spirit Fashions will size you for your skirt and shoes (usually
around $100 total) in the spring after school on the designated day. Warm-ups, poms,
jacket, shell top, and sweater are provided.

     Cheerleading involves teamwork, precision through motion, satisfaction of
accomplishing a task, conditioning, enthusiasm, dedication, knowledge of the game, and
                         FUN! SO COME JOIN THE TEAM!

                  Please contact Mrs. Johnson with any questions!
              893-7695 ext. 4329/ Jessica.Johnson@ChagrinSchools.org

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