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					Director’sWord                                                                                                           No. 2 • 2007
Our kids need good role models. The                   In a country town we are currently working in,        Many children are deprived of even this slim
adult community needs to step up to the               a young 21-year-old man approached me and             diet of human nurturance. Psychiatrist, Edward
plate for the sake of our young.                      stated, “If you bring up a dog badly, it will bite.   Hallowell contends that most symptoms of
                                                      If you raise it with kindness it will not hurt        troubled behaviour signal a deficiency in
“He drew a circle to shut me out.                     anyone.” I asked him what his point was, and          human connections.
Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout.                     he replied, “Adults in this town have raised
But love and I had the wit to win.                                                                          When we received news about the 30 people
                                                      kids badly and therefore the kids don’t have a        killed in the recent schoolyard shooting at the
We drew a circle that took him in.”                   chance.” Another youth in the same town stated,       Virginia Tech - we later learnt that the shooter
Poet, Edwin Markham in ‘Outwitted’.                   “It is the adults who are out of control in this      demonstrated that years of alienation and pain
                                                      town, it is the 45 year olds who are brawling in      finally erupted with a horrendous act of murder.
We receive over 300 calls per month about kids        the pubs.” Another young man stated, “In my           There were years of signs that this young man
in trouble. I consult and advise many communities     community, physical assault of young people is        was in trouble. One of his classmates wrote, “He
across Australia who are in serious trouble with      accepted as a cultural norm. Kids are belted          didn’t reach out to anyone. He never talked. We
their young people.                                   black and blue for coming home a half an hour         really just knew him as the question mark kid”.
It will be difficult for the readers of this          late.”                                                His next door neighbour said, “He appeared like
newsletter to understand that some families are       In April this year, we read the tragic story of       he had a broken heart”.
too dangerous to live in, because I know our          two 16 year old girls who hanged themselves           We need to read the signs of our troubled kids
supporters (like the majority of people in this       after making a suicide pact. They were part           and give them support. Pain based behaviour
country) have raised their children and grand-        of a group who call themselves ‘Emos’. One            demands more than our ambulance chasing
children with love and devotion.                      of the expressions of their pain and alienation       curiosity. Pain based behaviour - before it
However, over the past months we have taken           is to self-mutilate (slash up, cut up) ... imagine    becomes pain unleashed on others - should
kids into care who are literally being starved        getting a razor blade and slashing great gashes       trigger a response that opens the floodgates of
by their families and the parents just don’t          in your flesh (some times hundreds of times) in       human kindness and financial resources in
understand they doing anything wrong. We              an attempt to numb the pain of aloneness. One         order to restore.
have been in touch with young people under            ‘Emo’ stated recently “It’s not us who suck, it’s
                                                                                                            As I am writing this, I read that a 10 year old boy
the age of 16 who are being exploited                 the world and the government.”
                                                                                                            was removed to his grandmother. He had been
sexually by adult males who are paying the girls      To thrive, children need social communities           living with his mother, who is a stripper, and
sometimes with three cigarettes and a can of          that nurture their physical, emotional,               her boyfriend, who is a convicted child
beer. We have had to rescue a young woman             intellectual and spiritual needs. According to        pornography abuser.
from a household where her stepfather was             psychologist, Urie Bronfenbrenner, the
holding her as a sex slave. In one Sydney suburb                                                            What hope do our kids have if they don’t have
                                                      absolute minimum dosage of connection
we are dealing with many teenage pregnancies                                                                good role models and environments that are
                                                      for each child is at least one adult who is
and these girls have no support whatsoever.                                                                 nurturing?
                                                      irrationally crazy about him or her.
                                                                                                            Hurt people hurt people. (Native American Proverb)
                                                                                                            World-renowned psychiatrist, Karl Menninger,
                                                                                                            spent his retirement years serving homeless
                                                                                                            children. Well into his 90’s he advocated the
                                                                                                            cause of children without belongings. He saw
                                                                                                            “mistreated, abandoned, rejected, wounded
                                                                                                            children” as growing in an environment where
                                                                                                            the seeds of discouragement have been planted.
                                                                                                            As these children develop, they encounter
                                                                                                            increasing difficulties in social and emotional
                                                                                                            adjustment. Their lives become ‘flowers of evil’
                                                                                                            marked by mental illness, delinquency,
                                                                                                            depression and defeat.
                                                                                                            What we want to achieve in our work with young
                                                                                                            people is to find and strengthen the positive and
                                                                                                            healthy elements, no matter how deeply they
                                                                                                            are hidden.                     Karl Wilker 1920
 Over 500 high school students and hundreds of interested community members attended a forum called by
  the Cootamundra Drug & Alcohol Awareness Committee in June. Fr Riley was invited to speak on the issues   Father Chris Riley - CEO, Youth Off The Streets
  of youth involvement in alcohol and drug abuse, and anti-social behaviour in our communities.

