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									aromatherapy                                                                                 The International
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 a    romatherapy in professional
      esthetics is the use of
 essential oils in a treatment,
                                                                                      for burns and irritation, ylang-ylang
                                                                                      produces super results on oilier
                                                                                      skins, and geranium oil is very
 carefully selected for the                                                           calming and anti-inflammatory.
 individual client and based on a                                                     When carefully selected and
 professional consultation.                                                           blended for skin care usage, these
     Even though essential oils are                                                   effects are subtle and consistent.
 formulated with many                                                                 Probably the best policy is to buy
 professional skin care products                                                      only top quality oils from reputable
 as a part of the fragrance, our                                                      suppliers who specialize in aroma-
 discussion of “aromatherapy oils”                                                    therapy and offer full training and
 refers to essential oils (in a pure                                                  education.
 form) blended into a carrier
 (usually a vegetable oil) with no                                                    aromatherapy in action
 added chemicals, preservatives                                                         body massage - The best and
 or fragrance. Essential oils are                                                     most effective way to include
 extracted from plants, herbs and                                                     aromatherapy oils in a treatment is
 flowers. Aromatherapy oils are                                                       with massage. This does not
 generally between a 5 to 35                                                          mean a rigorous and stimulating
 percent strength depending on                                                        combination of petrissage and
 the manufacturer, usage and                                                          kneading, but rather a gentle and
 area of the body to be treated.                                                      rhythmic routine to relax and
     High concentration and                                                           de-stress the entire body. Even
 100 percent strength essential                                                       when correctly applied, oils will
 oils should not be applied directly                                                  only be absorbed for about seven
 to the skin because they can                                                         to ten minutes. They will not be
 cause serious side effects, skin                                                     absorbed if applied when the
 reactions and, in the case of            compresses. Because of their              body is sweating through anxiety,
 narcotic oils, sickness. A high          volatile nature, aromatherapy oils        heat or after exercise. A large
 concentration oil may be indicated       should be packaged in either              amount of body fat will impair their
 for use in the bath because it is        aluminum or glass bottles.                absorption, as will water retention
 diluted with gallons of water before         Aromatherapy oils should not be       and poor circulation.
 coming in contact with the skin.         exposed to heat, light or hand                The aromatherapy oils should be
     Although individual essential oils   contact, as this will degrade the         selected for their effects on the
 are used in aromatherapy, we have        oils. This includes diluting the oils     individual client, either relaxing,
 had the best results by using blends     with water, even though they can be       detoxifying or stimulating. If the
 of several oils together for a           added to a bath. Store aroma-             entire body is to be treated, the
 synergistic effect.                      therapy oils in their original bottles,   sequence should be as follows:
     Essential oils, when blended into    in the dark and tightly closed.           legs, spine, back of the head and
 the carrier base, are then ready for         Each essential oil has its own        neck, feet, face, upper chest and
 use in esthetics. They can be            unique “personality” and is used for      then abdomen. Apply the oil to
 applied to the skin with massage,        particular benefits. For example, we      each region and after massaging
 warm infusions, bathing or               have found lavender oil is excellent      that particular area, move on to the

                      Reprinted from Skin Inc., Published in the United States
next region, applying the oil and         hypothalamus, which sends chem-         should be filled with distilled water
massaging that area. Never                ical messages to the pituitary          in the inner container, and allowed
overapply the oil. It is not              gland which controls every              to heat up. The front glass beaker
necessary to “slip and glide” as          endocrine gland in the body. This       should be filled with a herbal
with traditional European                 effects the thyroid, adrenals and       infusion, such as chamomile, and
massage. For a relaxing massage,          ovaries, and by this indirect route,    a few drops of the selected
press each pressure point for two         the aromatherapy oils can exert a       aromatherapy oil. As the water in
to three seconds. For a pick me           powerful influence over the             the inner chamber heats up,
up, hold each point for a single          hormonal secretions of the body.        steam will be produced, and the
second.                                       A familiar example of smell         pressure from the steam sucks up
     facial massage - Because of          affecting the body functions is         the infusion and mixes it with the
their strong anti-bacterial effects,      when our digestive juices begin to      warm steam to form a gentle and
aromatherapy oils are very                flow when the odor of cooking is        moist pulverisation. This should be
beneficial to the skin condition,         detected.                               directed at the skin for 5 to 7
especially oily and problem skins.        compresses - Compresses or              minutes, thus providing a mar-
The oil should be applied after           poultices are an age-old way of         velously hydrating and soothing
cleansing and light steaming (for         drawing impurities out through the      application, which incorporates
hydration not elimination), and           skin, to soothe irritation or relieve   both gentle moisturizing and
applied with a light pressure point       congestion. They were one of the        inhalation of the vapor.
massage. After the massage, a gel         first treatments in medicine, and           Aromatherapy is not a new
or cream masque would be                  their history goes back thousands       technique. The massage treatment
indicated (clay-based will absorb         of years. Traditionally, the most       with essential oils dates back to
the oil and be too stimulating). A        common compresses were made             ancient China and Tibet. As we
Dr. Lucas Pulverisator can be             from mustard seed, fennel or            study and learn more about
utilized with the aromatherapy oil        linseed, and were particularly          aromatherapy, it is possible to
for rehydration, and the benefits         popular when treating colds and         “read the body and skin” to
sealed in with a light moisturizer.       skin problems. Compresses or            discover even more ways to help
     Although clients with oilier skins   poultices with aromatherapy oils        our clients in their daily health and
may be a little wary of using any         can be used for a concentrated          beauty care.
essential oil, including aroma-           facial treatment, but should not be
therapy oils on their skins, it           considered for delicate or sensitive
should be remembered that                 skins.                                  references
aromatherapy oils are made up of              Dry ingredients such as wheat       1. Daniele Ryman, Using Essential
molecules such as alcohols,               germ, bran or herbs are mixed           Oils for Health and Beauty, 1986,
phenols and terpenes and                  with the selected aromatherapy oil      Portland House/Windward
because they are so quickly               and warm water into a stretchy          2. Eve Taylor, Clinical
absorbed, little trace of them is         paste. The mixture then is              Aromatherapy Class Notes, 1987,
actually left on the skin.                sandwiched between a square of          The International Dermal Institute
     bath treatments - A very             muslin gauze to form a compress.        3. Jean Valnet, MD. The Practice
effective way to use aromatherapy         This treatment is very effective        of Aromatherapy, 1980, Destiny
oils is in a warm bath. The room          during a facial or in a back            Books
should be warm, and the doors             treatment. Place damp eye pads
and windows should be closed to           over the eyes before a facial
allow for inhalation of the vapors.       compress is applied. Mold the
The body should be immersed in            compress to the skin and leave on
the bath for at least 10 minutes,         for 10 to 15 minutes. The
and the ideal temperature of the          compress may be placed under
water is about 100oF. The                 warm steam, but it should not be
odoriferous molecules of the              warm enough to cause sweating
aromatherapy oil stimulate the            of the skin.
nerve endings that are an
extension of the limbic portion of        warm facial infusions - The
the brain which is responsible for        use of the Dr. Lucas Pulverisator is
our feelings of pleasure, content-        a very effective way to rehydrate
ment and well-being.                      and soothe the skin with
     They also connect with the           aromatherapy oils. The Dr. Lucas

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