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                                       .            •     

Advancing Muslim                                                                        First Annual
Scholarship: The                                                                        of the AMSS
AMSS (UK)                                                                               (UK)
                                                                                        ‒  
                                                                                           
  , a seminar was             the departments of Arabic or Islamic
held at the Oxford Academy for              Studies), their number is rapidly
                                                                                        The programme of the First Annual
Advanced Studies on the subject of          increasing. There is also a steadily        Conference of the AMSS (UK) has been
Muslim graduate studies in the West.        growing Muslim participation in the         carefully structured to bring a wide
Attended by many Muslim academics           social services and legal institutions,     number of Muslim social scientists,
and scholars, it was to be a catalyst for   amongst others.                             representing a diverse range of
the formation of a new organisation—            A body was therefore needed that        disciplines, together under one roof to
the Association of Muslim Social            would provide a platform for Muslim         initiate the beginnings of a dialogue. The
Scientists (UK)—dedicated to the pro-       social scientists to come together,         underlying objective has been to
motion of the Islamic perspectives in       exchange their creative insights and        generate discussion and explore issues in
various academic disciplines.               ideas, and promote among themselves a       the various disciplines represented with
                                                                                        a view to opening up new and valuable
    At the time, the Association of         spirit of co-operation and understand-
                                                                                        channels for discussion and inquiry.
Muslim Social Scientists in the United      ing that might generate and advance
                                                                                            Speakers at the conference will be
States was celebrating its twenty-fifth     scholarly Islamic thought through criti-    Lord Ahmed of Rotherham, Prof. Zaki
anniversary. Its refereed journal, The      cal and scientific inquiry. The aim was     Badawi, Prof. Sulayman Nyang, Prof.
American Journal of Islamic Social          also to encourage debate among these        Khurshid Ahmad, Maleiha Malik, Dr.
Sciences (AJISS)—a leading academic         scholars, and urge them to develop          Riad Nourallah, Dr.Yahya Michot, Dr.
journal published in co-operation with      Islamic viewpoints on their particular      Sophie Gilliat-Ray, Dr.Ahmed Mustafa,
the International Institute of Islamic      academic disciplines, so that they do       T.J.Winter, Dr. Zahraa al-Zeera, Dr.
Thought (IIIT)—was about to launch          not remain mere consumers of knowl-         Haifaa Jawad, Dr. Jabal Buaben, Dr. Hiba
its fourteenth volume. A similar associ-    edge but—like their predecessors —          Aziz, Dr. Imran Alawiye, Dr. Nasim Butt,
ation had also been running for over        reach the cutting-edge of academic dis-     Dr. Mohamed Mukadam, Halim
six months in Germany.                      course. This forum is not exclusive to      Kockuzu, Sameera Mian, Fuad Nahdi,
                                                                                        Dr.Anas al Shaikh-Ali, Dr.Abdelwahab
    The participants in the  Oxford     Muslim social scientists, but is open to
                                                                                        el-Affendi, Ismail Ibrahim, Fadi Ismail,
seminar felt that such an association       all those who are interested in pursuing
                                                                                        Mehmet Asutay, Dr. Suleman Dangor,
was urgently needed in the UK, as an        research and study in the social sciences   Dr. Bustami Khir, Dr. Muhammad Surty,
increasing number of British Muslim         from an Islamic perspective.                Tarek el-Diwany, Dr.Abdelkader
students and scholars were specialising         If you would like more information      Chachi,Wolf Aries, Sohail Nakhooda,
in the social sciences and humanities.      regarding the association or to become a    Sarah Joseph, Dr. Talip Kucukcan,
Indeed, while ten years ago there was       member please contact: AMSS (UK),           Dr.Ahmet Davutoglo, Dr.Yasin Dutton,
only a handful of Muslim social scien-      P.O. Box , Richmond, Surrey           Dr. Mawil Izzi Dien and Dr. Bobby
tists among the teaching staff of British   . Tel: -  ext., Fax:       Sayyid.
universities and institutes (mainly in      - .

Sociology of                                Turkey; and Representation of Muslims
                                            in Germany. It has also organised
Religion Study                              workshops on the media, public
                                            relations and also has a bi-annual
Group                                       Newsletter.