                                                                                           Youth Off The Streets        ■   Number 2, 2007         ■   Page 1
Corporate PartnershipsNEWS
Community Development                                guidance on safe driving behaviour and practices.
                                                     Two of our corporate supporters, the Honda
                                                                                                          made completely from recycled products, and
                                                                                                          a few fabulous wigs from the Opera Australia
Needs Sponsors                                       Foundation and NRMA Insurance, are working           costume department. Sounds like a pretty crazy
As you may know from reading past issues of          hard to help combat these risks and teach our        day, doesn’t it?
this newsletter, our Community Development           young people the skills necessary to become
                                                                                                          It w as , but i t w as al s o e ngaging and
programs have grown tremendously in recent           safer drivers.
                                                                                                          educational. For scattered amongst all the
years. From the humble beginnings of a
                                                                                                          laughter and mayhem, were the real objectives
basketball game and sausage sizzle, our
programs in Airds and Macquarie Fields have                                                               of the drumming workshop: the important
flourished to include community volunteers,                                                               principles of decision-making, teamwork,
liaison with local police officers, special                                                               listening and leadership.
programs in local schools, cultural activities
                                                                                                          We’d like to thank the staff at Goldman Sachs
with local Aboriginal elders, local youth worker
trainees and new this year, a secondary                                                                   JBWere, the Sydney Youth Orchestra and Opera
education program targeting marginalised                                                                  Australia for connecting with our youth and for
students from the area.                                                                                   giving them an experience they won’t soon forget.
We would like to extend a special thanks
and appreciation to corporate partners Lion                                                               Workplace Giving
Nathan, PepsiCo Australia and Vodafone                YOTS young person learns the importance
                                                                                                          Several of our Corporate Partners support
Australia Foundation, whose ongoing support            of safe driving.
                                                                                                          our kids through a scheme called Workplace
and sponsorship of these communities have
                                                                                                          Giving. It’s an easy, cost-effective way for staff
allowed us to pilot a number of initiatives and      Through the Honda Australia Roadcraft Training
                                                                                                          to support their favourite charity. Here’s how it
determine a best practice model that can be          (HART) facility and the NRMA Motoring and            works.
implemented in other communities.                    Services’ Safer Driving School, our young
                                                     people are learning to drive through the best        Yo u r c o m p a n y ’s p a y r o l l d e p a r t m e n t
Now that YOTS is expanding to other
                                                                                                          automatically deducts the donation from your
communities, particularly in areas throughout        methods possible. These programs guide YOTS
                                                                                                          pre-tax earnings, which essentially lowers your
rural NSW, we are looking for like-minded            young people through the licensing process,
                                                                                                          taxable income and costs you less per donation.
sponsors to come onboard and support us in           ensuring they become low-risk drivers and            Plus, because many companies these days will
our endeavours to re-build connections with          understand the concept of road safety.               match your Workplace Giving donations, you
young people and their communities.
                                                                                                          are effectively doubling your gift.
                                                     We’re working together to make a safer driving
Your support is critical to our success. If you
                                                     environment for everyone.
would like to help, please contact our corporate
partnerships team on (02) 8332 5000 or email              Connecting with Youth –
                                                     through drumming
                                                     Fr Chris Riley often talks about the importance of
                                                     connecting with youth. This sometimes means
                                                     coming up with activities that will engage the
                                                     young – and the young at heart! Earlier this
                                                     year, YOTS young people were treated to an
                                                     extraordinary day, thanks to our friends at
                                                     Goldman Sachs JBWere.
                                                     Imagine this… mix together a group of YOTS
                                                     kids, a half dozen financial organisation
 Building strong communities.                       volunteers, the Sydney Youth Orchestra, an
                                                     old French door, 20 or so make-shift drums

Driver Training
In 2007, it is more important than ever that
young people learn safe driving skills to minimise
the risk of dangerous driving. According to an
NRMA young driver fact sheet, the underlying
causes of road crashes and fatalities for young
people are: inexperience, location (notably
rural areas), poor hazard perception, unlicensed
driving, overconfidence, carrying passengers/
passenger behaviour, alcohol, and risk-taking
                                                      YOTS, GSJBW staff and SYO musicians gather
behaviour. YOTS young people are susceptible           to test out their newly acquired percussion
to these dangers as most have had limited              instruments.

