Texans favor death penalty by tyndale


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MONDAY, August 26, 2002                                                                                                                                                 122nd Year - Number 075 / 42 pages

 Kids’ cheer camp                                                                                                                              Texans favor
 kicks off new year                                                                                                                            death penalty
 BY PAUL S. MARTINEZ              the camp was to give back                                                                                     BY DAVE MCNEELY
 Times staff writer               to the community in involv-                                                                                   Austin American Statesman
                                  ing children with the craft of
   In an effort to involve the    cheering.                                                                                                       Texans and their politicians seem to have almost a love
 community with the athletic        “For a long time, many                                                                                      affair with the death penalty. When it comes to executing
 and creative sport that is       people didn’t think cheer-                                                                                    people, the state of Texas can truly echo the occasional ath-
 cheerleading, the Texas          ing was a sport, but every-                                                                                   letic boast of the University of Texas Longhorns: “We’re
 A&M             International    thing has changed in the                                                                                      Number One.”
 University co-ed cheer           past couple of years.                                                                                           It’s a boast that has created problems for the state’s lead-
 squad held its second            Cheering has become                                                                                           ers more than once, most recently when Mexican President
 annual cheer camp Sunday.        much more athletic with                                                                                       Vicente Fox called off a visit with President Bush and oth-
   More than two dozen ele-       the stunts, the dance,                                                                                        ers in Texas because a Mexican national’s planned execu-
 mentary school girls showed      endurance and agility nec-                                                                                    tion here wasn’t reduced to a lower penalty, or at least post-
 up to the camp, which was        essary for the sport,” she                                                                                    poned. Mexico is just one of most of the countries in the
 held at the TAMIU kinesiolo-     said.                                                                                                         world with a very cold attitude toward the death penalty.
 gy-convocation building from       The athleticism neces-                                                                                        Steve Hall, director of StandDown Texas, which seeks a
 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.                 sary for the TAMIU cheer                                                                                      review of the Texas approach to the death penalty, called
   For $20, the camp partici-     squad is best expressed by                                                                                    Fox’s cancellation “a clear sign of the significance of this
 pants received instruction       how often they practice --                                                                                    issue to Mexico as a nation, and to other nations. This is an
 in jumps, stunts, dance          four days a week, three                                                                                       issue in the world community.”
 and chants. They also            hours per practice.                                                                                             And it has remained an issue for Texas politicians in both
 received cassette tapes of         She also said cheering                                                                                      parties, but mostly in terms of just how fervently they can
 the music used during the        involves a great deal of                                                                                      show their support. Supporting the death penalty for Texas
 lessons, food, drinks, cer-      creativity, saying that her                                                                                   politicians ranks right up there with opposing an income tax.
 tificates and awards.            cheer squad choreographs                                                                                      Taking the opposite position is seen as volunteering to walk
   Cheer squad sponsor            their dances and stunts.                                            Times staff photo by MICHAEL D. AMICI     the political plank — and no major-party statewide candi-
 Shelly Peacock, who is an          David Arevalo, a sopho-         CHEERS, FRIENDS: Ten-year-old Desiree Barrientos, left, Durina              date this year has done so.
 instructor of kinesiology at     more chemistry student            Guajardo, 7, and her sister Devon, 5, enjoy a cheerleading                    Bush is no stranger to controversy over the Texas death
 TAMIU, said the purpose of       (See *CAMP Page 10A)              camp Sunday afternoon at Texas A&M International University.                penalty and his endorsement of it. And not shy about it, either.
                                                                                                                                                  In late 1998, as Texas was about to execute a Canadian
                                                                                                                                                convicted of murder, journalists from Canada flooded the

Doctor: Heroin use growing in Laredo                                                                                                            Texas Capitol and attended a press conference on welfare
                                                                                                                                                  Then-Gov. Bush bristled when one asked what he would
                                                                                                                                                tell Canadians who liken Texas and its frequent executions
BY PAUL S. MARTINEZ                          der, heroin is readily available in           the heroin in Laredo tends to be more                to a “Wild West show.”
Times staff writer                           Laredo.                                       pure than it is San Antonio. The dime                  “If you’re Canadian and you come to our state, don’t mur-
                                               Apart from the availability, heroin is an   bags here are also is a little more gen-             der anybody,” Bush shot back.
  The medical director of a local sub-       inexpensive alternative to other drugs.       erous, he said.                                        Bush’s attitude toward the death penalty was later high-
stance abuse program is alarmed by a           “It’s a little harder to get in San           The other factor Wright considers is               lighted for two reasons. One was that he was running for
growing trend of heroin use in Laredo,       Antonio or Dallas; it comes out of            the “sort of publicity it gets from the              president. The other was that Illinois Gov. George Ryan, a
particularly by young people.                Mexico. So this is an easy area to get        media.”                                              Republican, put a moratorium on Illinois executions to allow
  Dr. Frank Wright attributes what he        it,” Wright said.                               “We all know of the models that were               time to study the cases of those on Death Row.
calls the growing trend of local heroin        Locally, heroin is to cocaine what crack    hooked on heroin, and so forth. There                  Bush said at the time that he thought all 119 of the people
use to the availability and affordability    is to cocaine in the East Coast, he said.     was a ‘heroin look’ we are all familiar              executed so far on his Texas gubernatorial watch were
of heroin and the influence of the             The heroin in Laredo also seems to          with, you know a kind of dead look with              guilty. By the time Bush left for the White House in
media.                                       be a better value.                            the sunken eyes and the pale lips that               December 2000, the number executed during his tenure
  Wright, who is the medical director of       If one buys a dime bag (a unit of sale)     was fashionable for a long time. A lot of            had risen to 152.
the Henry Cuellar Youth Outpatient           (of heroin) in San Antonio it’s $10, and      kids are very impressionable and they                  While Hall of StandDown Texas acknowledges that polls
Drug Rehabilitation facility, said that as   if you buy a dime bag in Laredo it’s          think ‘oh, this is the ‘in’ thing,’”                 show almost three-fourths of people both nationally and in
with many other drugs along the bor-         $10. But, there is a difference in that       (See *HEROIN Page 10A)                               (See *TEXANS Page 10A)

