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Our Spiritual Heart


Our Spiritual Heart

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									                                                                A:       BACK TO THE FUTURE
           Bradford Diocesan Day                                Back to Church Sunday in September saw some encouraging responses
             Saturday April 25th                                in a number of parishes and plans are in hand to do the same thing again
                                                                in 2009. In this seminar Andy Chrich will re-visit Back to Church
                                                                Sunday - sharing some of the good stories that happened in 2008 and
                                                                discuss what lessons can be learnt for an even better outcome second
         ‘Our Spiritual Heart’                                  time round. Parishes that were not involved last time are welcome to
                                                                join in.
 With Dr Christina Baxter, Principal of                         B:      BEAT THE DRUM
 St John’s College, Nottingham.                                 An African drumming workshop exploring the spiritual heart of
                                                                drumming. This workshop will involve learning rhythms, and working
                   Other speakers from outside the              together and will be led by Steve Grasham, Children’s & Young
                                                                People’s Missioner. It will be loud and fun! It is suitable for beginners
                   Diocese include,
                                                                and can accommodate a maximum of 20 participants. Drums provided.
                                                                'Begin the music, strike the tambourine!' (Psalm 81:2)
                   Fr Timothy Radcliffe, Yvonne Richmond        NB This workshop is one of two specifically planned for teenagers.
                   Martyn Percy, Maggie Roux , Andy Kind,
                   Fr George Guiver, Stephen Kelly and          C:     BEING A CHRISTIAN IN THE 21st CENTURY
                   Laura Gilchrist                              Timothy Radcliffe is a Dominican friar and author. As Master of the
                                                                Order he has travelled widely in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Now
Plus numerous speakers from our own Diocesan family             as a member of a community of people largely under the age of 40 he
contributing to a wide range of seminars and workshops.         thinks deeply about the relevance of Christian Faith for the
                                                                contemporary world.
   Bradford Grammar School 10am - 4.30pm
                                                                D:       BEYOND THE SPOKEN WORD
                                                                Workshops inevitably involve a lot of talking. This one is different!
“…and God formed the man … and breathed into him …              The only words spoken will be a brief introduction and a short time of
         and he became a living being!”                         sharing at the end. Most of the time will be spent in “active
                                                                contemplation”, stimulated by pictures, icons, scripture, other written
 SEMINAR OPTIONS: You can attend two seminars during the        words, candles, water, stones etc, to a background of gentle instrumental
 day. Indicate your choices on the Booking Form, plus a third   music. You will have the opportunity to express prayer through writing
           choice should one of your options be full.           or crayons or pastels. Gerald Mack has been a Reader for 33 years and
                                                                is at present licensed at Hurst Green and Mitton.
           Some seminars have limited numbers
E: BOBBING ALONG                                                            I:      ENGAGING WITH CONTERMPORARY SPIRITULITY
“Pilgrim – when your ship long moored in harbour gives you the illusion     Is Britain a secular society, disinterested in spiritual things? Has the
of being a house…put out to sea! “ Archbishop Helder Camara. Are            'man-in-the street' no time for God? How can the Church connect with
you letting the current take you where it will, going with the flow or      21st century people? Yvonne Richmond is Residentiary Canon for
paddling upstream? Maybe you’re beached? Or maybe you’re a                  Mission at Coventry Cathedral and co-author of 'Evangelism in a
stowaway like Jonah? Using wet on wet painting techniques and other         Spiritual Age'. In this seminar she will explore these and other issues.
such water based art activities, Shaeron Caton-Rose will lead you
through a boat trip of discovery. No need to be an expert, apprentice       J:      FAITH, DEMENTIA & HOPE
artists more than welcome.                                                  Members of the Ministry Amongst Older People Group will lead this
                                                                            seminar and explore a topic that is both heart-rending and relevant to
F:       CAN TAIZÉ BE IMPORTED?                                             ever increasing numbers of people.
Is the manna from the Taizé community for a time and place only or will
it stay fresh to nourish us where we are? We will explore this question     K:      FAITH IN THE WORKPLACE
through Taizé-style worship, in word and song. Bring your singing           Faith in the workplace - a God-given reality or an ideological dream?
voice (and instrument!) but if you have neither come with an open mind      Nigel Wright is an NSM at St Mark's Utley and works part-time as an
and heart! Andy Williams has been taking young people to Taizé for          accountant and consultant. He believes passionately that God is just as
over 10 years and leads regular Taizé prayer in the Cathedral where he      real on Monday morning when we go to work as He is in Church the
is a residentiary canon.                                                    day before. This seminar is for those who strive to live out their faith in
                                                                            the workplace.