Page 2    ■   Number 2, 2007       ■   Youth Off The Streets
Corporate PartnershipsNEWS cont.
Talk to your HR department today to discuss the
benefits of Workplace Giving. And don’t forget
                                                     Corporate Volunteer                                   volunteered their work days this year. Thanks to
                                                                                                           their assistance we have been able to take our
to ask if they’ll match your charity donation.       News                                                  young people on outings, paint for a few very
We’d like to thank all our workplace giving          It has been a busy six months for our corporate       desperate services, and add a bit of sparkle to
partners, particularly our most active: ABN          volunteer teams.                                      many of our gardens.
AMRO, Caliburn, CSR, Morgan Stanley, Optus
                                                     Thanks to Vodafone, PricewaterhouseCoopers,           With the support of our corporate volunteer
and PricewaterhouseCoopers.
                                                     Westpac, BT Financial Group, Business Objects,        teams we are able to start and finish a great
                                                     NRMA Motoring & Services, Insurance Australia         deal of work that we wouldn’t otherwise be able
                                                     Group (IAG), 3 Mobile and CCH who have all            to achieve.

 Bargo Cottage before PwC blitzed the garden.                                                                Bargo Cottage after a few hours of hard work.

Thanks to our corporate partners for their ongoing support:

              A & DJ Building Services AFL Players Assoc Charity Fund Alltrans International Beach Road Hotel Broken Wings Entertainment
                                          ■                           ■                  ■                     ■                            ■

Castle Hill Medical Centre CHAMP Coca-Cola Australia Foundation Count Charitable Foundation Downer Engineers Goldman Sachs JBWere Hunter Hall
                          ■           ■                           ■                          ■                     ■                        ■            ■

        Hutchison Telecoms IGA John Milne No 3 Pty Ltd Macleay College and Republic Films Australia Mary Rossi Travel Munich Re Australasia
                              ■   ■                     ■                                              ■                   ■                     ■

                           Ritz Hurstville Hotel Sellers Holdings SPF Asia Pacific Tabcorp Holdings Thomson Asia Pacific Holding
                                                 ■           ■               ■                   ■

                                                                                       Youth Off The Streets           ■   Number 2, 2007       ■    Page 3
 In each newsletter we give you an update on          The Walgett program has recently
 new programs or projects we have started and         received t w o y e a r s o f f u n d i n g
 also highlight some of our regular programs.         support from the Australian
                                                      Government through the Department
What’s New?                                           of Families, Community Services and
                                                                                                         The Youth Off The Streets Scholarship
                                                                                                         Program provides financial and personal
Our highlight in the last six months is the opening   Indigenous Affairs and we thank the                support to young people throughout Australia.
of two new Community Development Outreach             department for their support.                      This important program focuses on young people
Programs in regional NSW. We have started
                                                                                                         who have ability and determination, but who
new programs in Griffith and in Walgett.
                                                                                                         may lack the resources to move forward and
Our Griffith program is a youth street-based          Program Highlights                                 achieve their goals. Since the program launch
initiative headed up by Kathy McKenzie who                                                               in 2004, 42 young people have been provided
                                                      DON BOSCO HOUSE
has lived in the Griffith region for many years.
                                                                                                         with assistance to pursue education and training.
Kathy is supporting a number of local Youth Off       Don Bosco House is our crisis youth refuge
The Streets trainee youth workers to connect          located in Marrickville in Sydney. It provides     The program’s success is due to the support of
with young people on the streets of Griffith and      crisis accommodation to young men and women        our scholarship sponsors, whose commitment
work with them to develop initiatives to build on     between the ages of 15-18 who are homeless.        has made it possible for Youth Off The Streets
the interests and strengths of young people to        The service will take referrals for young people   to expand the number of scholarships offered
improve their chances in life.                        from across NSW. Don Bosco is a safe and
                                                                                                         from 10 in 2004 to 20 in 2007. Each scholarship
                                                      supportive service for young people who find
                                                                                                         is sponsored by a different individual, community
                                                      themselves homeless and we provide
                                                      accommodation, meals, clothing and supportive      group, foundation or corporate supporter and
                                                      referrals to other services such as health, drug   sponsors receive quarterly updates on the
                                                      & alcohol counselling and rehabilitation, legal    progress of each recipient.
                                                      support, welfare, education, employment
                                                                                                         After meeting their recipients and getting to
                                                      services etc.
                                                                                                         know them a little better at the Scholarship
                                                      At Don Bosco we can also refer young people        Awards Dinner, some sponsors make the choice
                                                      onto our other services such as our independent    to extend their involvement in the program
                                                      alternative high schools, semi-independent
                                                                                                         further than their financial contribution.
                                                      living, and Drug & Alcohol intervention program,
                                                      as part of the continuum of care YOTS provides.    One such sponsorship is that of a group of
                                                      Don Bosco helps kids to get off the streets and    ‘bikers’ from the Northern Beaches, who have
 Griffith Outreach Program - David Koche             get stability in their lives.                      taken steps to get to know their scholarship
  provided much inspiration to YOTS Trainee
  Youth Workers when he visited in April.             Don Bosco is supported by a grant from the         recipients and become friends with the young
                                                      Department of Community Services (DoCs)            people they financially support. The Northern
                                                      through the Supported Accommodation                Beaches Social Riders (NBSR) first became
Our Walgett program started in June and is
                                                      Assistance Program (SAAP).                         involved with the Scholarship Program in 2005,
headed up by two of our youth and community
development workers, Leon and Michelle                                                                   when they provided financial support for Brett,
Penrith, who have moved out to Walgett to take                                                           a young man from the Northern NSW, to pursue
up this exciting and challenging new work on          Clubs News                                         training in outdoor recreation.
behalf of YOTS. Our Walgett program is focusing       YOTS was invited to be a community partner
on the needs of young Aboriginal people in the        of the Blacktown Workers Club in 2006 and our
community. Leon and Michelle are in the               relationship with the Club continues. In 2006-07
establishment phase of this program - meeting         the Club has donated over $16,000 to YOTS with
local community Elders, staff from other services     half of those funds going to our important
and the local Council and generally connecting        Aftercare program.
and building a rapport with the young people
and families in the community.                        We would like to say a very big thanks to
                                                      Blacktown Workers Club for its very generous
Both programs will be seeking community               support of our work.
support in the form of volunteers and mentors.
If you are interested in receiving training to        In the last six months we have done a number
become either a volunteer or a mentor in              of talks and presentations to clubs. We really      Brett with members of the NBSR during
Griffith or in Walgett you can contact our            appreciate the opportunity to share our work         his visit in Sydney.
Volunteers Manager on 02 8332 5000 or email           with clubs and provide the clubs with a deeper
                                                      insight into how donations, CDSE funds and         Brett got his first taste on a Harley the day after and put
                                                      sponsorships contribute to improving the lives     the 2005 scholarship dinner, when members of
“volunteering” in the subject line. Please note
that all Youth Off The Streets volunteers must        of the young people we support. In April one       the NBSR gave him and his foster parents rides
participate in training and pass the relevant         of our Development staff spoke at the Eastern      around Sydney. In January 2006, Brett was then
police and working with children checks. You          Metro region area committee and Father Chris       lucky enough to come to Sydney to meet up
can also download a volunteering form from            Riley spoke in May for the area committee          with his sponsors for an outing of a lifetime. The
our website on: http://www.youthoffthestreets.        at the Ingleburn RSL. In May also, one of our      group organised every detail of Brett’s trip with                          wonderful volunteers did a presentation at the     him having the opportunity for Harley rides, go
                                                      Peakhurst Bowling Club.