Since its foundation in  the Study
                                            For more information contact:               Journal
                                            AMSS Germany
Group has become the second largest
discipline Study Group within the
                                            P.O. Box                              of Qur’anic
                                             Cologne, Germany
British Sociological Association (BSA).
Its annual four-day conferences attract a
wide range of specialists in
contemporary religious issues and the       Conference in                               The new Journal of Qur’anic Studies
                                                                                        has been launched by the Centre for
sociology of religion. Conferences
attract not only internationally            Azerbaijan                                  Islamic Studies (SOAS). The Journal
                                                                                        aims to encourage and promote the
renowned scholars in the field, but         A conference for Muslim Social              study of the Qur’an from a wide
increasingly young academics and post-      Scientists was organised in Baku,           range of scholarly perspectives. The
graduate students. The Study Group          Azerbaijan on ‒ September  in       Journal publishes articles in English
would like to hear from Muslim scholars     co-operation with the IIIT (London          and Arabic, together with shorter
in the field who are interested in          Office) and the Centre for Social           items of comment, correspondence,
becoming members of the Study               Change in Baku. It was the first ever       and information on developments in
Group.                                      such seminar for social scientists, and     Qur’anic studies and book reviews.
                                            was organised under the auspices of the
For more information contact:                                                           For information contact:
                                            Deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Ezzat
Dr. Sophie Gilliat-Ray                                                                  Prof. M.A.S. Abdel Haleem,
                                            Ramanov and the Minister of
Department of Religious and                                                             Journal of Qur’anic Studies,
                                            Education, Misir Mardanov. The con-
Theological Studies                                                                     Centre of Islamic Studies
                                            ference was held at the headquarters of
University of Wales Cardiff                                                             SOAS, Thornhaugh Street
                                            the Centre for Islamic Studies in Baku.
Humanities Building                                                                     Russell Square
                                               A number of papers were presented:
Colum Drive, Cardiff                                                             London  
                                            ‘The Development of Philosophical                                                              ha
                                            Science in Azerbaijan Before and After
                                            Independence’ (Prof. Ali Abasov,
                                            Director of the Institute of Philosophy
Social                                      and Law at the Azerbaijan Academy of        American Journal
                                            Science); ‘The Teaching of History in
                                            Institutes of Higher Education in
                                                                                        of Islamic Social
                                            Azerbaijan’ (Prof. Rafig Radjabov,          Sciences
in Germany                                  Chairman of the Association of
                                            Scientists of Azeri History); ‘Islamic      The new Summer  issue includes:
The GMSG Association of Muslim              Education in Azerbaijan’ (Prof.             ‘Who is the Founder of Psychophysics
Social Scientists in Germany is an          Gunduz Sarieve); ‘The Intellectual          and Experimental Psychology’ –
independent charitable NGO with             Crisis and the Islamisation of              Omar Khaleefa
headquarters in Cologne. Founded in         Knowledge’ (Dr. Anas al Shaikh-Ali,         ‘Islamization of the Curriculum’ –
May , with the support of the           IIIT, London); ‘The Contribution of         Rosnani Hashim
Muslim Studenten Vereingung in              Azeri Scholars to Islamic Civilisation’     ‘Sirat al-Mustakim and Hikam: A
Deutchland. Dr. Taha Jabir Alwani           (Dr. Mehmet Ali, Deputy Rector of           Qur’anic View of Socioeconomic
(President, School of Islamic Social        Kafkaz University in Baku); ‘Intellectual   Behavior, Economic Discourse and
Sciences) and the Academic Adviser of       and Cultural Development in                 Method’ – Muhammad Akram Khan
IIIT’s London Office became their           Azerbaijan Before and After                 ‘Islamic Economics: The State of the
international advisers. The Association,    Independence’ (Prof. Akif Hasanov); ‘A      Art’ – Muhammad Akram Khan
whose first president was the late          Critique of the Attempt to Globalise
Professor Abdeljavad Falaturi, has          the Social Sciences’ ( Dr. Ahmad            For subscription information contact:
already organised seminars and              Davutoglu, Istanbul); and ‘The Influe-      AJISS, P.O. Box 
conferences on various topics, including    nce of Religious Stories on Azeri           Herndon, VA 
Islamic Identity in Europe; Education in    Poetry’ (Dr. Aida K. Zadeh).                USA
German Schools; Islamic Sciences in

