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					    A Division of the
 Wisconsin Center for the
    Blind and Visually
                                     Wisconsin School for the
    A Division of the
                                      Visually Handicapped
 Wisconsin Department of
   Public Instruction

Volume 4                         The Eye Spy
Issue 5

2004                                                                     Mr. Martin
                            Welcome New Principal
                                                                    Monson joined
                                                      the WCBVI staff on Friday,
                                                      January 30, 2004. We were
                                                      all so excited that we had an
                                                      assembly the day before,
                                                      January 29, to welcome him
                                                      and his wife, Renee to our
 Inside this issue:                                   staff. We even had a special
                                                      cake for dessert for lunch
February Birthdays    2                               that day.
New Stations          3           Martin comes to us from Eugene, Oregon
Cheerleading          3     where he was an Administrative Intern and Itinerant
Swim Season           4     Teacher of the Visually Impaired for the Lane
Physical Education    5     Regional Program. He has also worked as a Teacher
Labels and Box Tops   6     of the Visually Impaired in the Clark County School
February Calendar     6     District, in Las Vegas, NV and a Classroom Aide/
                            Dormitory Assistant at the Minnesota State Academy
                            for the Blind in Faribault, MN. He comes to us with
                            a wealth of experience and a real enthusiasm for
                            improving instruction and providing quality
                            educational programs for Visually Impaired Children.
                            The following paragraphs were part of the
                            information provided during Martin’s interview
                            process. His philosophy and vision will help guide us
                            as we strive to become the best Center we can be.
      Philosophy of Education: It is my belief that it is the responsibility
of schools to prepare all students to become contributing members of
society. Often, our task becomes more difficult when a student has a
disability. However, because our task may be difficult, it is no reason not
to undertake it. In fact, as educators we need to rise to the challenge
and do whatever it takes to fulfill our responsibility. I believe this is a
task that cannot be done by the K-12 education system alone. We must
take the lead in involving parents, community members and
organizations, university systems, and all levels of government to meet
this goal. As an African proverb says: “It takes a whole village to raise a
      Philosophy of Leadership: As a leader I believe it is my role, with
input from all stakeholders, to develop the course we will take as a
school. It is then my duty to ensure we stay on course and reach our
goals. It is also my responsibility to ensure that a staff has all the tools
it needs to educate our students. In this context, tools has a very broad
definition. The definition includes everything from professional
development to adequate lighting and heating in the classroom.
      Vision for Teaching and Learning: It is my belief that all students
are capable of learning. Further, it is also my belief that it is the
teacher’s responsibility to determine how a student learns best, and then
match their teaching style accordingly. Moreover, as an administrator, it
is my responsibility to ensure that the school culture and climate remain
conductive to student learning.

 February Birthdays
     Happy Birthday to you,                        04   -   Erika Geib
     Happy Birthday to you.                        05   -   Matt O'Connor
 Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday,                   06   -   Daniel Groll
     Happy Birthday to you.                        22   -   Katie-Ping Woods
                                                   26   -   Josiah Price

Volume 4 Issue 5                          Page 2
New Weight Room Stations
      Thanks to a grant from the Glen Stacey
Foundation, WSVH students have four new workout
stations in the Weight Room. The new equipment
includes a Chin/Dip Station, Multi-hip Station, Back
Extension Station, and an additional Rowing               Micah Murray working out
Machine. The pieces compliment the existing
stations and are adjustable for different ability levels. The Chin/Dip
station will improve students’ upper body strength, allowing them to lift
their body weight in a full pull-up. It has a counter-balance weight
system, so the students get assistance as needed while performing the
exercises. The Multi-hip station allows four different leg exercises to
develop the upper leg muscles. The Back Extension Station works on
improving the muscles of the lower back that are involved in lifting and
good posture. All of the stations promote proper body alignment while
exercising. - Diana Brower, Physical Education Teacher