Page 4    ■   Number 2, 2007        ■   Youth Off The Streets
                                                                                                        Challenge yourself
                                                     D A N C I N G S A N TA S                              to trek the
                                                        Bring Joy & Goodwill
                                                                                                          Great Wall
                                                                                                        & find out if it really does
for a flight over Sydney
in a helicopter and have

                                                                                                          keep the rabbits out!
a special tour of Taronga
Zoo, where he saw
behind the scenes in the
Veterinary and Quarantine
Centre. During this time
Brett got to know club
members and their
families, giving a great
boost to his self-esteem.  Brett is treated to      Wishing to celebrate the Festive Season last
                              a ride in a chopper.   year, families in Lawson Place, Barden Ridge
While continuing their close support of Brett,
                                                     lit up and decorated their houses and gardens.
the club then committed to further sponsorship
                                                     Eight kids aged 6 to 15 dressed as Santas,
in 2006, and met William, a young man with
                                                     danced and sang every night between 8.30pm
outstanding roller skating and gymnastic
                                                     and 9.30 pm. The kids decided they would like
talent. Who would have pictured a group of
                                                     to take up a bucket collection and set up           Youth Off The Streets invites you to help
bikers at a roller skating competition! But
                                                     signage to ask visitors to make a donation to       make a difference to the lives of Australia’s
once again the club members have made
                                                     Youth Off The Streets.                              disadvantaged young people by joining us on
every effort to get to know William and his
                                                                                                         an incredible journey.
family, attending his competitions and even
spending time ice skating with them at the                                                               The YOTS Trekking Challenge is designed so
local rink in Newcastle.                                                                                 that supporters can make a difference whilst
                                                                                                         exploring some of the most incredible places
                                                                                                         on earth. Presented in partnership with World
                                                                                                         Expeditions the YOTS Trekking Challenge
                                                                                                         combines the challenge of fundraising with
                                                                                                         an amazing opportunity to experience the
                                                                                                         world with like-minded YOTS supporters.

