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Developed with the specific needs of the dentist in mind, the new Century 2 autoclave places
special emphasis on the requirement for exceptional performance and style.

Building on the innovations including the unique door design, first seen in the highly successful
Century 2100 range of autoclaves, the new Century 2 reflects the trend towards the stylish, clean
aesthetics of today's modern dental practices. By successfully blending clinical white with the cool
tones of mint green, Century 2 can be considered to be one of today's best, if not the best, looking
autoclave currently available.

In terms of performance, the new compact 11 litre three tray and 16 litre six tray models have a
short rear case, making them the ideal autoclave for placing on the smaller work surfaces found in
many practices. In addition these models now incorporate one of the fastest vacuum sterilizing
cycles on the market, a pre-vacuum, 134°C cycle, suitable for sterilizing all instruments and dental
handpieces in under 12 minutes (11 litre models).

Along with the added benefits of a simple to use control and display panel and state-of-the-art
electronic control systems, Century 2 provides the consistent reliability and flexibility, demanded by
today's dental practitioner.


Focusing on the attributes of both form and function, Century2 challenges traditional autoclave
design with a number of key features and benefits designed to make instrument sterilization easier
and more efficient than ever before.

Unique door design

Century 2's unique door design* is as quick and easy to use as that on a microwave oven - it
opens at the touch of a button and can be pushed closed using one finger, locking automatically.

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*International Patent No. PCT/GB97/02586

Control and display panel

Selecting the correct sterilizing cycle for your instruments couldn't be easier.

The touch sensitive control panel is well laid out and simple to operate - just press one button to
select the type of cycle and another to start it.

The clear, concise, graphical display lets you know in an instant the actual progress of the selected
sterilizing cycle.

Choice of model sizes

To meet a wide range of specific needs, new Century 2 is available in a choice of sizes.

The new 11 litre, three tray system is ideal for smaller practices where fewer instruments need to
be sterilized.

Where larger quantities of instruments are to be sterilized, a six tray system in either 16, 22 or 30

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litre* sizes is available. *suitable for instruments up to 600mm

Optional printer

When it is essential to have a printed record of each sterilizing cycle, Century 2 offers the option of
an integral printer.

The printer module is available either factory fitted at the point of purchase or can be easily
retro-fitted by the user at a later date.

Guaranteed peace of mind

The one-piece stainless steel chamber has a full 10 year guarantee whilst the boiler carries a
lifetime guarantee. All other components have a 1 year guarantee from date of purchase.

Four Automatic Cycles

          Vacuum cycle for pouched (wrapped) or unpouched instruments, with drying.

          Vacuum cycle for unpouched instruments, no drying.

          Non-vacuum cycle for unpouched instruments, with drying.

          Non-vacuum cycle for unpouched instruments, no drying.


Vacuum models

Century 2 uses a powerful vacuum pump to ensure the removal of all the air from within the
chamber prior to sterilization.

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In the absence of air, steam is able to reach all instrument surfaces, including inside the narrow
lumens of hollow instruments such as complex dental handpieces and scopes. The use of a vacuum
autoclave is also imperative if instrument pouches or bags are to be used.

On completion of the selected sterilizing cycle, the Century 2's automatic, pulsed, vacuum assisted
drying phase, ensures instruments are perfectly dry.

As well as leaving instruments ready for immediate use, post-vacuum drying helps keep valuable
instruments in good condition and prolongs their life.

Vacuum model/cycle options

       11 litre three tray system

       16 litre six tray system

       22 litre six tray system*

*There is also a choice of sterilizing temperature - either 134°C for 3 mins or 121°C for 15 mins

Non-vacuum models

Century 2 utilises a process known as downward displacement - as pressurised steam enters the
chamber, air is forced out, allowing the steam to come into contact with all instrument surfaces,
destroying harmful bacteria and spores.

A cycle which includes automatic drying can be selected. As well as leaving instruments ready for
immediate use, this helps keep valuable instruments in good condition and prolongs their life.