      On January 15-17, WSVH had 6                  Cheerleading
cheerleaders and 2 wrestlers attend the NCASB
Cheerleading and Wrestling Tournament at the Indiana School for the
Blind. The entire cheerleading squad of Renee Joye, Misty Julian,
Karlton Freeman, Amanda Schmeling, Angelica Hope, and Tauri
Ramsey worked very hard preparing their routine to take to
competition. The three minute routine consisted of three cheers, a
section of music for a dance routine, chants, and three challenging
gymnastic stunts. The team placed 7th out of 10 teams at competition.
It was my pleasure to coach this year and I was very proud of their
spirit, enthusiasm, dedication, and hard work.
       The team would like to extend a special thank you to the Milton
Varsity Cheerleaders for helping us with the dance routine and stunts. It
was a wonderful opportunity for our cheer squad to practice with other
high school cheerleaders. - Pam Benzel, Cheerleading Coach

Volume 4 Issue 5                              Page 3
  Swim Season                Swim team practice will begin on January
                        26th! All girls and boys interested in joining the
swim team should come to the initial practice on Monday, January 26th,
from 4:00 to 5:15 in the school gymnasium.
     We will have a competition team for 7th graders and older, as well
as the community team for younger students.
     Our first meet will be on February 23rd. The community team and
competition team will travel to Delavan-Darien High School and compete
against the Delavan-Darien Community Swim Team.
     For the WSVH competition team will be three “away” meets this
year and the “home” Wisconsin Relays. The schedule is:

       • February 23 at Delavan - Darien
       • March 12-13 at Indiana
       • March 26-27 at Ohio
       • April 23-24 Wisconsin Relays at WSVH
       • April 29 – May 1 NCASB at Minnesota

     Co-curricular rules will be handed out for those new to athletics this
year. These rules spell out the Athletic Code, grade requirements and
behavior expectations for all students participating in school sports.
     So, for fun, exercise and adventure…mark your calendars and join
the WSVH swim team! - Coach Brower

                   Go Badgers!
Volume 4 Issue 5                         Page 4
   Physical Education                        The year began with
                                        units in fitness and track
and field. The students established fitness scores on many
tests. These scores will be used to gauge their fitness levels
and progress. Many improved on their last year fitness scores.
Units in swim, gymnastics and weight room conditioning are
currently underway.
                       Some students went wall climbing at the Janesville
                  YMCA this fall and another group will go in the spring.
                  The students also participated in bowling,
                  biking, roller skating, and game activities.
                  Plans are underway for activities in ice skating
                  at the Janesville Ice Arena.
                       Nineteen students received the Physical Education
HIGH FIVE AWARD for the second quarter of school. For the first time, an
entire class earned the award! These students consistently showed the “5
P’s” of Physical Education:
           They came to class PREPARED.
           They came to class PUNCTUALLY.
           They were POLITE to peers and staff.
           They PARTICIPATED to the best of their abilities.
           They came to class with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.
   Jason Corning           Katie-Ping Woods          Angelica Hope
   Tauri Ramsey            Kimberly Robinson       Amanda Schmeling
 Quincy Washington         Jenna Antreassian          Ellen Bartelt
  Brian Boknevitz             Josiah Price          Kody Steinhoff
Samantha Ratkowski

-Diana Brower, Physical Education Teacher

 Volume 4 Issue 5                        Page 5
 Labels and Box Tops               Don’t forget to cut out and save your
                                   Campbell’s soup labels and General
Mills box tops! Just save them and give them to Theresa Eiden. WSVH
can get items just by you cutting out these items; you
hardly have to do a thing! Thanks for your help and
support of WSVH!

                                                            February Calendar
   • 5 and 6: Braille Olympics
   • 23: Swim Meet at Delavan-Darien
   • 26 and 27: Vision Teachers Conference
   • 27: In Service Day-NO SCHOOL FOR WSVH students

                    Visit our web site              1700 West State Street
                            at                      Janesville, Wisconsin 53546
                       Phone: 800.832.9784

                                          DPI Nondiscrimination Clause
                      The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction does not discriminate on the
                      basis of sex, race, religion, age, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy,
                       marital or parental status, sexual orientation, or physical, mental, emotional
                                                    or learning disability.

Volume 4 Issue 5                                          Page 6

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