                                                                                                         The Great Wall Trekking
                                                     Onlookers arrived nightly in busloads to
                                                                                                         Challenge Departs May ‘08
                                                     admire the lights and enjoy the festivities. One    Visit China before it takes centre stage as the
 William and NBSR members at the ice rink.                                                              2008 Olympic host country! Immerse yourself
                                                     evening elderly residents of a nursing home
                                                                                                         in Chinese culture. Flying into Beijing, you will
                                                     asked the kids if they would board their bus        visit the ‘Forbidden City’, Tiananmen Square
This extraordinary group of people have given
                                                     so they could make donations and have their         and the Summer Palace before heading off
their time with a huge amount of kindness
                                                     photos taken with the Santas. One Mum says:         on a five day Great Wall trek where you will
and enthusiasm. With their commitment as
                                                     “That was a truly lovely moment for the kids        descend via local trails to quaint villages in
sponsors once again in the 2007 Scholarship
                                                     and the elderly folk.”                              Hebei Province to experience local tradition.
Program, Youth Off The Streets know the real
and lasting difference this group of bike riders     Our thanks to the Dancing Santas and their          For further information and to be involved in
will make to the lives of the young people they      familes for sharing the Christmas spirit with       the 2007/08 trekking challenges, please call
meet.                                                Youth Off The Streets.                              Ina Mullin on (02) 8332 5005 or
For more information on the scholarship
sponsors and recipients go to www.youth
The 2007 Scholarship recipients will be
presented with their awards at a ‘Celebration
of Youth’ Dinner at The Westin Hotel, Martin
Place on September 15. For more information
regarding the Scholarship Program or the
dinner please contact the Program Manager
on (02) 8332 5004 or katef@youthoffthestreets.
                                                      L to R, back: James, Michael, Ben, Michelle –                                                                                                   The Forbidden City from Tiananmen Square.
                                                       front: Caitlin, Jessica, Joshua, Rebecca.