        - exploring the spiritual vision of Thomas Merton.                  L:      GOOD ENOUGH FOR GOD?
2008 was the 40th anniversary of the death of the Christian monk, priest    What is it like growing up in the 21st century? How do young people
and mystic Thomas Merton. At the heart of Merton's spiritual vision is      manage friendship and peer group pressure – growing independence and
the contemplative tradition. This workshop explores the key themes of       ‘fitting in’? A workshop offering a fun adventure, exploring these
Merton's spirituality and considers how contemplation can be                issues with other young people. Sue Taylor is a volunteer leader with
incorporated into contemporary Christian experience.            Kelvin      the Sorted Youth Church in Bradford.
Ravenscroft is Head of Religious Studies and Philosophy at Bradford         NB This workshop is one of two specifically planned for teenagers.
Grammar School.
                                                                            M:      HARMONIES OF HEAVEN
H:     DANCE OF THE SPIRIT                                                  What is the place of music in worship and spirituality? In this mainly
Words may not be enough. This workshop, led by Jenny Savage, will           practical seminar, former professional cellist and curate Thomas
explore – Dance of the Spirit – expressing God’s word to us through         Wharton explores some of the ways that music can enrich our worship,
movement. This workshop will begin with a Bible reading, meditation,        deepen our spirituality and add an extra dimension to the meaning of
warm up exercises and the exploration of movement as an expression of       words. Suitable for non-musicians and musicians alike, the session will
God’s word through Dance. It will finish with a time of quiet reflection.   include a time of quiet meditation and reflective worship with cello
Open to all people, please wear comfortable clothes.                        accompaniment.
N:      HEART AND SOUL - worship without instruments                         S:     PILGRIMS OF THE IMAGINATION
An introduction to unaccompanied singing for all ages and abilities.         Carolyn and Ken Moore will explore the use of drama, mime and
This particular approach - in which songs are learnt by ear - emphasises     imagination in bringing the Gospels alive. Carolyn is Lay Chaplain at
the joy of singing with others and also aims to enrich the experience of     Bradford Cathedral and her work is in Education, Visitor Provision and
sung worship. Keely Willox leads singing workshops at St. John's             Pilgrimage.
Church, Ben Rhydding for members of the congregation and members
of the local community, drawing on songs from the African continent as       T:      SACRED SPACES – RITUALS & RECONCILIATION
well as repertoire from a rich tradition of community singing.               Rituals are an important part of everyday life but what part can they play
                                                                             in helping communities recover from violent conflict? This workshop
O:     LABYRINTH: JOURNEY OF THE HEART                                       will explore the importance of rituals to reconciliation and draw out
The Labyrinth as a way of pilgrimage for Christians dates from the           lessons that can be applied to our own experiences of dealing with
Middle Ages. This particular labyrinth is based on the design in Chartres    conflict and change. Laura Gilchrist set up Peacebuilders, a social
Cathedral and is offered as a tool for prayer and reflection. This is an     enterprise committed to conflict mediation and resolution processes.
experiential workshop - participants will walk the Labyrinth (hopefully
outdoors) and by doing so be encouraged to reflect on their own journey      U:      SPIRITUAL JOURNALING
through life.                                                                        – drawing close to God through creative writing.
                                                                             Gill Mack, Priest in Charge of Hurst Green & Mitton and Diocesan
P:      MAKING THE MOST OF THE DAILY OFFICE                                  Healing Adviser is a trained Spiritual Director. Before ordination she
Inherited Church still has a place in many Churches and doing the basics     was a midwife and she now sees her role as being a ‘spiritual midwife’ –
right is still important. Fr George Guiver, Principal of Mirfield will       helping others to bring God’s Word to birth in their own lives. She
share his experience growing closer to God through the Daily Offices.        writes: “Through creative writing, art, poetry, prayer and reflection one
                                                                             is able to set down one’s own unique revelation of God, self and
Q:      NURTURING FAITH                                                      circumstances in such a way as to begin to see all things through the
Many churches run courses to introduce people to Christianity and help       eyes of God, igniting passion for Him and compassion for creation.
them to grow in their faith. What courses are out there, and which is best
for your church? Find out more with Paul Walker, Diocesan                    V:     SPIRITUALITY FOR PRACTICAL PEOPLE
Evangelism Adviser and Vicar of Wrose. As well as surveying the              Do you think spirituality is for wimps? Not into the touchy-feely stuff?
courses available, there will also be practical tips and ideas for how to    Stephen Kelly is as down to earth as they come and he will attempt to
attract people, recruit leaders and run fruitful courses.                    unpack what spirituality might look like for practical people. Stephen
                                                                             was previously Vicar of All Saints Bingley but is now CME Officer for
R:      ONE OFF A KIND! Comedy as a spiritual gift.                          the Wakefield Diocese as well as being a parish priest.