                                              November                             ‒ March 
Events                                       Gent, Belgium. nd Day of Equal Rights
                                             Theme: ‘Islam in the Schools in
                                                                                         ‘First Mediterranean Social and Political
                                                                                         Research Meeting’. Organised by the
                                             Flanders’. Organised by FoGI vzw, Astrid    Meditteranean Programme Robert
                                             Casteels. Tel/Fax: + ₍₎  or      Schuman Centre. University Institute,
 October 
                                                                                         Florence, Italy.
Seminar. ‘Sufism’ by Dr. Martin Lings.
                                              November                   
Organised by the Centre of Islamic
                                             Seminar: ‘Unity and Diversity’ by Prof.
Studies, SOAS. Tel: ‒ ;
                                             Zaki Badawi. Organised by the Centre of     ‒ April 
                                             Islamic Studies, SOAS.                      Conference. ‘Religious Polemics in
                                             Tel: ‒ ;          Context’. Organised by the Leiden
‒ November 
                                                                                         Institute for the Study of Religions.
Conference. ‘Cross-Cultural Currents in
                                             Seminar. ‘Mysteries of an Islamic           Avdkooij@cit
the Mediterranean: What Prospects’
                                             Cemetery in Makran’ by Dr. G.G.
Organised by Wilton Park. Malta.
                                             Filippi. Organised by the Oxford Centre     ‒ May 
                                             for Islamic Studies, Oxford.                Conference: ‘Arbitration in the Arab
                                             Tel: ‒ ;          States and the Shariah’. Organised by
 November 
                                                                                         the Centre of Islamic Studies, SOAS.
Seminar. ‘The Writing Down of the
                                              November                             Tel: ‒ ;
Qur’an’ by Salwa El-Awa. Organised by
                                             Seminar. ‘Impact of the Hadith on the
the Centre of Islamic Studies, SOAS.
                                             Development of Islamic Jurisprudence’       ‒ July 
Tel: ‒ ;
                                             by Dr. Taha Jabir Alwani. Organised by      ‘Fourth Symposium on Language and
                                             the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies,      Society in The Middle East and North
Seminar. ‘Babar’s Cultural Personality’
                                             Oxford. Tel: ‒ ;                 Africa (MENA)’. University of
by Prof. Stephen Dale. Organised by the
                                                                 Edinburgh. Scotland
Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies,
                                              December 
Tel: ‒ ;
                                             Seminar. ‘European Scholarship on           ‒ July 
                                             Islam in the South Asian Colonial           ‘Literature and Nationalism in the
 November 
                                             Context’ by Dr. A. Powell. Organised by     Middle East and North Africa (MENA)’.
Seminar: ‘Muslim Architecture, ethics
                                             the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies,      University of Edinburgh. Scotland.
and the Public Context’ by Prof. Azim
                                             Oxford. Tel:‒ ;   Deadline for registration is  December
Nanji. Organised by the Centre of
Islamic Studies, SOAS. Tel: ‒ ;
                                             ‒ December 
                                             Conference. Sixth Annual Congress of
                                             the German Middle East Studies
Seminar. ‘The Mughal Empire in the
Bengali Literary Tradition’ by Prof. T.
                                             (DAVO). Hamburg, Germany                    Useful Websites
Raychaudhri. Organised by the Oxford
Centre for Islamic Studies, Oxford.
                                              December                              EURAMES
Tel: ‒ ;                                                       http://.../smi/eurames/eura-
                                             Seminar: ‘Forced/ False Marriages’ by
                                             Ruqaiyyah W. al-Maqsood. Organised by       home. html
‒ November 
                                             the Centre of Islamic Studies, SOAS.        The Middles East Studies Center,
Conference. ‘Islam and the West in the
                                             Tel: ‒ ;
st Century’. Steyning, West Sussex.                                                    University of Ghent                                                   
                                             ‒ December                           MESC/
Tel: ‒ 
                                             Symposium Europa-Maghreb. ‘The
                                             intercultural dialogue and “modernity”      Journal of Middle East Studies
 November                                                                          (MIT EJMES)
                                             in the Maghreb and Europe’. Organised
Seminar. ‘Islam in South Asia: Local                                           
                                             by CIDOB (Barcelona) and Dept. of
Context and Vernacular Expression’ by
                                             Comparative Culture Studies (CICI),
Prof. Azim Nanji. Oxford Centre for                                                      International Institute for the Study of
                                             Ghent. University of Gent, Belgium.         Islam in the Modern World
Islamic Studies, Oxford.
Tel: ‒ ;                                             
                                                                                         The ISIM Newsletter is a tri-annual pub-
                                             ‒ December                          lication of the International Institute for
‒ November 
                                             Conference. ‘Forging an International       the Study of Islam in the Modern World
Conference. ‘Geography and the natural
                                             Consensus to Ensure Compliance with         covering the activities concerning the
sciences in Islamic manuscripts’.                                                        study of Islam and Muslim societies. The
                                             Non-Proliferation Regimes’. Steyning,
Organised by Al-Furqan Foundation,                                                       newsletter is available free of charge.
                                             East Sussex.
London. Tel: -                                                                Please contact them and ask to be placed
                                             Tel: ‒                           on their mailing list.