                                                                                          Youth Off The Streets    ■   Number 2, 2007        ■   Page 5
GROUND BREAkING EVENT                                 MISS WORLD AUSTRALIA                                MORNING TEA AT EDEN GARDENS
                                                                                                          The launch of Eden Garden’s People and Poetry
In February The Hon Mal Brough MP Federal             YOTS was the beneficiary of the fundraising on
                                                                                                          Exhibition was a tribute to the many individuals
Minister for Families, Community Services and         the night of the Miss World Australia Crowning
                                                                                                          who make up our local community. A big thank
Indigenous Affairs; The Hon Chris Hayes MP            at Star City in April – raising over $20,000.
                                                                                                          you to Director Anna Ainsworth for her continuing
Federal Member for Werriwa; The Hon Cherie            In January, last year’s winner Miss Sabrina
                                                                                                          support of YOTS and making this wonderful
Burton NSW Minister for Housing, and NSW              Houssami and runner up Caroline Pemberton
                                                                                                          venue available for our morning tea in May. The
Police Commissioner Ken Moroney joined                accompanied Father Chris Riley and three
                                                                                                          next morning tea will be held 26 September.
Fr Chris Riley, Campbelltown City Councillors,        trainee youth workers to East Timor – footage
community leaders and Miss World Australia,           from this trip was shown on the evening.
Sabrina Houssami, to officially break the ground
at the site of a proposed multi-purpose youth
facility building project in Macquarie Fields.        ROMULUS MY FATHER
                                                      In May at the Cremorne Orpheum YOTS
                                                      supporters attended a special screening of
                                                      Eric Bana’s film Romulus My Father. After the
                                                      screening Margaret Pomeranz from At The
                                                      Movies was joined on stage by Eric Bana,
                                                      Director, Richard Roxburgh, Producer, Robert
                                                      Connelly, and actor Martin Csokas. They readily      Fr Riley, Anna Ainsworth and members of the
                                                      answered questions from the audience for over         YOTS vocal group.
                                                      an hour - a fantastic treat for the captivated
                                                      audience!                                           THANkS TO
                                                                                                          ➔ Sparechange II in May at Space Nightclub
 Police Commissioner Ken Moroney chats with                                                                in Sydney – Clubbing for a Cause –
  YOTS staff member at the Ground Breaking Event.                                                           organised by Broken Wings Entertainment
                                                                                                            raised over $13,000.
Officially marking the launch of the Youth Centre
                                                                                                          ➔ Sydney Boys High hosted another amazing
project close to the second anniversary of
                                                                                                            Bucket Collection in June and despite the
the 2005 riots celebrated the goodwill and
                                                                                                            rain managed to raise nearly $7,000.
community spirit that is now found in the
                                                                                                          ➔ Tafe Ultimo Event students hosted two
Macquarie Fields area – and also served to
                                                                                                            fabulous events Fashion for Funding and My
remind community leaders of the need to
                                                                                                            Big Fat Greek Fundraiser. Over the past few
ensure that young people are given access
                                                                                                            years Events students have raised over $50,000.
to education and facilities that will help them
                                                                                                          ➔ Paramount Pictures who supported the film
realise their dreams. The proposed facility will
                                                                                                            premiere of Freedom Writers at the George
provide youth services such as educational
                                                                                                            St Cinemas with YOTS collecting ticket
programs and sporting facilities – along with
                                                      GET OUT AND PLAY WITH GLENN McGRATH                   sales on the evening.
treatment services including drug, alcohol and
                                                      In May, cricketer Glenn McGrath donated his
psychological counselling.
                                                      time to young people in YOTS programs. Glenn        A SPECIAL THANkS TO:
                                                      gave our young people the opportunity to
                                                                                                          ★ Staplegod Productions
                                                      bowl him out; shared his bowling secrets, and
NINTH ANNUAL MACSIM SYDNEY                                                                                ★ Friday I’m In love - Paddington Town Hall
                                                      delivered inspiration through a Q&A session
TO SURFERS BIkE RIDE                                                                                      ★ ANZ Blue Week- Gordon, Macquarie Centre,
                                                      aimed at encouraging young people to continue
This annual event organised by Ken Robinson           to strive to reach their full potential. YOTS are
                                                                                                          ★ Ignite Productions
and Engadine Rotary Club was again an inspiring       very grateful to Masterfoods, the major sponsor
                                                                                                          ★ Buddy Wakim Opening
success. 120 riders set off from Hornsby              of the Get Out & Play Day, along with Franklins,
                                                                                                          ★ Pittstop Fashion Parade & Styling Sessions
in March to cycle the 1,000 kms to Surfers            Mounties sporting clubs and Cricket NSW
                                                                                                          ★ Kumon Family Fun Day
Paradise. They were joined this year by two           who donated the food, venue, equipment and
                                                                                                          ★ Emmaus Christian School
YOTS young people and a youth worker and              volunteers that made the day such a great
                                                                                                          ★ Former Origin Greats
had been training for several months. The Youth       success.
                                                                                                          ★ Stagetek
Worker said: “I felt very proud of the boys, and
                                                                                                          ★ Brooklyn Park Olives Muster
knew they were proud of themselves. It was
                                                                                                          ★ Rotary District 9750 Golf Day
no easy task, but they showed how tough and
                                                                                                          ★ 3x Music Series
resilient they could be”. Despite sore bones
                                                                                                          ★ Kaos Models
and blisters, both boys were overwhelmed by
                                                                                                          ★ Annandale Football Club
