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					                            PRAGATI SITE VISIT REPORT
                                                                                      Date : 11th Jan 2009

Site Visit Done by      :     N.V.S.Pradeep Kumar (Asha-Hyd)

Visiting Date           :     3rd Jan 2009 at around 11.45 am (IST)

Visit Place & Address   :     PRAGATI (
                                          SCHOOL FOR REFORMATION OF MENTALLY CHANLLENGED

                              HOUSE NO. 1-6-39/100/1,
                              SRI VENKATA SAI NAGAR COLONY,
                              WEST VENKATAPURAM, ALWAL,
                              HYDERABAD, A.P. INDIA.
About the PRAGATI

      This is a Special school Found in year 1999 by Secretary of this organization ( Smt
C.Rajyalakshmi ) has one mentally handicapped son, which was the primary motivating factor behind
formation of this society. As per the available information. As the promoters have deep understanding of
the problem faced by these families, they can help the society in a better manner through this

Numbers of Students in the school are about 20 and about 11 students were present as on the day.

The School students are basically children age in between 7 – 15 and have low Level of IQ.

The School closely works under guidance of NATIONAL INSTITUE OF MENTALLY HANDICAPPED

The School in involved in a special activities of Improving the IQ of the children and making them self
efficient to do day to day activities of the children by them self which they can’t do at current point of time.

Smt C.Rajyalakshmi the founder of the school is trained from NATIONAL INSTITUE OF MENTALLY
The School has 4 rooms with about 4 Staff members taking care of students. All the rooms are equipped
with the needy required equipments to the children.

All the Requirements as of now are being funded by Smt     C.Rajyalakshmi and her family members as
they do not receive any aid from the government or NGO.

Sri P.Rajeswara Rao father of Smt C.Rajyalakshmi and also President of the Origination is
undergoing With a PGD course of psychological therapy as to server better and closely to the students.

The school has one music teacher (volunteer) and also conducts counseling classes and special
education classes at regular intervals.

The school is need of funds and wants to expand their services and have plans of give vocational
education to the children (ex: Stitching, candle making and few other plans) so that the children can stand
on their own legs for rest of their entire life.
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