Building for the Future by fionan


									        Building for the Future
       First Baptist Church of Polk City April 27, 2009   Issue 2

                     A Letter from your Steering Team Leader

                     Dear Church Family,

                     I hope by now you have heard or are already involved in the great things that are
                     happening at First Baptist Church of Polk City. We had a day of prayer where
                     all of us could bring up our prayer needs and have our fellow brothers and
                     sisters in Christ pray for each other. We are continuing to pray for those needs as
                     well as the Building for the Future Program.

                     You should have received a brochure about the Building for the Future
                     Campaign and our first newsletter from the Pastor. If you did not receive one,
                     please contact the church office at 984-1384.

                     To build our new building we are going to need to give sacrificially. You may
                     be asking yourself, what is sacrificial giving? When we speak of people giving
                     sacrificially, we may assume that the person performing such an act is giving all
“Offer your          they have with nothing much left. The secret of sacrificial giving is the motive,
                     not the amount. Remember that our whole Building for the Future campaign is
bodies as            about doing God’s will. So each one of us needs to pray and let God guide them
living               in what their gift should be.
sacrifices           Your Steering Team takes our slogan “Not Equal Gifts, But Equal Sacrifice”
holy    and          serious, so join us in praying that God’s will be done and lives will be saved for
pleasing to          Christ.
God…”                As I close I would like to quote our Stewardship Department Director of Florida
Rom. 12:1            Baptist Convention, Clarence E. Hackett, “When we become spiritually
                     convinced of the importance and joy of witnessing our commitments to God
                     before His people, the question of whether we believe in commitments at all
                     become irrelevant. We make a commitment every time we make an application
                     for electric service or a telephone, write a check, use a credit card, or buy
                     anything on credit. So we really do believe in making commitments, and we
                     practice it all the time.” I am just asking you give God the same level of
                     commitments you give these things and I am sure First Baptist Church of Polk
                     City will be blessed by Him like we have never seen before.

                     Finally, I would like you to know who your Steering Team is and if you have
                     any questions, please do not hesitate to ask any one of us.

                              David Carroll                                 Terressa Hollingsworth
                              Buddy Worley                                  Randy Carroll
                              Ed & Chris Rivero                             Virginia Martin
                              Jack Farley                                   Mary Scott
                              Chuck Goodrich

                              David Carroll

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