their experience and what they had achieved.
                                                                                                          ★ Rollingstone Landscapes
Most importantly, they proved to themselves
                                                                                                          ★ Faculty of Business, UTS Broadway
that with determination they can reach goals
they never would have believed. The ride raised                                                           If you would like to join our email list for
an amazing $170,000 for YOTS. Congratulations                                                             upcoming events – please email Amelia
to all the riders who participated and raised a                                                  and check
record amount this year, bringing the total over                                                          our website for current and local events.
the last eight years to $840,000. So start training                                                       YOTS would like to thank Sally Sharpe from
for next year! Please phone YOTS for further                                                              Morgan Stanley, and Daniel and Jae from 247
                                                       Glenn McGrath, Fr Riley and students and staff
information (02) 8332 5009.                                                                               Studios, for generously donating their time and
                                                        of Eden School , Macquarie Fields.
                                                                                                          photography at our recent events.
Page 6    ■   Number 2, 2007        ■   Youth Off The Streets
YOUTH OFF THE STREETS – OVERSEAS RELIEF                                                                      TEACHING IN TANZANIA
                                                                                                             Kilolo is a region in Tanzania that has 83 villages,
An exciting new website has been established                                                                 and only one high school. Many children,
to bring you news updates and event informa-                                                                 particularly girls, do not finish high school as
tion from our overseas projects area. Please go                                                              they are forced to leave school to care for ailing
to                                                                     parents, most of whom are extremely ill after
                                                                                                             contracting HIV/Aids.
We are also excited to advise that you can
now donate on-line. Through Paypal, one of                                                                   Education is a right for every child, and it is our
the largest on-line payment facilitators in the                                                              aim to assist as many children as possible to
world, you can donate safely and securely, and                                                               stay at school. Through YOTS Overseas Relief
be sure that your donation will come directly                                                                Fund, funds are sent to pay for school fees for
to YOTS Overseas Relief Fund. Your donations          ▲ Study rooms.
are vital for us to be able to continue to sup-
port orphans and other disadvantaged children         library that the children and young people at the
in Indonesia, Timor Leste, Tanzania, Albania and      Centre established, and manage themselves.
the Philippines.                                      Key local community representatives and
                                                      leaders also joined the visitors, and a photo of the
                                                      visit was featured on the front page Harian Aceh
                                                      – the largest daily newspaper in Aceh province.
                                                      SOUP kITCHEN FOOD PROGRAM
                                                      COMMENCES IN ALBANIA
                                                      Due to the generosity of Sydney donors, the
                                                      soup kitchen in the capital city of Tirana has
                                                      started. 45 children now have one nourishing           ▲ School’s out! Children laughing at the camera at
                                                      meal every day, whereas in the past they had to        ▼ the end of a busy school day.
                                                      forage for food from an enormous rubbish dump.
                                                      Working alongside Children First Foundation,
                                                      YOTS Overseas Relief Fund has put in place
                                                      annual funding to continue this vital project. Hot
                                                      meals such as pasta with bolognaise sauce are
                                                      provided during the bitterly cold winter months,
▲ Acehnese kids enjoy a clown show held at the        and local volunteers assist the cooks and
  YOTS Children’s Care Centre.                        drivers to transport and serve the meal.
The building project continues to progress, with
the contract document signed and the builder
ready to commence. After some changes to the
original plans, including moving the Mosque to
an area beside the road so that all local villagers
                                                                                                             over 70 orphans. They all love going to school,
could visit more easily, all the children and
                                                                                                             and are eager to learn. We are excited to
young people are very excited at the thought
                                                                                                             learn that Orphans and Social Development
of their new cottage style accommodation. Our
                                                                                                             Organisation (OSDO), our partners in Tanzania,
partner, the modern Indonesian Islamic social
                                                                                                             have plans to open a new high school, called
and educational movement Muhammadiyah, is
                                                                                                             St James Kilolo High School, in this region.
so happy with the cottage style model that they
                                                                                                             A Lulanzi village elder has donated 30 acres
intend to replicate this model across Indonesia
                                                                                                             of land to construct new buildings for the
at all new orphanages they build. We are proud
                                                                                                             high school. The land is alongside an existing
of this honour and our partnership achievements!      ▲ Soup kitchen in Albania.                             dilapidated school, and some of these old
                                                                                                             buildings will be leased to Orphans and Social
                                                                                                             Development Organisation (OSDO) immediately,
AUSTRALIAN AMBASSADOR VISITS                                                                                 so the high school can start taking students.
OUR CHILDREN’S CARE CENTRE IN ACEH,                                                                          We hope to raise funds to renovate the exist-
INDONESIA                                                                                                    ing buildings, then focus on funding the new
Australia’s Ambassador to Indonesia, Mr Bill                                                                 building project. YOTS Overseas will continue
Farmer, visited the Centre in March this year,                                                               to support OSDO and its work caring for many
to meet with some of the young people who                                                                    vulnerable orphans, and continue to offer hope
came to Australia last year. He made lots of                                                                 to children and youth in the wider local area.
positive comments about the Centre, including
complimenting the management and staff for
providing two study rooms (one for girls and one
for boys) offering computer studies to students
from our Centre, and from neighbouring villages.      ▲ Two boys eating lunch in the middle of the
Ambassador Farmer was also thrilled to see the          rubbish dump.