Amongst other things this unusual seminar will explore the healing
power of laughter and how humour can create community and build              W:      SPIRITUALITY UNITED THROUGH CREATIVE DIVERSITY
bridges. Andy Kind has been a comedian since 2005 when he won                Spirituality has a corporate dimension and in this seminar Paul Tudge
Anything for Laughs and he has appeared in Edinburgh and numerous            & Gordon Dey will combine their varied experience to explore some of
Christian festivals. “When the mouth is open for laughter you can share      the many ways that congregations can grow together, for example,
in some food for thought!”                                                   testimony, visual images, story-telling, use of buildings...............
X:      SPORT & SPIRITUALITY                                                  BOOKING INFORMATION
Sport often mirrors life and faith — ups, downs, pain, ambition,
financial turmoil, thwarted dreams, ecstasy and salvation, it’s all there!    Early in the New Year it will be possible to book on-line by going to:
Over the past 4 years Andy Bowerman has been using sport and its     At the time of writing the website
spiritual connections to help others discover faith at the gym, on the        is not yet active.
terraces and on the pitch. Andy is a Diocesan Pioneer Minister and is
also Chaplain, Life Coach and Pitch Announcer to Bradford City FC.            Brochures and Booking Forms will be mailed to all clergy and PCC
                                                                              secretaries early in the New Year. For more detailed instructions on
Y:      UNEXPECTED VOICES                                                     how to use the on-line booking system see the Booking Form. Details
Maggie Roux lectures in Media at Leeds Trinity and has an                     will also soon be added to the Diocesan website from where there will
international profile in the area of film and spirituality. This seminar      be a direct link to the booking site. Please note: when booking on-line
will use film clips and discussion to explore one of the most powerful        each person must use an individual e-mail address.
forms of communication that exists today.
                                                                              Alternatively you can post the booking form to: Diocesan Day, Kadugli
Z:      WHAT'S MY TYPE? WHAT'S MY PREFERENCE?                                 House, Elmsley Street, Keighley. BD20 6SE.
Ruth Dowson will lead this seminar, an introduction to Myers Briggs
type indicator and spirituality. Using fun activities it will help you gain   Bookings this year will be accepted on a first-come, first-served
an insight into your own type and how this relates to your spiritual life.    basis with no restriction on numbers from any one parish.
Ruth is a Senior Lecturer at the UK Centre for Events Management at
Leeds Met. University and is a qualified Myers Briggs practitioner.           Special Needs? Please advise us when you book. Particular care is
                                                                              taken to allocate seminars to ground floor rooms if we know that those
AA: WHY WALK ALONE?                                                           with mobility problems are due to attend them.
An introduction to Spiritual Direction led by Sue Wharton. Spiritual
Direction (also called spiritual accompaniment or spiritual                   Children. A limited number of places are available in a crèche and in
companioning) offers a rich resource for every Christian, some would          two Children's Groups (5-7's and 8-12's). These places must be
argue every person, to draw upon. This seminar will offer a practical and     requested at the time of booking and will be allocated on a first-come,
theoretical introduction.                                                     first-served basis.

BB:     YEAST, SALT & OTHER ADDITIVES:                                        Teenagers. We welcome those aged 13+ into the main programme; two
        What Kind of Growth Does the Church Need?                             seminars have particularly been planned with teens in mind (see inside
 As Principal of Ripon College Cuddesdon and the Oxford Ministry              for details) although young people are welcome to opt for any seminar
Course, Martyn Percy is busy training the next generation of ordained         they wish.
ministers –there are over 130 of them studying at Cuddesdon. But what
kind of Church are they being prepared for? Has the Church of England         For more information contact Steve Allen on 01274-482059 or
got a future? And if so, what might it look like?                        Alternatively contact the
                                                                              Diocesan Office on 01535-650555 or
 Please note the letters attached to the last two seminars and
 make sure you write AA or BB if you are choosing them.

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