 World Summit begins                                                                                                                           1 dead, 1 in jail after
 Monday with ‘hope’                                                                                                                            two-car crash in N.L.
 BY RAVI NESSMAN                  aims to develop specific                                                                                      BY MIGUEL T. RAMIREZ                               against
 Associated Press Writer          plans for expanding the                                                                                       Times staff writer                                 Zavala
                                  poor’s access to electricity                                                                                                                                     Paredes,
   JOHANNESBURG, South            and health care, to reverse                                                                                     NUEVO LAREDO – A man                             Aguilar
 Africa — Government offi-        the degradation of agricul-                                                                                   died over the weekend after                        Candelaria
 cials, environmental activists   tural land and to protect the                                                                                 his car was sideswiped and                         said.
 and       business    leaders    global environment.                                                                                           then overturned by an alleged-                       “Zavala
 promised       Sunday     the      “There is broad agreement                                                                                   ly drunken driver, assistant                       left     the
 upcoming World Summit on         that another summit full of                                                                                   transit police chief Antonio                       scene of
 Sustainable Development          words followed by no con-                                                                                     Aguilar             Candelaria                     the acci-
 will be about action — not       crete action would be intoler-                                                                                announced Sunday morning.                          dent and a
 just words — to save the         able,” said Hans Christian                                                                                      The victim, Francisco                            traffic offi-
 environment and combat           Schmidt, the environment                                                                                      Javier Hernandez Cano, 40,                         cer pursu-
                                                                                                                                                                                  JUAN Z. PAREDES
 poverty.                         minister in Denmark, which                                                                                    resided at the 800 block of                        ing     him
   But some activists fear the    will be leading the European                                                                                  Aeropuerto          in     the   was injured. He is being
 world’s wealthiest nations       Union delegation to the                                                                                       Buenavista neighborhood.         treated at San Jose
 could sabotage any mean-         summit.                                                                                                         Hernandez Cano was             Hospital,”             Aguilar
 ingful attempt to build on         But many environmental                                                                                      declared dead a few minutes      Candelaria said. “Oscar G.
 agreements adopted at the        activists were disheartened                                                                                   into Sunday morning by dis-      Alvarado Ramos certified
 1992 Earth Summit in Brazil.     that President Bush was                                                                                       trict attorney prosecutor        that Zavala was legally
   “It’s important for us that    not among the more than                                                                                       Sergio Octavio Garcia Garza.     intoxicated at the time of the
 the vision that was cap-         100 world leaders sched-                                                                                        Paramedics explained how       accident.”
 tured at Rio is not eroded,”     uled to attend. They also                                                                                     the victim died.                   The accident took place,
 said Goh Chien Yen, an           blamed much of the difficul-                                                                                    “(Hernandez Cano) did not      according to a traffic police
 official with the Third World    ty in reaching agreement                                                                                      survive the collision and the    report, near the intersection
 Network.                         on the United States’ resis-                                                                                  resulting injuries,” explained   of Airport Highway and
   The 10-day summit,             tance to setting specific tar-                                                                                Eduardo       Patonia      and   Enriqueta Castañeda Street
 which starts Monday,             gets and its demands that                                                                                     Enrique Dominguez. “He           at 11:06 p.m., Saturday.
 hopes to halve the more          poor nations show good                                                                                        was dead on arrival at the         Zavala Paredes, in a
 than 1 billion people with-      governance before receiv-                                                                                     hospital.”                       1995 Isuzu with Texas
                                                                                                                 AP photo/Dario Lopez-Mills
 out access to clean water        ing financial aid.                                                                                              Accused in the accident is     license plates, was travel-
                                                                    FOR THE FUTURE: Children sing in front of a huge globe during               Juan Zavala Paredes, 24.
 and the more than 2 billion        “(The United States) can be                                                                                                                  ing north on the Airport
                                                                    the welcoming ceremony of the World Summit on Sustainable                   Prosecutors filed homicide and
 without proper sanitation. It    (See *SUMMIT Page 10A)                                                                                                                         Highway. Witnesses said he
                                                                    Development at Ubuntu village in Johannesburg Sunday.                       property damage charges          (See *CRASH Page 10A)

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