When an extremely fast turnaround of instruments is required, selecting the standard non-vacuum
cycle, without drying, can offer a total cycle time of 13 minutes.

Century 2 non-vacuum autoclaves are particularly suitable for applications where predominantly
solid instruments are used and a rapid turnaround is imperative.

Non-vacuum model/cycle options

       11 litre three tray system

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      16 litre six tray system

      22 litre six tray system*

      30 litre six tray system*

*There is also a choice of sterilizing temperature - either 134°C for 3
mins or 121°C for 15 mins


Chamber Capacities          11 litre           16 litre          22 litre       30 litre
Overall product width       480mm              480mm             480mm          480mm
Overall product height      410mm              410mm             410mm          410mm
Overall product length      440mm              560mm             560mm          660mm
Net (gross) weight - vacuum 41kg (44.5)        40kg (45.5)       43kg (48.5)    n/a
- non-vacuum                37kg (41.5)        35kg (40.5)       37kg (42.5)    41kg (46.5)
Chamber diameter            210mm              250mm             250mm          250mm
Chamber lengths             330mm              330mm             430mm          600mm
Tray capacity/length        3@282mm            6@282mm           6@430mm        6@600mm
Max instrument length       300mm              300mm             430mm          600mm
Max instrument load -
                            1kg (pouched)      1kg (pouched) 2kg (pouched) n/a
                            2kg                2kg               6kg
                            (unpouched)        (unpouched)       (unpouched)
                            2kg                2kg               6kg            6 kg
- non-vacuum
                            (unpouched)        (unpouched)       (unpouched)    (unpouched)
Sterilizing temperature     134°C              134°C             121/134°C      121/134°C
Sterilizing time (minimum) 3mins               3mins             15/3mins       15/3mins
Cycles - vacuum             4                  3                 6              n/a
- non-vacuum                2                  2                 4              4
Operating pressure          2.05bar            2.05bar           1.05/2.05bar   1.05/2.05bar
Voltage/wattage - vacuum 230v/2200w            230v/2200w        230v/2200w     n/a
- non-vacuum                230v/2200w         230v/2200w        230v/2200w     230v/2200w

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                                                                                 110v/1500w   110v/1500w
Frequency - vacuum                     50Hz                    50Hz              50Hz         n/a
- non-vacuum                           50 - 60Hz               50 - 60Hz         50 - 60Hz    50 - 60Hz
Note: Please refer to price list for details of complete model specifications.

Century 2 has been designed to comply with the following standards

        Medical Devices Directive (MDD 93/42/EEC)
        Electro Magnetic Compatibility Directive
        European Sterilizer Standard (Draft prEN13060)
        Pressure vessel to American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Section 8
        BS EN 61010 Parts 1/2
        UL/CSA 3101(American/Canadian) covering electrical and product safety


                                                                                    Part number
Instrument tray
- 282mm tray - stainless steel                                                      279006
- 430mm tray - stainless steel                                                      279005
- 600mm tray - aluminium                                                            279004
Instrument bag / pouch rack
- 282mm rack - stainless steel                                                      279009
- 600mm rack - stainless steel                                                      279008
Instrument tray / rack carrier
- 22L / 30L - 6 tray capacity-stainless steel                                       279002
- 22L / 30L - 3 tray capacity-stainless steel                                       279228
- 16L - 6 tray capacity-stainless steel                                             279230
- 16L - 3 tray capacity-stainless steel                                             279229
- 11L - 3 tray capacity stainless steel                                             279238

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Instrument tray / rack lifter
- Stainless steel                                      279007
Printer accessories
- Replacement roll for Printer 279000                  279001
- Replacement ribbon for Printer 279000                279221
Sealing gasket
- 210mm chamber                                        279010
- 250mm chamber                                        279011
TST sterilizing indicator strips
- 121°C & 134°C Dual strip                             259277

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