                                                                                           Youth Off The Streets        ■   Number 2, 2007          ■   Page 7
F O R D O N AT I O N S P L E A S E C A L L 1 8 0 0 0 6 2 2 8 8 D U R I N G B U S I N E S S H O U R S

Upcoming                                                                                            VOLUNTEERS NEWS
                                            YOU CAN BE A HERO

                                   is a new website
                                            connecting people with the charities they care          Congratulations to Molly Weber on her recent

                                            about. Everyday Hero makes it easy for you to           achievement at the Charity Awareness Volunteer
                                            donate to YOTS in 3 ways:                               Recognition Reception. Molly was presented
                                            » Firstly, you can create your own Hero webpage         with a certificate at Parliament House, Sydney,
                                            to fundraise for YOTS. A link to the Hero page          by the Commissioner for Gaming and Racing,
Saturday 15 September                                                                               for all her years of volunteering service at Don
Scholarship Dinner, Westin Hotel Sydney     can be forwarded to friends, family and
                                            colleagues so they can visit the site and make          Bosco House and the Food Van.
Be part of an amazing evening filled with
                                            donations. A supporter calling her Everyday Hero
stories of triumph and hear how young
                                            webpage UNSTIMULATED has coerced friends
Australians are fighting against the odds
                                            and family into sponsoring her for one month to
to make their dreams a reality. Mike
                                            forego all her regular stimulating treats such
Munro will MC the evening. The night
                                            tea, coffee and chocolate – funds raised going
will include a live Auction featuring two
                                            to YOTS.
Singapore Airline return tickets to any
chosen destination; a Kia Sorento and the   » Secondly, you can shop online buying every-
exclusive “This Is Your Life” Book used     day items such as flowers, pharmaceuticals
by Mike Munro for many of his fabulous      and stationery. Follow the links through the site
shows.                                      and you can direct a donation to YOTS.
                                            » Thirdly, just by forwarding an eCard to spread        ▲ Molly Weber (far right) receiving her certificate.
Entertainment will be the incredible        the word about Everyday Hero you can secure
Paulini, The Naturelles Supremes-style      a 5c donation for YOTS.
show, and a previous scholarship winner                                                             Congratulations also to Nell Lantry for being
                                   Make a difference!              named Maitland Senior Citizen of the Year.
Stevie Adams will perform. Please
                                                                                                    What a fantastic accolade for one of our dear
contact the Development Office for
                                                                                                    Op Shop volunteers! Well done Nell!
Tickets (02) 8332 5000.
20 – 23 September                                                                                   JUNE FLOODS
Chalk The Walk                                                                                      Our thoughts were with our Op Shop Volunteers
Sydney’s only Urban Art Festival returns                                                            in the Hunter and Newcastle areas during the
to Pyrmont Bridge, Darling Harbour.                                                                 wild weather in June. Thank you for all your
Be part of a fabulous event supporting                                                              assistance for Father Riley’s Op Shops after the
Youth Off The Streets and up and coming      Calling for quality, saleable items for our Op         floods – even though many of your homes were
pavement artists. For more details           Shops. Please phone if you are able to help out.       also damaged. We are extremely grateful for
phone (02) 8332 5000.                        ➔ 101 Vincent Street CESSNOCK                          your support.
Wednesday 26 September                       ➔ Unit 4/6 Brooks Ave WYOMING                          We are extremely proud to announce that
Morning Tea at Eden Gardens                  ➔ 404 Auburn Street GOULBURN                           volunteers from our first team sent to Banda
Come and enjoy morning tea in the            ➔ 250 High Street MAITLAND                             Aceh after the Boxing Day Tsunami have been
wonderful Eden Gardens. Hear Father          ➔ 790 Hunter Street NEWCASTLE                          nominated for the Humanitarian Overseas
Riley speak about the work of Youth Off      ➔ 8 Bundaroo Street BOWRAL                             Service Medal by the Office of The Prime
The Streets. Morning Tea will be followed    ➔ 632 Hume Highway CASULA                              Minister and Cabinet. All of our volunteers
by a tour of the gardens by director Anna    ➔ Holborow House Op Shop                               sent to Banda Aceh demonstrated bravery,
Ainsworth.                                     251 John Street SINGLETON                            selflessness and compassion during their time
                                                                                                    in Indonesia. However, our first group had little
Friday 30 November                           Calling for Op Shop Volunteers: If you think you
                                                                                                    idea of what to expect and showed enormous
Youth Off The Streets                        can spare a few hours per week please call
                                                                                                    courage, initiative and resilience as they were
Annual Presentation Night                    Robert Innes, Op Shops Manager, on 02 4982 2385
                                                                                                    first on the ground representing Youth Off The
You are invited to be part of our very                                                              Streets.
special Annual Presentation Night
at Bankstown District Sports Club &
                                               BEQUESTS                                             It is an enormous honour and we are thrilled
Function Centre, where the young people      You CAN make a difference! Have you got an             that Father Riley, Mr Tony Stewart MP, Rick
in our programs are awarded for their        up to date Will that reflects your wishes? When        McCarthy, Jim Barber, Scott Allan, Andrew
achievements.                                you update your Will, we ask that you consider         Balkin, Helen Buchtman, Ken Hutt, Renee
                                             leaving a residual Bequest to Youth Off The Streets.   McGowan, Michael O’Rourke, David Sugden,
                                             A bequest is a lasting gesture that ensures that       William Turner & Rebecca Wheatley have all
How You Can Help                                                                                    been given this well deserved acknowledgement.
                                             Youth Off The Streets can continue to offer life-
At most of our fundraising events            changing programs for young people in need.
throughout the year, we conduct raffles
                                             Nominating Youth Off The Streets as a beneficiary
and auctions. We are constantly              in your Will, after loved ones have been provided
sourcing prizes for these events, and        for, is an easy and effective way to continue
would really appreciate any assistance       your legacy.
you may be able to offer in the way of                                                                 102 Kenyons Road, Merrylands NSW 2160
new items, unique experiences, or            Contact our Development Office on 02 8332 5000
                                                                                                            PO Box 8, Merrylands NSW 2160
collectibles. If you are able to assist      for our suggested wording or to discuss your wishes.
                                                                                                     Tel 02 9721 5700 Fax 02 9721 0695
please call the Development Office            Special thanks to Mail Marketing Works for their        Email:
on (02) 8332 5009.                            support in distributing this newsletter.               Website:
We appreciate your help.                                                                                ABN 29 100 388 412 • Registered as a tax deductible
                                                                                                          gift recipient. Charitable Fundraising No: 12611

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