AMSS (USA)                                    BRISMES                                       Islam in
28th Annual                                   Conference                                    America
Convention                                    Brismes conference next year will be
                                              hosted by the University of Cambridge.
                                                                                            A Seminar or a series of seminars are
                                                                                            planned to develop a comprehensive
The th Annual Convention of the             It will be held between ‒ July . The    research program on the theme ‘Islam
Association of Muslim Social Scientists       main conference theme will be ‘Writing        in America’. Soon a working paper iden-
of North America will be held between         the Middle East’, and the organisers          tifying the research areas and needs will
‒ October  in Leesburg,               welcome individual and panel                  be published here. Based on the work-
Virginia, USA. The convention will            submissions pertaining to the following       ing paper, which will list a serious of
bring together leading Muslim scholars        themes: Islamic Studies; Politics and         research questions, a seminar and sub-
and panel sessions will tackle a variety of   International Relations; History;             sequently a special issue of the American
subjects such as Islam in America,            Historiography; Anthropology and              Journal of Islamic Social Sciences will be
American Muslims and American                 Cultural Studies; Nationalism; Ottoman        published.
Foreign Policy, Islam and Women, and          History; Topographies in Literature and
Islamic Political Economy.                                                                  For details contact:
                                              Philosophy and Law.
    Some of the papers to be presented at                                                   Dr. Ilyas Bayunus, SUNY, Cortland
                                                 The organisers declare their intent to
the conference include, among others,                                                        Alexandria Dr., Cortland
                                              vet all submissions. They suggest that
‘American Pakistani Activism’                                                               NY , USA
                                              potential participants submit an abstract
(Salahuddin Malik);‘Psychological             or a proposal for a panel by  January
Aspects of Child Development’ (A. Abu         . During the conference there will
Sulayman);‘Metatheory and                     be a book exhibition and the BRISMES          Scholars
Methodology’ (Dilnawaz Siddiqui);             Annual General Meeting.
‘Critical Thinking’ (Fathi Melkawi);
                                              BRISMES , Centre for Middle
                                                                                            Gather in
‘Critical Theory’ (Muqtedar Khan);
Challenging Media Representations of          Eastern and Islamic Studies, University       Tatarstan
the Veil’ (Katherine Bullock);                of Cambridge, Faculty of Oriental
‘Deconstructing Islamic Identity:             Studies Sidgwick Av., Cambridg          A conference similar to the one held in
Engaging Multiple Discourse’ (Jasmine                                                       Azerbaijan (see p.) took place in
                                                                                            Tatarstan on  June  at the Academy
Zine);‘Muslim Women and Political
Activism in America’ (Deonna Kelli) and       Bosnian                                       of Sciences, Kazan. Those attending the
                                                                                            conference included Dilyara Shakirova
‘Islamic Political Economy’ (Masud
Alam Choudhury).                              Manuscripts                                   (Rector of the Tatar-American Regional
                                                                                            College); Prof. Rinat Nabiev (Council for
For information contact:                      On  May  the Oriental Institute in      Religious Affairs);Valiulla Yagkub
AMSS , P.O. Box                        Sarajevo was attacked by Serb nationalist     (Deputy Mufty); Mirza Makhmoutov
Herndon,VA 20172, USA                         forces.Virtually all of its contents were     (Academy of Sciences); Dr. Rafik
Fax: () ‒                           consumed by the flames, including ,       Moukhametshin (Islamic Research
Email:                        manuscripts in Arabic, Persian, Turkish,      Centre); and Dr. Raphael Khakimov
                                              Hebrew and local alhamijado, as thous-        (Adviser to the President of Tatarstan).
                                              ands of Ottoman-era documents.As a            Dr.Anas al Shaikh-Ali (IIIT, London)
Islam & Peace                                 substantial part of its collection was sent
                                              or taken abroad in the form of micro-
                                                                                            also gave a talk on the Islamisation of
                                                                                            Knowledge.Almost one hundred social
The Islam and Peace Seminar will be           films or photocopies the Institute staff
                                                                                            scientists, academics and postgraduate
held in January  in the USA. It seeks     members are currently building a data-
                                                                                            students attended the conference.
to explore Islamic discourses that            base of all copied materials outside
promote peace and non-violence. Those         Bosnia to help ‘rebuild’ their collections.
                                                                                             If you would like any information
who are interested in presenting papers       Friends and colleagues who possess or          regarding academic news, seminars,
or acting as discussants may submit their     know of the whereabouts of any such            conferences, or new and forthcoming
                                              microfilms or photocopies anywhere in          books, to be included in the newsletter,
requests to the seminar coordinator:                                                         please send it to:
Dr. Karim Crow, Islamic Peace Forum,          the world are therefore urged to contact
 nd St. NW #, Washington             Andras Riedlmayer,Aga Khan Program             AMSS NEWSLETTER
                                              for Islamic Architecture, Harvard              P.O. Box , Richmond,
D.C. , USA. Tel: ‒‒
                                              University,  Quincy St., Cambridge MA        Surrey  
                                              , USA. Tel: () ‒;               Tel: ‒  Fax: ‒ 


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